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What modules would you like to see next?

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  • Pamela
    Blake Rocks!

    Wow, Blake!

    You sure have a ton of suggestions! How long did it take you to come up with that brilliant list? I think PATHS should add you to their staff and pay you BIG BUCKS for your very thoughtful and creative suggestions for future modules!

    Oh...My thought is a Compassion Module... Maybe this could be part of the Forgiveness one?

    With Much Love and Gratitude,


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  • Blake
    Some More Ideas

    Many of these I've seen mentioned here and have a personal affinity for (so I put in my vote), others are what I'd love to see and try on myself and then then theres the societal ones..."I'd like to teach the world to sing... in perfect harmony...." !!!

    * Forgiveness+++ or Radical Forgiveness... yea!
    * Unconditional Love
    * Ego Buster-humbleness of heart/openness of mind
    * Detox- of body/mind and spirit
    * Healing childhood trama / & or PTSD
    * Addiction/Addict mind-the AA "Big Book" would be a great resource
    * 12 Step Booster ( If these two helped and was discovered by 12 step/recovery individuals theres an audience of millions right there...)
    * Past life healing
    * Creative Writing
    * Music/Music Theory/Writing/Reading ect.
    * ARtist BLocK BusTEr.
    * Voice/singing
    * Finding/Fallowing your creative passion
    * Optimimum Artistic Performance module ("Stage fright be gone!" included)
    * a module for Trust
    * Higher Self connection
    * Find Your Path! mod "Who am I?"..."Why am I here?"..."What is my Purpose?"
    * Along with "$$$ Magnet"
    * the Luuuvvve Magnet!
    * Intimacy/relationship "skill sets"
    * Intimacy/Relationship/Commitment phobia neutralizer
    * Trancending Victum/Victumizer conciousness
    * Selfless Service module (mindset for unconditional giving! Expecially great for anyone who works in any type of public service. Complete with guage to monitor burn out and booster for self care and renewal!
    * Module for Inspirational Master Teacher Mindset-to instill qualities of great teachers/ing
    * Ego Busting for "Higher" education facilitators/Professors
    * Ego Busting for Medical Profession/Physicians
    * Speak/know your TRUTH module
    * Free Thinker/Actor module ( Break free from the educational "be a good sheep" conditionioning and remove social inhabitions of expressing your True and Authentic Self.)
    * Being Gay/Lesbian/Sexual minority-Self acceptance and Love-(Perhaps too controversial?) (is it nature or nurture?)
    * Overcoming fear of Death
    * Grief healing process
    * Locate reincarnated family members module.
    * Overcoming fear of failure-nes/success-ness
    * Multiple Personality reintegration module
    * fragmented self social/family/work reintegration module
    * MATRIX ENERGETICs booster
    * BUSTING LOOSE F.T.M.G. booster
    * Energetic Protective Shield- from unhealthy vibrations. Por ejemplo...EMF, HARP, Advertizing, Political rhetoric and propaganda...Sun spots?
    * A module for Political Leaders?... to clear all blocks to integrity, compassion, conciencious(sp) decision making, humbleness, playing nice with others- AND an option for an IQ/vocabulary booster!
    * I Loved the Ideas about having modules for "Prison" (ers). To truely work to heal and restore the ailing "cells" in our "collective body of human conciousness".
    * Expecially addressing violence, child molesters and sexual assault perpetrators... there are soo many posibilities.
    * How about modules for war torn countries/areas to promote healing(expecially for children) and to minimize the instinctive reaction toward revenge and hate, all to help end the generational cycle of war and bloodshed.
    * and Modules for former military/worriors to heal their inner war torn landscape.
    * Modules for Homeless Shelters to trancend the cycle of homelessness and poverty mindset.
    * Modules for Job hunting-confidance, communication, persistance

    Anyway thats what I was thinking for now... this is a very uplifting to think of a world where we are truely adressing and caring for the wounded and ailing among us and freely sharing our passion and joy. I feel a renessaince(sp?)comming on...

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  • PATHS, S.A.
    Thank you~Keep them coming!

    Thank you for all the ideas!

    We are working on MANY new Modules right now, including a Forgiveness Module.

    Please keep the ideas coming!

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  • Genie
    Top o' the list!

    Grace - Forgiveness module... what a wonderful and meaningful module to develop! Thank you so much for suggesting it. I agree top of the list!!!

    Ahimsa - I was just considering how powerful a Detox module could be, and here you are posting about it! I would especially love it if the instructions would include "feelings of ease and comfort" during the detox process.

    And anything to help animals - especially the ones that are near and dear to us - I absolutely endorse and would be so grateful for! I am also hoping that one of the next Project1World focuses can be for the benefit of all animals on the planet, including endangered species.

    You are both so great and thoughful - thank you for posting your ideas!

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  • Ahimsa
    Some Modules that I would like to see...

