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  • My personal experience with PATHS

    PATHS has had such a profound impact on my life, so I thought I will share my personal experience.
    I started on the Successful Living 1 module just before Christmas 2006. I was at a pretty low point in my life, because I hadn't had a job for 6 months and my funds had run out, bills were piling up and 2 teenage boys to look after.
    2 weeks into the module I had manifested a job. But there was an other problem, transport. My oldest son, Lucas is on the ProJunior Surfing Circuit in Australia and needed my car to get to his competitions. Yes the module did it again for me, solved my problem. Next to the place where I got the job, is a car dealer and he gave me a car which I can pay off. How cool is that!!
    After my first month I decided to renew SL 1 and also get the Insight and Intuition module. Well that made a difference straight away. I am dreaming again. I hadn't dreamt in something like 20 years, except on the odd occasion, but now I dream just about every night. I also play this little game at work. As I work in a petrol station I always try to guess now which pump the car that is pulling in is going to use. And yes, I am right 95% of the time.
    Another little side effect of the SL1 was also very pleasant: I had been a pot smoker for 30 years and now I just stopped. It wasn't my intention to stop, I just did. Now how good is that.
    Now I am in my third month using PATHS and the modules I have signed up for this month are: SL2, Energy and Motivation and the Business Productivity modules.
    I sure will keep you posted on my progress this months and invite everyone to share their experience in this thread.
    P.S. I have never been so happy and excited for a long time, maybe only when I was a little girl. I could just kiss and hug everyone.

    Love, Light, Blessings and Gratitude
    Love & Light


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    Thanks Pia

    For sharing your story with us all on this new forum. You give us all hope that with PATHS and our own inner work there truly is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Barb x


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      And the Story goes on

      Now in my third month with PATHS it has become my new passion and I want to introduce as many people as possible. So I thought I might hold some workshops. My plan is to show people the "Secret" first and then Aaron's diagram. Now I had to think of a venue. Then I had the idea to invite people to this cafe near the beach. They have a TV and DVD player in there and I also know the owner. So I went there to have some lunch last week and talk to the owner. Little did I realize he had a new partner and she did not like the idea at all. Oh well, I have to come up with some other place then.
      Next day I had to go to Social Security to a seminar where they were going to explain the changes to payments that are coming up soon.
      And guess what, there was this lady, I knew her, just couldn't remember where from. I had met her only once. Anyhow we got talking and I showed her the PATHS brochure and told her about my plans of holding workshops. Then she pulls out this card and says: "Go see my friend, she owns this shop. It is a Holistic Health care centre and she has the facilities for you to do your workshops. She also knows lots of people who would be interested."
      Now how is this for synchronicity, and that only after 6 days on the SL2 module. I think I am going to be flying soon LOL. I am so happy now that I could jump out of my skin. It is just amazing.
      Will keep you all posted on any further developements.
      Nearly forgot; that same night after work I checked my PATHS Embassy site and guess what, somebody else has joined and I don't even know who he is.
      I am really over the moon right now.
      Love & Light



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        Hi Pia,

        I have to post about my son RYAN BEARD WWW.PATHS-LOA.COM

        Ryan is on 4 modules He is 16 years old 8/19/1990

        academic Super charger
        Effective Communication
        Just Relax module
        Sports Module

        He has experienced results with all four!! The latest being

        Sports Module: His impressive victory (taking the gold medal for men's sparring division) over two more experienced black belts (he is working towards testing for his black belt, he is a recommended black belt currently) in Saturdays Karate Tournament.

        He moved so gracefully and skillfully it was amazing. EVERYBODY TOLD HIM SO, EVEN OUR MASTER!!

        Academic Super charger: He neglected to study for a test, but yet received a 100% score on the test!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Effective Communication: He is getting along so wonderfully with his dad! His sister and I have seen such an improvement in his ability to show his love for us in wonderful expressive ways. He smiles so much more, and hugs us back with feeling etc. It is so FABULOUS!!

