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What modules would you like to see next?

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    Hi S.J,

    I probably haven't expressed myself very well. I know what I mean I'm just having trouble getting it out!

    I've been on all 3 SL modules & what I'm trying to describe is quite different (in my mind anyway).

    Hmm, I'll have to think about it & try & express myself in another way!

    Love, Light & Blessings,
    Theta Healing
    Paths 2 Potential

    "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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      I am really desperate to stop smoking, I have tried everything going to help me through this, but nothing works. I started smoking when I was 15 and am 56yrs old, I know all the dangers, but just haven't been able to quit. I know that about 90% to stop is mindframe and 10% is the actual addiction, just can't seem to get the subconsious to come forward with this problem. So I would really like to see modules for this.



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        I'd like to see these modules:
        *healthy, whiter teeth (healthy gums, reverse gingival recession)
        *improved hearing, regenerate hair cells--especially those in the higher
        frequencies used to understand speech
        *stop anxiety/panic attacks and phobias
        *smaller butt


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          Regrowing of teeth and limbs...

          ...that would be something...


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            Little off topic but...

            I noticed that healthier teeth and gums are popular choices and I just wanted to suggest oil pulling. It sounds gross but it really works. It's basically swishing oil in your mouth (I use extra light-tasting olive oil) for 10-20 minutes and then spit it out and thoroughly rinse out your mouth/wash sink, etc. It pulls up toxins through your saliva. It's supposed to be great for a lot of things, but in particular oral health. I've been doing it for about three weeks, just came back from the dentist, and for the first time in my life I was called "low maintenance" by the dentist and I had practically no tarter buildup, which is something I've always had problems with; in the past, I'd have to make two appointments just so the hygienist could finish a cleaning. It's truly amazing. Here's a link for more details... Oil Pulling Cures


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              Thank you KimJ, I'm reading the article and it sounds promising! I love natural remedies Thank you for sharing


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                You're welcome!

                Hope it works for you!



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                  Thanks Kim!


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                    Thanks, KimJ--I did OP for a little while and got sidetracked for awhile and forgot about doing it. Glad you reminded me! I used safflower oil or raw coconut oil.

                    I just thought of another module to add to the list: restore hair color.


                    • Abraham-Module!

                      Maybe it'd be cool to have a thorough module based totally on the teachings of Abraham...


                      • Update

                        This Friday (October 12) we are having a meeting to review all Modules that are in various stages of development.

                        We will be printing out this entire thread, and what is on it will play a major role in our review and prioritizing.

                        Please take the time between now and Thursday evening to voice your requests and thoughts in this thread.

                        Happiness & Health,

                        PATHS, S.A. Staff



                        • lucid dreaming

                          both the 3 processes in 3 realms I mentioned before & this 1 are not-quite-so-lucid-yet dreams of mine

                          thanks for listening & be well

                          beatrix bora
                          (be-atrix rhymes with matrix)

                          Be-atrix Bora
                          atrium borabora


                          • Making Changes Easy

                            How about a module that assists us in accepting our new expanded selves, our new expanded consciousness - one that would help us adapt and fill that new space with our new better energy? Sometimes I feel like I have this new space to fill up and there's a bit of a battle that goes on between the old programming that Old Jamie feels comfortable with, and the New Jamie and her new enlightened way of thinking and being.

                            - massive increase in accepting change
                            - massive increase in acceptance of higher frequencies
                            - massive increase in acceptance of higher thoughts and feelings
                            - massive increase in the brighter light to fill us completely
                            - we accept our new selves with grace and ease
                            - a lot of the specific instructions that are found in the Success Now platinum module.

                            something like that, anyway.... I know that a lot of the modules have some of these types of instructions, but just like a gratitude module was created specifically, even though gratitude is a big part of SLP2, a module that focuses exclusively on this may be helpful.


                            • Now for my 2 cents worth!

                              I really love your suggestions Blake.... ....

                              * ARtist BLocK BusTEr.
                              * Finding/allowing your creative passion

                              and maybe add..
                              * allowing a steady flow of $$$ from your creative passion
                              * expanding , allowing new directions to creative works
                              * easily discovering venues to sell/exhibit creative works of genious!!

                              I'm totally in for the EYESIGHT one

                              Jamie - I love your ideas too
                              - massive increase in accepting change
                              - massive increase in acceptance of higher frequencies
                              - massive increase in acceptance of higher thoughts and feelings
                              - massive increase in the brighter light to fill us completely
                              - we accept our new selves with grace and ease

                              OK, OK, so it was about a dimes worth!!
                              Pura Vida! Vineyard Nancy


                              • Ultra Focus Module


                                Before I started PATHS 2 weeks ago I emailed the staff and asked what module I should try to kill brain-chatter and they told me the SL-series would be good so I'm on that one now and if it works for me we'll see...

                                Anyway...if it isn't included in the SL-series I'd like to suggest an Ultra Focus Module that lets you focus on what you want totally and fully without being harassed by your own brain-chatter...

                                I rewatched "What the bleep do we know" & "What the bleep: down the rabbit hole" yesterday and they mentioned that an average person can't hold focus on anyting more than about 5-15 seconds(if i remember it right) and that doesn't seem to make for any powerful creating(17-seconds in the Abe-teachings to change your vibe and 68 to really set powerful creation in motion)...

                                I think Aaron mentioned that he got into a state where he had total control over his thoughts and no brain-chatter after some extensive and successfull meditations but all of us don't have that time on our hands so a module to take us there effortlessly is my wish

                                Thank you