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    From what I understand, project one world focuses on world peace, and inner peace etc. I really wish that project one world would focus on the truth. I think that only the truth can set us free and true peace cannot begin until all truths are known. I mean, the truth about GMOs, about pharmaceuticals, about the relationship of pharmaceutical companies and agricultural companies such as Monsanto to the FDA, the truth about what is truly healthy food and what isn't, and the scam that started with the idea of saturated fats and cholesterol being the cause of heart disease, and the beginning of serious, serious unnecessary suffering of innocent human beings due to misinformation in the name of profit, about the the whole banking system and how it leads to poverty and virtual slavery, about the existence of aliens, false flag operations, chemtrails, what they are and why and what they do to us and our environment, the truth about sustainable farming and living. Everything. Everything needs to be revealed and known, the truth must be common knowledge. Its the only way.
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