        Just Relax: In karate you must be relaxed to flow with the energy, He demonstrated this so profoundly this weekend. He truly was amazing to watch. I have a picture I want to post but I have to figure out this new wonderful site first! lol

        I have soooooo many testimonials I just don't know where to begin. I will post more very soon.

        Much love and GRATITUDE Grace
        PATHS ~ Mind Energetics

        Mind Energetics - Revolutionary Subconscious Mind Empowerment Technology. The Premier Self-Help Technology.
        "Business Begins Within"
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          hello all,

          hi Pia,
          thank you for sharing your story, there are some similarities in there to mine and i've been on paths for a week....i'm not sure what to expect so your sharing gives me first off wasn't the place for not sure where my path lies now.....have noticed some things, but am not sure if it's related...i will keep posting though....and look forward to reading everyones posts.

          love and light....Adrienne

          ps. good to see ya here to barb
          pps. i'm from canada..far away from you guys...thanks
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            Hi all!

            Where to start????

            I have been using PATHS for well over a year now.

            I was one of the test subjects they used prior to opening it up to the public, and have been using many of the publicly available modules since last March!

            The benefits I have experienced are far too many to list in this one post, at least in any I will just sort of write free form as I remember different things, until I get tired of typing, or think you are tired of reading...

            Young Again...took about 5 weeks or so to see anything out of this are the things I noticed (somewhat in order):

            1. Fingernails and toenails growing faster and no ridges
            2. Better posture
            3. More energy-physical and mental
            4. hard to describe, but a more solid feeling internally, just like things were functioning better
            5. After about 3-4 months I did not have to take my thyroid medication anymore...had been taking it for over 10 years, and the doc had said once I start I would never be able to stop.
            6. Blood sugar levels came down

            Intuition and Insight....I am not sure when I first noticed an improvement with this one....maybe after a month or so I started realizing it was helping me with my TRVing.

            All my life I have been about as intuitive as a rock! In the last year, especially the last 6 months, I have started getting used to having regular intuitive thoughts just pop into my head, and they are amazingly accurate.

            Spiritual Enlightenment & Development
            ...this has been an area that I have constantly struggled with for many, many years. I definitely am more aware than ever of my brothers and sisters on this planet, and that what we think and do "individually" has an effect on the whole....this is still something that I am working on, but this module has elevated my awareness in this area many-fold.

            The Goji berries and the anti-oxidant module
            ....definite boost in energy for me, almost from day one...and I am slow to see changes on most module...but I really felt these two pretty much from the beginning. YES, I use both of them....bit of a family history of cancer, so I view it partially as a preventative. Also, I think it helped blood sugar levels and reduced the occasional heartburn to virtually never.

            Oh! The Extra Strength Sleep!!!! That has revolutionized my life. But I think I already posted about that elsewhere.

            Enhanced Sexual Pleasure
            -Won't get into much detail here...I will say two things:
            1. My wife knew I was using it before I ever told her...
            2. It dadgum works

            Successful Living Series-I already practiced many of the principles in this series for many years, however, this has made it (and still is) a much more ingrained way of thinking, and also created a huge increase in exciting and beneficial synchronicities.

            Ok, enough for now.

            Final note for those of us that don't have fantabulous, instantaneous, WOW things happen like so many others posting here---

            Except for the Sleep, the sex mod, and the goji/antioxidant, all the other modules have taken a month, or sometimes several months, for me to see the benefits. I take my spirulina, but, as my wife, daughter, and others have said...I am just a bit slow...haha.

            Have fun!


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              i have question,pls found my other answer

              Wow, this is exactly what i have needed toread/find. it explains alot to me.

