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Destiny Perfect Pair ~ Free Booster!

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  • Destiny Perfect Pair ~ Free Booster!

    Inspired Luck & Increased Synchronicity w/ Intuition booster

    This Pair is only $177! That is less than the price of One Module!

    This Perfect Pairing will support you in recognizing, consciously and subconsciously, those inspired nudges, but it will also aid in increasing the number and intensity that you experience day to day.

    When this happens, you will experience increased good fortune, and a heightened sense of guidance.

    Also, feelings of peace and calm, vivid and lucid dreaming, and increased insight are increased. And you will be progressively more present in the moment and aided in finding serenity and security in yourself.

    I've also won twice on the lotto. The first win was for $32. The 2nd was for $25. It was pretty exciting as I've never won anything before. (Inspired Luck and Good Fortune Module)
    - Amy Jones

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this module! (Increased Synchronicity) When I became a "blind" test subject for this one last July, I noticed the effects immediately! I LOVE the deep sleep that is filled with dreams that are like MOVIES and the constant feeling of being exquisitely Present is more delicious than I can describe! I do believe that it also causes my meditations and visualizations to be even more powerful! Talk about the Power of NOW!!! WoooHoooo!!!
    - Pamela Sweda

    These past few days have been absolutely mind-blowing for me, in terms of my relationships. I can only attribute it to the Synchronicity/Time Travel module, there is no other explanation. When I started it, I had a feeling it would change my life, and I was right!
    - M.J. Cross

    Happiness & Health,

    PATHS, S.A. Staff


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    The first win was for $32. The 2nd was for $25.


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      This is available again until September 7th!

      Don't miss it!

      Happiness & Health,

      PATHS, S.A. Staff



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        I have been on this for about a month and also on Joyful Abundance for about as long.

        I am really enjoying both.

        Do you ever have the feeling that god is smiling down on you from above and good things are happening for you even if you don't know yet what they are? I keep getting that.

        PATHS was kind enough to switch two of my regular modules to these so they might be able to do that for anyone(?)

        Keep your mind on the aether