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I felt better when I first started than now!

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  • I felt better when I first started than now!

    The following is a letter received from a PATHS customer, and the response. Please add any experience, thoughts or questions you have.


    I started on the Confidence/Self Esteem module a week ago, and saw wonderful results within a day of using it. So, i signed up for 3 more modules. But as soon as i started on the full 4 modules (on Tuesday), the feeling i had before (of happiness, calm and confidence) completely went, and has not yet come back. So i was wondering if this was normal, and if that wonderful feeling will ever come back Is it possible to turn up these feelings in my module? I did up my spirulina intake and am on 5g at the moment."

    Yes, this is not an unusual occurence. Yes, the good feelings will return.

    There are a few factors.

    1. With more modules you have more instructions, thus you need more neurotransmitters (spirulina). It would be good to keep increasing by 1000 mg. a day until you reach a point where you are feeling your best.

    2. When you first started getting the instructions, your ingrained, counterproductive beliefs did not know how to defend against these new thoughts. (They were rocked back on their heels a bit). But now, these old beliefs have rallied a bit and are fighting back. There will be a point where the new beliefs will win out.

    Here is a good link on that:

    3. One of the new modules you added, Successful Living Phase I, can have an effect of cognitive dissonance all on it's own as these things are addressed:

    # Increased awareness of thoughts and feelings
    # Increased control of thoughts
    # Heightened sense of gratitude
    # Increased ability to let go of negativity
    # Increased confidence that you will achieve your goals
    # Increased ability to focus on the good

    You can go to your PATHS website and see the full description of the Module.

    These are all good things, part of the growing process.

    Happiness & Health,

    PATHS, S.A. Staff


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    Me Too

    Yes I had this same experience and am extremely happy to report that the good feelings have indeed returned! Phew, once I'd had them I hated to see them fade. .

    There were things that I retained throughout, however, such as things that used to get to me before PATHS still did not, my negative thinking never returned.

    But this feeling is so blissful

    In retrospect I would probably add only one module at a time and wait for it to "kick in" before adding any more.

    I had added 2 more after the original, one week apart. It wasn't until the most recent addition that I had the "back-tracking." So I'm thinking if I had waited longer after adding the 2nd module and before adding the 3rd, I may not have lost the wonderful feeling at all (?)
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      I love that name! Future-Pather!!!

      Everyone has different capabilities to absorb new information and speeds in which it is implemented.

      I think I read where Grace is using 12 modules and a Platinum, and experiencing very little cognitive dissonance, or healing crisis.

      On the other side of the scale, I generally run 4 modules and a Platinum and, while I do not experience much cognitive dissonance, I see the results/benefits very gradually over a period of months.

      Everyone of the 6 billion plus of us is very unique!


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        Happiness & Health,

        PATHS, S.A. Staff



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          Bumping again!
          Happiness & Health,

          PATHS, S.A. Staff



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            Hi! Well I see that this thread and the letter was from a long time ago, but anyways I'd like to add my experience too.

            I find that the different modules have different effects. I can see that because I went adding modules on one at a time. So some modules can make you feel better than others. So if you get 4 modules all at once it's normal to have even a combination of effects and maybe up and down feelings.

            So for example the Self-Esteem module was really good for me. However the Trauma Free module really made me feel very very very very sad. I guess they just touch on different issues that you have so you have different reactions. (That is asides from the cog-diss that they talk about and/or lack of spirulina etc.)

            Hope that helps (and makes you feel better too hehe!). Serena
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