              "The acuteness of ones retentive subconscious ability directly contributes to the experience each subject has, for example it was found that in the beginning subjects with HSR often described feelings of being overloaded and experienced mental fatigue. Symptoms were usually relieved with a combination of supplements such as the amino acid rich Spirulina and regular multi vitamins. LSR users in most cases showed no mental fatigue."

              this blurb, explains everything to me just about and i have been experiencing severe mental overload in the second week and major mental fatigue, it has been difficult to take in to much information, exspecially new the news or anything that has required me to process......was takng 8g of spirulina and am gonna take more....

              have also had intense emotional releasing...and notice that i am in the moment more and as it is not comfortable(cuz i didn't live in the moment) it is refreshing and makes life much easier, althought this is a realization i am having like this morning, i'msure i am gonna have more by tonight. so for the phase i modual this is what i have concluded. i have to be in the moment to create positives thoughts, cuz when i'm in my head i spend alot of time in negative thoughts
              I find that i am'getting things' at it seems light at LEAST four things a day....i mean things are clicking and making sense, constantly and i am meditating through all of this cuz it's like i really need to give myself the time to allow things.....and my mind a break

              i thought i was losing my mind....but it seems to me that i am HSR (high subconsciouse retention)and perhaps wasn't taking spirulina.

              i feel relieved....and am curiouse as to how long it will be till this tapers off and if it comes and goes and if it is just with the my first modual or with every new modual that i will experience this???....... i am on that phase 1 modual with extra sleep booster and also taking melatonine.
              find that i sleep well and don't sleep long enough, so am learning to adjust my sleep to meet my needs.

              THANK YOU for the info and a response would be and light.....Adriennne
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                Hi Adrienne!

                Sounds like good things are happening!

                Some modules, like the SL series can be very paradigm soon as you start assimilating some of the principles as you "own" you will see the "load" taper off.

                Other modules, like the Young Again and other purely physical ones, do not have a period of time where paradigm are being you will not notice that kind of a "load" with those modules.

                Also, the longer you use PATHS, the more flexible one generally becomes and there is less challenge.

                Below is a cut and paste from the PATHS website on can be found by clicking on the Nutrition link in the FAQ section.

                Nutrition and PATHS.
                PATHS is a unique tool that assists the unconscious part of your physical brain (aka sub-conscious) to reach goals that your conscious mind as set for yourself.

                The brain, to function properly, needs adequate nutrition. Especially since PATHS is going to put it to work doing more than it has been doing for you. Amino acids and minerals are of particular importance in getting the most productivity out of your unconscious brain.

                Research has shown has that any good brand of spirulina (available at most all health food and vitamin stores) and a good multi mineral will make a world of difference in how effectively your mind works on your new PATHS. Optimum dosage of Spirulina usually ranges between 1500 - 3000 mg's.

                Minerals and Amino Acids
                Some of the PATHS modules will increase your bodily functions, generating new youthful looking skin, increasing bone density, increasing physical energy, etc. Because of this your body will most likely need an increase in nutrients, especially a good multi-mineral.

                With PATHS your brain will be more active, thus requiring more fuel (amino acids) to operate properly. Below is a short explanation of how our brains work.

                Inside the Network of Your Brain
                The communication network in your brain is a multi-trillion maze of connections capable of performing 20 million-billion calculations per second. How does this network operate? There are three major players: Neurons, which power the message, Neurotransmitters, which create the message and Receptors, which receive the message.

                (some amino acids are the precursor of neurotransmitters)

                A single one of your neurons can produce almost a tenth of a volt, and the total electrical activity in your brain is easily measurable with an electroencephalogram (EEG). Within a neuron, a bioelectric impulse (action potential) travels toward the cell body through the dendrites, the intricate branches of nerve fibers that receive information from other neurons.

                The impulse then travels at a speed of up to 150MPH away from the cell body through its antennae, called the axon. The axon is a single insulated fiber that sends the bioelectric current out to the cell's terminals, which can be several inches (or feet) away. The size and quality of the axon determines how fast the bioelectric impulse travels.

                Within the cell body of a neuron, many different types of chemical neurotransmitters are manufactured and shipped out to the end terminals of the axon. Here they're stored in bubble-like structures (vesicles), where they wait to cross over the space between neurons, called the synapse (from the Greek word for "junction").

