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Flex Sleep Module for unique situations

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  • Flex Sleep Module for unique situations

    We have an unpublished Flexible Sleep module for unique circumstances. Below is a question that came in, and the answer.


    I'm considering buying PATHS and would be grateful if you could answer a question for me about the setting up procedure.

    A person's sleep time and wake up time are programmed in at the outset. At some time in the near future I will have to be getting up about two hours before I do at the moment.

    Does this mean that I would have to pay another set up fee to make the alteration and would this apply to every module? If I was using, say, four modules what would this new set up fee be?


    No, there is no fee for changing your sleep and wake times. When you need the change, simply email us 24 hours ahead of time, and we will make the change for you.

    During the first month we will make whatever changes are needed to get the Theater fine tuned to your exact needs. (at no additional charge)

    After the first month, we limit the changes to once a month.

    If you have a situation where your sleep and wake times are constantly changing, then we have what is called the "Flex Sleep Module". This was developed specifically for airline pilots, Police, firemen, oil rig workers, nurses and others that do not have a set sleep and wake schedule.

    If you need this module, simply let us know and we will set it up for you, again, at no charge.

    Happiness & Health,

    PATHS, S.A. Staff


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    Bumping this up!
    Happiness & Health,

    PATHS, S.A. Staff