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PATHS- Module Discussion ~ Skin Repair

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  • PATHS- Module Discussion ~ Skin Repair

    To help shed some light on the different PATHS Modules, and what they do, we will be posting the different Module descriptions in here so that you can share your experiences and ask any questions you may have about the Module. We look forward to your responses!

    Skin Repair
    Regenerate Healthy, Smooth Skin

    Product Description:

    This Module is designed to aid you in increasing your body's ability to repair damaged skin. Whether the issue is burns, keloids, scarring etc., this Module will assist you in producing what is needed for its repair.

    This Module can support your mind’s ability to:

    - Increase healthy dermal regeneration

    - Stimulate healthy keratin production

    - Increased ability to regulate healthy skin production

    - Increase in health of all epithelial layers

    - Increase health of all keratinocytes

    - Increase in healthy desquamation

    PATHS Theater Presentations utilize messages and cues to energetically reduce stress blockages pertaining to the specific areas of the Module selected.

    Persons taking Spirulina and a Multi-Vitamin while using the Skin Repair Module generally experience accelerated results. Most people begin experiencing positive transformations within 2 months of beginning PATHS.

    PATHS Theater Presentation is not health care or medicine, and PATHS Modules do not diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.

    *Individual results will vary
    Happiness & Health,

    PATHS, S.A. Staff


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    I have some "pinprick" acne scarring all over my face, that has been bugging me for almost all of my adult life. I'm going to start this module next month, and report on my results.


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      Slightly off topic but FYI, I've found the Clear Skin module to help with redness and slight scarring on the face left by acne.


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        Well, I have been on this module only a few weeks, but I have something very interesting to report.

        Like many people, every summer I get bitten by mosquitoes (actually, in the mosquito world I am a superstar, they follow me everywhere like paparazzi - perhaps it's the mascara?). I'm a scratcher, so my bites usually get infected. This summer has been no exception except for one thing: my bites have been healing so quickly, it's almost miraculous. I've never seen anything like it in my life. The scabbing and scarring, that usually takes a week or two to heal, now only takes two or three days. It's incredible.

        So far I don't notice any effects on my facial acne scarring, but I figure that it will take a few more months because those are decades-old scars.

        I am very pleased with this module, and it's only been a few weeks!


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          Thanks for posting your results Rin. They seem almost magical
          Discover the Single Greatest Health Science Breakthrough of the Century


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            Skin Repair

            Hi Rin,

            I too have had a similar experience with this module. I got some nasty chigger bites the other day & by the following day they were starting to heal & never really itched much - which is amazing for chiggers!

            Also while I was away on vaca I got a very nasty series of scratches from a Juniper tree - one of which drew blood. I swear by late the next day there was only a very faint red line! If I hadn't seen it myself I wouldn't have believed it.

            I also have not seen results on longer term skin issues, but will try to patiently wait for them.



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              Keratosis Pilaris

              Those unsightly acne-like bumps on the backs of arms, on thighs, and sometimes on the face affect 50% of the population. It's a genetic condition where keratin accumulates within the hair follicles, forming hard plugs. Has any body here experienced improvement, or even had these uglies disappear completely?


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                Wow... That is exciting

                That is very exciting, because I have a huge scar in a very unfortunate spot where a lump that the docs were convinced was cancerous (I had been on a paths test module for cancer, before surgery) the results were no cancer, but now I have this scar right on the top where it can be seen if my shirts are just a little low (not even a lot low). I will definitely have to try this module down the road! Oh and the scar is bright red still and almost hurts still. YUCK! I am looking forward to getting this module as soon as I can get another account started.

                On the mosquito subject, I think that is a belief and if you stop telling yourself that they are attracted to you they will stop being attracted to you! I am a blond haired blue eyed porcelain skined woman, and I tell you that I can sit out with my family and they will all be swatting and swatting at the mosquitoes, and not one will bite me!!!! They are not attracted to me! I think it is a belief thing, although I use to live in the rice fields of California... and let me tell you out there you have man eating sized mosquitoes and durring rice season you will literally inhale them they are so thick, so I use to think I had built up an immunity to them! But as you said, if that was true then you would have built one too, cause as you said they follow you!!! No instead I think it is like poison oak... If you believe that you are allergic to it you will get a reaction, but if you believe that you can stand in a patch of poison oak and not get a rash, then you will not get a rash! I am living proof to that. I can not tell you how many times I have stood in poison oak with shorts and sandals (no socks) and the leave all the way up around my bare ankles and legs... and gotten absolutely no reaction to it! Ofcourse, I did take it back to my husband who would then break out with that awlful rash!!! Oh did I mention he is now my X husband! So rin if you change the meme that you get attacked by mosquitoes to they are not attracted to me... You will soon go through whole seasons with out a single bite!

                Not sure if that works with chiggers, but I do not see why it would not! It is like with anything, if you believe that you are allergic to black widow spiders and you get bit... Well that could be nasty, but if you believe that you are not... then you might get a little tiny bruise from the bite, but that is all. My father has been bit at least 3 times by black widows, and laughs when he tells the stories. (children under 5 I believe need to be checked by a doctor after a bite by a black widow). Hmmmm maybe we need a module that repulses bugs to us! Oooooh that might be cool!

                Well blessings Sallyjane zartgirl


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                  No More Pain!

                  I went on the skin repair module last year & I just realised that I had never gotten around to posting my results.

                  During my late teens - age 30 I had numerous operations which left me with several scars. When I healed I had a tendency to form adhesions & I had at least 3 in different places that I was aware of. In one case the adhesion was so bad that I had to have surgery again on the site which was only partially successful & just left me with a smaller one than previously.