                The bioelectric impulse signals the vesicles to burst and the neurotransmitters to spill out across the synapse, where they're caught by receptor molecules on the membrane of the target neuron's dendrites.

                Did you have a question about sleep?


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                  hi kevin,
                  thanks for the info, i am trying to get to bed ealier but other than that i am sleeping well.
                  does it depend on the paradigms that one has or can one have more than others or is it as simple as being HSR? i gonna live through this? probably......i feel traumatized by last weeks experience.....would taking a week off from paths help or hinder the experience?

                  Thank you much...Adrienne...
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                    H Adrienne

                    I reckon you will come through this growing experience with FLYING COLORS!

                    I view my Theater once a week, as a rule...every now and then I will watch it more than once a week...NOT for the instructions, but just to experience the calming effect of the soundtrack.

                    If you feel like it would be good to take a week break, by all means do it.

                    Everybody responds differently, at different speeds, and with different levels of progress and results.

                    Myself, I am a slow responder, I have not had any radical, in your face, overnight (or even in a week) breakthroughs or big revelations.

                    Over time, months, I have experienced MANY, MANY revolutionary benefits...but they have been at a slow steady pace.

                    Do what is comfortable for you!

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                      my personal experience

                      Hi Everyone

                      "Truth Be Told" ~ PATHS is a Quantum Leap into the Future!!!

                      I have been using PATHS for about a year and was one of the test subjects who participated in the program prior to opening it up to the public. I have been using many of the modules in their publicly available format since the Spring of 2006!

                      It would be impossible to post all of the benefits I've experienced as a result of PATHS but I'll try to highlight a few:

                      Young Again...All I can tell you is that people started asking me what my secret was because I looked so young! I've always been blessed in that regard anyway but this really magnified everything. People thought my daughter and I were twins...and now even more so! My step daughter who hadn't seen me in several months told me I looked about 25 (I am 45). People don't believe my age...I've even been carded at restaurants!!!

                      I did experience a bit of a healing crisis which was not necessarily related in any way to PATHS but at that time I changed my diet to "raw vegan" and soon felt well again. I suggest that people take the supplements and spirulina regularly just in case!

                      Intuition and Insight....I started getting "hits" of knowing certain things that I couldn't explain otherwise...and that remains true to this "gut" knows and I listen to what it tells me.

                      Spiritual Enlightenment & Development...I have always been on a "spiritual path" seeking greater understanding and union with the Divine. This module cranked up the motor and there were quite a few road blocks that surfaced to help my process of "enlightenment".

                      BE ADVISED~ Spiritual PATHS
                      Don't be surprised if you experience some unexpected challenges emotionally, physically, financially, any which way~ when you are running any of the Spirtual Growth modules.The Universe has a way of rallying to the cause and presenting you with whatever situations are needed to raise that vibration!!! Just know that in the end it's all GOOD

                      Successful Living Series-
                      I'm a PSYCH-K Instructor and have followedthe principles involved here for many years. I did however, notice an increase in the number and frequency of synchronicities that showed up in my life after starting this series. already practiced many of the principles in this series for many years, however, this has made it (and still is) a much more ingrained way of thinking, and also created a huge increase in exciting and beneficial synchronicities.

                      I could write a bunch more but...time is ticking and I want to get this posted.

                      I'm very grateful for PATHS and also for this wonderful Furum to share with!

                      Love and light to all of you~

                      Allison (Dr. Al)


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                        Hi Allison!

                        A fellow guiena pig...or I guess the PC version is, fellow test subject!

                        Great to see you here!

                        Allison is good people.

                        Looking forward to hearing more of the early days from you.


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                          This is how my sleep improved with PATHS

                          In only 3-12 minutes a week, my insomnia disappeared! My sleep issue was never staying asleep but rather...falling asleep.