    Super fast hair growth (scalp only!)

    General Health for cats, dogs, birds, etc...


    And Grace... I love your idea. I think it should go to the top of the list!

    Last edited by Ahimsa; 08-18-2007, 01:29 AM.

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  • Kevin

    I like your idea.

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  • Keoi
    Grace's idea

    I like your idea, maybe it could be based of the concept of Ho'oponopono.
    Thank you, I Love you, I am Sorry, Please Forgive me.

    Saying that alone when you are irritated with someone or something is very calming, better yet, if your sub-conscious said it to you!

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  • Grace
    To Forgive is Divine!!

    For many months now I have wanted to post on this thread, but something always made me wait. I was on the phone with one of my "Soul Sisters" when it hit me (very hard I would like to add) that what this world desperately needs is a FORGIVENESS MODULE!!

    Back in January of this year I posted this on the Powerful Intentions Forum. I would like to post it here to give you the reason why I believe a Forgiveness Module is incredibly important.

    "The Ego is a very important mechanism for the "I". Without Ego I would not be able to experience Greatness because there would be no separation to see Greatness in.

    With this in mind-The words "I apologize" is of the Ego (Ego in this case meaning I willingly live in the illusion of separation) in that a person is saying 'I regret now I made an error in my thinking and I know now I need to correct this thinking, because it did not produce the desired outcome for me.'

    The words "I am sorry" is of the Ego in that now the person is expressing a more undesirable vibration (more grief than regret).

    Forgiveness is not of the Ego because it produces a very desirable outcome. Forgiveness comes from the energy of giving (love). With Forgiveness I am stating and affirming to the universe (God) that I will give first to myself knowing that there is no separation and I am essentially giving love to all. To For-give makes the statement to God that yes I choose love over Hate, I choose to see only greatness in my fellow human beings and myself vs weakness.

    The greatest experience I can provide for another is to support their greatness and forgive their weaknesses.

    Focus on the LIGHT and the Dark disappears."

    I would like to add that Forgiveness is a powerful act of kindness that I create from my being for my being!

    But, because of the "Illusion" that I am separate I believe that the person I acknowledge I need to forgive is some how benefiting from my generosity more than I truly believe they deserve! So this makes it difficult for me to forgive.

    The absolute truth of course is that when I forgive, I awaken to my greatness on many levels of my being. To forgive is DIVINE!

    To Forgive is a practice that will bring us much PEACE in our lives, and therefore much PEACE to this world!

    With a Forgiveness Module it would make the practice of forgiving effortless!
    Which would in turn bring in much needed love and light into this FABULOUS WORLD OF OURS!

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  • zartgirl

    Hope I am not to late, but TMJ or healing of the jaw for those of us whose jaw runs on the tendon instead of the way it was designed to. In that would have to be the stopping of grinding or gritting ones teeth, and for a lot retraining the tongue not to push out the teeth trying to make up for the jaw problem! Could you fix the teeth with that too? Instead of braices? Ooooh that would be fun!!!

    Also love the eyesight! My daughter is 13 and has 2400 vision (legally blind with out glasses or contacts! Just imagine being able to get rid of glasses for the first time since kindergarten and being able to see again! Especially going into highschool year after next.

    How about one to get rid of unwanted hair in the places we don't want it to grow. I read some place where in Hawaii they permanently get rid of unwanted hair using the energy... a touch of the hand and it is gone for good... I am not sure where I read it, but as I learn about LOA and stuff I am believing it...

    Blessings zartgirl

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  • allenm
    I mentioned this earlier but will raise it again: how about one to help infertile women conceive? Also,whiter teeth?

    With gratitude(because the money module really seems to be working!)


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  • nlivened
    Bone Density

    Osteoporosis. It's not only a major issue for women but men as well.

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  • dbsnova
    Acid reflex

    I would like to see a module for this.


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  • Rea
    Healthy Gums

    Please, Please. I would love to have a healthy teeth and gums module. I don't know about other Countries but here in Canada most of our health care is covered, well we now have to pay to get are eye's tested etc but dental has never been covered and it is such a hugh part of health. I would really like to see this module. Teeth effect your self esteem, a smile brings Joy to the world. Ruth

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  • Pamela Vicik-Smith

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  • sterlingpg

    Ya know, the breast enlargement (or reduction) module idea is just begging to have join it another enlargement type module

    Now I know what you're thinking - look at poor ol' 'little' Stevie-boy posting this - poor poor teenie 'weenie' man - but I'm writing this for a friend....really LOL.

    The saying - 'Its not how deep you fish, but how you wiggle the worm' would fade into the past.

    For me? I think I might need a module for back pain, and its not from a big gut hanging out the front lmao JK! Or am I? :P

    Seriously, some things are just TMI and better left as surprises, hopefully in a good way lol



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