                  One of the worst was beneath my appendix scar which was over 3" long. Whenever I had to reach up & stretch for something I would immediately experience a burning stinging pain where these adhesions were as there was no "give". I could not stand & stretch myself or reach for anything or sit & bend over to reach for something without experiencing this stinging pain.

                  It has gradually dawned on me over the past months that I haven't been hampered by these pains for quite a while. So I did a test the other day & stretched out & up every which way that I could & I no longer experience any discomfort or pain when I do so! So I am assuming this module has been responsible for this. So I am thrilled to finally be rid of these symptoms.

                  So anyone who knows that they suffer from post surgery adhesions I recommend giving this module a try.

                  Interesting link - What Are Adhesions?

                  Love, Light & Blessings

                  Theta Healing
                  Paths 2 Potential

                  "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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                    I have been wondering if this is the correct module to use for skin discoloration, sun spots or pesky larger freckles. They are on my arms, where sun hits when driving. I would love to get rid of them!!!


                    Life in Balance Ayurveda



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                      Originally posted by Ayurved View Post
                      I have been wondering if this is the correct module to use for skin discoloration, sun spots or pesky larger freckles. They are on my arms, where sun hits when driving. I would love to get rid of them!!!


                      My wife, Mary, has been using the Defying Gravity Module and within a couple of months we both noticed that her "age spots" had faded by at least 75%.

                      I do not know if the skin repair would do the same thing, or maybe even better?

                      Defying Gravity
                      Healthy, Vibrant Skin

                      Product Description:

                      This Module is designed to assist you in creating and maintaining healthy, vibrant skin and supporting new habits that will nourish it.

                      This Module helps your mind direct your body in these areas:

                      # Skin cell hydration

                      # Increased elastin

                      # Increased collagen

                      # Vitamin k absorption

                      # Connective tissue health

                      # Tightening and suppleness of skin

                      # Desire to eat healthy foods

                      # Desire to take care of skin

                      Success Stories:

                      I am a 46 year old woman that has been using every available method for years to ward off the aging of my skin.

                      When I saw the PATHS Young Again and Defying Gravity treatments I immediately signed up for them. I do not know if it is the two treatments combined, or one or the other, but in the first month I had many people comment on how my skin was glowing, and how I looked years younger, etc.

                      When I picked my daughter up one afternoon (she had not seen me in several weeks) she said “mom, what did you do? Did you get a facelift? You look 10 years younger.”

                      I cannot tell you what an encouragement it was to hear what I believed I had seen happening in the mirror.

                      Since then, it seems to have leveled off (No, I don’t look 20 now…lol) and staying about the same-much less wrinkles and healthier looking skin.

                      One thing I am noticing though, a few “age spots” that had been getting darker over the years are definitely fading, one is all but gone and the others are getting less and less pronounced each week.

                      Bless you and keep up the good work.



                      PATHS For Healing
                      Energetic Science Ministries
                      Meditation at the Click of a Button, Guaranteed!

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                        Ooooh, thanks so much for that information Kevin!!!!

                        There are quite a few modules I am chomping at the bit to get to...
                        I will add this to the list!!!

                        In Graditude & Love!
                        Life in Balance Ayurveda



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                          I have been using the skin repair for a while now... Wow! This is powerful... I have been noticing some difference in the size of a scar I have that started out a good two inches long and not only red, but also was a huge bump on the skin. Very ugly! The scar has shrunk in size, and also lightened in color, and is less flatter... Eventually it will be gone I am sure! This module has also been healing up scars I had completely forgotten about!

                          The most amazing thing is the overall look of my skin. I am very fair skinned, porcelain in color! So today I was at a clients house, and the wife not only complimented me on how beautiful my skin is, and she just kept going on about the clarity and everything! I have to say lately when I look in the mirror I am amazed at how beautiful my skin is, and how little makeup I need to wear, but it was awesome to hear it from someone else. One of the things I have always tried to do with makeup was even out the colors, but now it is perfectly even.

                          This module is totally awesome, and I would recommend it to everyone who has skin issues or tries to cover up their skin with makeup! PATHS you get an A on this module!

                          Blessings Sallyjane


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                            We received these words from a customer today:

                            "Hi. I wanted to let you know about my results from the skin repair module. I began using it about 3 months ago. I was hoping it would help with the severe contact eczema I have been experiencing since I was a child. I would get flare-ups very easily from soap, detergent, and even from brushing up against others clothing, but I have only had one occurrence since beginning this Module and it was right when I started.

                            "This is way more than I expected to be able to get from the theater and it has really changed my life.
                            I can go places and not worry about having a reaction and actually enjoy myself. Thank you very much."

                            Happiness & Health,

                            PATHS, S.A. Staff



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                              I just started the skin repair module at the beginning of February. I have been (and continue to be) a sun-worshipper my entire life. However, about two or three months ago, I got a funny-looking spot on my cheek.

                              It wasn't exactly a mole, but it was raised (a lot!!) and a much darker color than my skin. I thought I was going to have to go to a dermatologist to have it removed. Luckily, while I was adding four new modules and trying to decide which ones to choose, I found the skin repair module.

                              I have only been on it for 5 weeks and the results have been miraculous!! The entire raised area is now completely gone! It still has a darker color, like a sun or age spot, but I am sure that will fade very soon.

                              As a side benefit, I have had a very small, but annoying growth on my right thumb for several years. It has been on the fleshy part of my thumb and resembles a wart. Now, that is pretty much gone as well. There is just the slightest mark remaining which will probably be completely gone by the end of the month.

                              I never seemed to have as much success with the "biological" modules as others here have reported. However, since Gen II, I am receiving great, significant results with all my modules.

                              Thanks Paths
                              Discover the Single Greatest Health Science Breakthrough of the Century