                          Hi everyone,

                          It makes me really happy to see how so many others are benefitting. Many people don't know this but I personally spend between 3-6 hours every day 7 days a week answering email so I get to hear these kinds of stories all the time about what it is doing for everyone.

                          I haven't ever posted much about my results because so many people can see others sharing their stories. Well, I have a lot of personal many I could write a series of books, literally!

                          I'll touch on a few things at a time.

                          When I was 14, I had a (metaphysical/spiritual/??????) experience that more and more people are talking about these days. I won't go into it, but afterwards, I had insomnia for years. It was so bad that through highschool, I missed a lot of classes...I would toss and turn until the sun came up..had to be at school at 720am and I couldn't do with 1-2 hours of sleep.

                          It was so bad that in my senior year, I'd drive to school with my girlfriend at the time, I'd park in the lot...she would go to class and I'd sleep in my car the first 4 periods. I did this virtually every single day for months and it is amazing I ever graduated. Then for lunch time, we'd go to lunch and I'd go to the rest of the classes. I wound up getting permission to drop 4 classes and only do what I needed to graduate.

                          Anyway, if you want to talk about tossing and turning to get to sleep, I was an extreme case. Over the years, it only took 2-4 hours of tossing and turning before going to sleep and I just lived with that. After getting into nutrition, cal/mag helped and some other things, but I had always wished that I could just go to sleep when I laid down. I always wondered what was wrong with me.

                          However, when I'm out, I'm out and sleep very deeply and have 3-4 dreams that I can remember when I wake up.

                          With PATHS, I have my times set for sleep but if I choose to stay up late and work, I'm in an active state so I defeat the sleep instructions. However, whenever I lay down and close my eyes, I'm alsleep in 15-30 minutes every single time and this is absolutely miraculous!

                          I experienced this the first or second night I ever used PATHS and it was very noticeable. I'm extremely sensitive and I noticed when I was being passive in the mind at the time I desired to go to sleep, I could feel my brainwaves changing and it was very pronounced...I FEEL it as though it is a vibrational sound but instead of noise I get the feeling in my head almost like a sound..difficult to describe but that is the idea. My subconscious is a perfect timekeeper like everyone's and when it is time, it knows to start getting me sleepy as desired.

                          This has made such an incredible difference in my life it is unbelievable! To actually lay down for 15-30 minutes and be asleep!!!!! There has never been an herb, vitamin, mineral, meditation tape, light, etc.. that has ever been this effective and consistent night after night.
                          Aaron Murakami

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                            Hi Aaron -

                            What a beautiful and inspiring story. Thank you so much for posting!

                            Love and joy,
                            Discover the Single Greatest Health Science Breakthrough of the Century


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                              Chronic Pain Module Update from PI

                              I just read a post over at PI....absolutely wonderful news!

                              Here is the link:

                              Chronic Pain Module update

                              Here is a cut and paste of the first post:

                              Pamela Vicik-Smith

                              Hi Everyone -

                              I have very exciting news to share. As I mentioned previously, I signed up for the Chronic Pain Module and saw my first theatre containing it on Monday nite.

                              Previously, I had been experiencing back pain most of my life. I think some of it stems from the fact I have scoliosis. In the past year, the pain has gotten exponentially worse. For the past nine months or so, I have not been able to stand or walk for more than about 5 minutes at a time. This has been very limiting for me as I have always been very active (overweight, but active nonetheless I had therapy, cortisone shots, nothing relieved the pain.

                              Last nite, for the first time in over a year, I was able to walk around the block once. Today, I had no back pain whatsoever during the day and when I got home tonite, I was able to walk around the block again. Now, by the time my walk was done, my back was hurting a bit. But not at all like the hot,searing pain I had before. Also, my recovery time was only about 2-3 minutes as opposed to a half hour or more.

                              This so exciting for me. I knew PATHS would work, I just did not know it would work so quickly. There is no doubt in my mind that by continuing to watch this module, my pain will disappear completely one day.

                              Life is amazingly good

                              Love and joy,



                              Wow Pamela! That is great news!


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