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Warning to Frank and Other Spying Big Boys!

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  • Warning to Frank and Other Spying Big Boys!

    This goes out to Frank Shimkus and all of you Other Naughty Spying Big Boys....

    Don't think I haven't noticed that there are a bunch of you listening by the door at the For Ladies Only thread about Flirting over at the PATHS PI Forum... I'll have you all know that my intuition ie extremely acute and I know EXACTLY who you are....That's right...Each and Every One of You... Frank has already violated my orders (twice!) of telling you all to KEEP OUT and he is paying dearly for his indescretions.... ( know you are walking on thin ice now, so you had better be careful... )

    Okay...Now the rest of you Big Boys listen up and listen up good, because I'm not fooling around anymore.... You better realize that ALL of us ladies have some pretty AMAZING and Powerful Feminine Energy and we are able to do more than you can possibly imagine, especially when we put our heads together, so let this be a BIG WARNING to ALL of you guys who haven't yet signed-up for PATHS modules, yet STILL think you can get away with listening at the door over there....

    If any of you even THINK of walking into that Flirting room over there AND continue listening at the door, I can guarantee you that All of us Ladies will be sneaking into your dreams and enchanting and captivating you VERY powerfully with our Feminine Charms... I expect that it should only take about one or two nights of these Captivating Dreams before you will all be SO a-twitter that you will not be able to stop yourselves from signing up for at least THREE ACCOUNTS at one of our PATHS websites....

    However....Do keep in mind that while obtaining your PATHS modules from one of us WILL undoubtedly enhance your lives immensely, it still will NOT stop us from creeping into your dreams each and every night....That's right, boys...Each and EVERY night....

    Okay...Now you all have been warned, so don't come crawling to me asking for help in calming your wives and/or girlfriends who will be SO furious with you after you have called out our names in your sleep...

    Have I made myself Crystal Clear? Yeah...I thought so... Now BACK AWAY from the door... I'm watching you...Don't think I'm not....

    With Much Love and Gratitude,

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    Now I just gotta go look!


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      must set the record straight

      Oh Pamela...

      I must set the record straight. While you suggest we shoudl not be in this room, I believe you are the reason we are here along with others) and you continue to veriflty LOA and Synchronicity.

      You suggest we stay away..but I sense, and I assume Kevin does as well, a message sent into the collective drawing us here to learn and share and communicate.

      Now, just because we are so sensitive to signals in the universe and are drawn cannot blame us! Instead you need to check yourself and others to see if subliminally you have sent the message asking us to join in this forum.

      Synchronicity is powerful and its not our fault.


      Frank Program Authoring The Human Subconscious


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        Frank is Right!

        Hi Pamela,

        Frank is right! We forget how powerful LOA truly is!!! Let's Face it, because of Paths we keep attracting the Best of the Best into our lives!!! Did you all read the post that Aaron Posted at the PI Paths Forum.

        Our Paths Forum over there is now #17th on the list of all forums!!!! TIME TO REALLY CELEBRATE!!!!

        Paths is just going to get better and better at attracting the most wonderful, beautiful, fascinating and powerful MEN AND WOMAN ever!!

        So Pamela let's have fun with Kevin and Frank and allow them to enter our Ladies only thread, You know they can't help themselves anyway!!

        ps hey wait a minute, I am the next gal posting here! Ok Kevin time to pay up!! LOL
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          Pamela you look FABULOUS!!

          OH WOW, YOU LOOK ABSOLUTLY FABULOUS PAMELA!!! That dress is absolutely PERFECT. You are truly GORGEOUS my beautiful Sister!!!

          The place looks Perfect doesn't it? Do you think we have enough food? I ate some, like you said, I don't need to be passing out too early for this BLAST! Oh I can't wait to get this PARTY STARTED!!!

          YouTube - Pink - Get The Party Started
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            i was compelled here again

            I have work to do...stop compelling me to come here please...


   Program Authoring The Human Subconscious


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              Poor Frank...
              Work and live in Slovenia - the country that hasnīt been touched by economic crisis. 10 000+ employees needed


              • #8
                sharin the love around

                don't you worry'll be next!


                • #9
                  I love my girlfriend so much that your new powers wont work on me.
                  Work and live in Slovenia - the country that hasnīt been touched by economic crisis. 10 000+ employees needed


                  • #10
                    sharing that love as best fits you

                    way to go Jure...enjoy your ride


                    • #11
                      I'm Here!! I'm Back!!

                      Whew, I'm Back. Yes I was on the phone cancelling some dates I had scheduled for the week of May 31st, and as We all know, I am going to be in Vegas with all of you!!

                      Well, I am delighted to help Frank with all the food!! WOW Frank, you went all out didn't you. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Frank!! You wonderful Man You!! You even got the caviar!! OH that deserves a BIG HUG AND KISS!!, How is it that you are so GOOD to us? You are FABULOUS!!

                      ROZ, you look ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! Please tell me where I can get a pair of those spikes!! WOW, too sexy for words!!

                      Pamela, how about we make a batch of those Margaritas for Jaime, using fresh squeezed organic lemon and lime juice, and organic dark grade maple syrup. Frank bought the best Tequila in the world "Patron". This will start off the party just perfectly!! What do you think?
                      IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE
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                        WhOt's going on here??

                        I thought I heard shrieks and giggling coming from this direction!!!

                        Now that I'm on the Ultimate Body module, at least I had the strength and stamina to swim over here. Took me three days and a picnic basket, but I made it!

                        Now, I'm sorry about the dripping, has anyone got a towel? I'd have brought my own, but it would, of course, have been sopping wet like the rest of my luggage, which would kind of defeat the purpose.
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                          OK, I am finally here. Got delayed in the airport. I am wearing my little black dress, with a killer tan and some strappy sandals. Who has the champagne?
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                            I'm just a newbie on the ultimate body mod so. . .be gentle with me

                            I just spend the last 10 minutes - out of nowhere, from just sitting there - boucing on my fitball like some little kid on a hippity-hop (member those?). Anyone seen that Friends where Rachel and Pheobe go jogging? Anyway I just found myself bouncing away and moving my arms around too.

                            I like this module already
                            Keep your mind on the aether


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                              movin with the grove

                              [I really don't know how you can possibly concentrate on anthing else in your day...this Is WAY WAY WAY too fun!

                              So...heads up...eyes on me..for you're about to appreciate the most sophisticated, elegant classy OZZZtraaalyun barbie you've ever seen

                              Are ..ready...(drum rolll...thanking you) are SUPERB...How did you KNOW that I would need all those ingredients..too mighty grateful for sure...that spiritual module is a surely tippin your sensitive ears some.

                              Jamie..I'm so glad you've got your camera...this is a surely turnin' into a night to remember..yipeee

                              Ms are without a doubt the most fabulous friend a girl could have...the sooner people discover your best seller the better.

                              Illusions..far outskee...look at wat that swim did for your body...Grace..Grace...would you take a look at this alive...the quality we have in here..taking this LOA stuff to heart has brought bringng us..has delivered us...ohhhhh..and it just continues to get better and better..yehaaa!

                              Grace you do smell pretty sexy by the really are soo beautiful all glammed up....

                              oops..there goes the timer..I'll be back in just a sec..(Blowing kisses as she exits stage left)

                     Program Authoring The Human Subconscious
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