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What modules would you like to see next?

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    11 and counting.

    Gracious one play,
    your head is an empty shell
    wherein you mind frolics infinitely.


    "Space and time are not conditions in which we live; they are modes in which we think"
    Albert Einstein in his later years.


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      Count me in for Sharper Vision!


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        Hello from Montana,
        WOW!! Everyone has such wonderful ideas!! It's mind boggeling(sp?) to me to think of the potential to change our way of life thru PATHS. To think that it isn't just softly whispering in my ear "you only want to eat celery..." but is actually capable of changing my chemical makeup!! (hope that's right, that's how I interpret it What a fabulous time to be alive !!
        I liked almost all of the suggestions (brilliant!!). My idea though, would be to create a module that encompasses compassion, empathy, and tolerence. We would all chip in to pay for it, then we hijack a satellite to circle the earth, constantly broadcasting to everyone !! There's probably a few bugs to work out...but I think it's totally doable!! We'd have to be careful not to let it fall into the wrong hands though!!(I'm having visions of "The Stepford Wives" SPOOKY!) OH!!! And let's add a heapin' helping of "desire to help others" onto our satellite transmission
        SO, who's with me ?

        Happy Thoughts!
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        Love and Laughter
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          OK, so I may be reaching when I suggest global broadcasting (at this point in time). So, if I can't have world peace right now, I'd settle for larger breasts.
          Seriously though, what are the limits to this "technology"? And, can it be reverse engineered? Do you all in admin ever worry about someone on the "dark side" using this for nefarious purposes? Not suggesting that we'd all be brainwashed, but what if it was used to amplify feelings that people already have? Say...maybe anger against the government, or authority in general....or going the other way, increasing our trained behavior of rule following the rules or doing "what we're told" because that's what polite society does, to not question, nor doubt "the law" or the way our elected officials interprete it. I feel like there should be a sound track playing behind me, something like:
          Da Da DOOM!
          On a more positve note though, could this be used on animals, to help with their health, or in communicating their needs? Or what about unborn children, not only modules designed for them, but what if a pregnant woman is using a couple of modules, do they have any effect on the baby? Do you all ever see some of the modules maybe at some point in the furture being required as part of a legal judgement? Like someone being sentenced for drunk driving, or assault, you know, instead of anger management classes or those pills that make you sick when you drink alcohol....?
          Have to run... I'll have more questions to grill you with later..
          (I hope I don't get kicked off the forum)
          Love and Laughter
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            I'd also be interested in a module on improving vision (I think that makes 12). I'm not on Paths yet but I intend to be as soon as I can.

            Loved your suggestion of a module for global broadcasting compassion, empathy & tolerance Rose. I've often pondered if I was given the ability to change just one trait of mankind what would bring about the greatest change to the greatest benefit of all. I still haven't worked it out but have narrowed it down to three -I tend to lean towards increasing spiritual growth, increasing tolerance, eliminating greed.

            How about an optimum pregnancy module - no more morning sickness, fatigue & trashed memory.

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              Vision module

              From what I understand, there is a vision module on the horizon. However, there are multiple types of vision problems such as far sightedness, near sightedness, presbyopia (just needing reading glasses due to age), cataracts, glaucoma, etc.

              The way I understand it, each condition will need its own module. I believe presbyopia is the easiest (relatively speaking) to correct since, in theory, one originally had 20-20 vision before the eye muscles weakened to the point of needing reading glasses.

              Regardless, it will be a joyful day when the vision module(s) arrive
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                To compliment the Take It Off Module how about one for the guys an Add Inches Module (you know where I mean !!!)


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                  Snorting Water, again!!!

                  Oh My!!!!

                  I am snorting water ALL over my computer again from laughing!!!! But wait....Whew! I just fell off my chair.... I cannot stop laughing!!! (hey, Rose...I've been after them for that Boob module too...And Terry...if they are gonna do the Boob one, then they may as well do the "Add Inches" one!!! ) That's okay...Only my dog saw me do the snorting and falling and she's used to my craziness anyway.... I better go and do a few of Aaron's breathing excercises to calm myself down...

                  I am so Loving the Positivity of all of you Sweet Souls! This has to be THE BEST community of Loving and Compassionate Powerful Intenders on the entire planet and I am so Happy and Grateful to be a part of it!!!!

                  May You ALL be Blessed!!!!

                  With So Much Love and Gratitude,

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                    Funny! I just wanted to mention that there are some existing modules that could probably help at least some of these.

                    Like the get organized for the clean your room, the academic one for the homework and maybe the successful living for the making good choices.

                    For the drama queen, I think the mood one could help as it can even people out.
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                      Originally posted by tezzaa View Post
                      To compliment the Take It Off Module how about one for the guys an Add Inches Module (you know where I mean !!!)

                      Is that possible? I know...not that I need it.
                      You know.


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                        Hey hypnogogic,
                        Don't be shy! There's nothing wrong with a good hard scientific curiousity But if that is possible, think of the marketing possibilities!!
                        Much Love and Laughter
                        Love and Laughter
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                          Originally posted by hypnogogic View Post
                          Is that possible? I know...not that I need it.
                          You know.
                          It is possible

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                            Optimum Trajectory

                            In TRV, there is a very popular protocol known as Optimum Trajectory or OT for short. The data reveals the optimum trajectory for anything.

                            Example: OT, Mr Ed, optimum career move next 90 days.
                            So the data would show the data relating to the optimum career move for Mr. Ed over the next 90 days from that point taking into account every single piece of data in the collective.

                            If there was a module that would help someone be in the flow with their optimum trajectory for their life purpose, that would be awesome.

                            Maybe a module for being in the flow with optimum mate OT, career OT, etc...
                            but definitely an overall Life Purpose OT.

                            Of course there are philosophical debates about if our purpose is engraved in stone, is totally up to us to create out own, etc... regardless of all of that, there will always be something the collective considers to be Optimum for an individual and a module like this could help someone to get into the flow with this.
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                              Creative Thinking!

                              Outside the box thinking is always good!

                              There is no plan to commandeer a satellite. But free form thinking is where the seeds of genius are born!

                              We have male and female programmers...ever since Pamela and some others got on the breast module campaign a month or so ago, a couple of our female programmers have been working on it and using themselves as test subjects. It still has a ways to go.

                              We do not know the limits. We were as surprised as anyone that diabetics could see the improvement they have seen. We have seen necrobiosis disappear. We are seeing promising results regarding Cystic Fibrosis. Of course, we take for granted so many of the existing modules fantastic results!

                              The principles has been TRV'd by some TRV'ers already, but the variables of how to apply the principles are so vast that only if someone was meant to learn about it, would they.

                              No, we do not worry.

                              PATHS helps a person achieve what they want, it cannot make a person do or be against their will.

                              We have not, nor is it even in the planning stages, to work on animals.

                              We also do not work on unborns or infants, and only on minor children with their parents permission.

                              The entire suite of addiction modules has been worked on, off and on, for well over a year. Interestingly, the first prototype of the stop smoking module was started on two test subjects today.

                              Happiness & Health,

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                                I humbly offer myself as a "bigger better breasts" test subject. It's in the interest of scientific progress and the betterment of man, Right ? Hopefully nothing will go "BOINK".
                                Thanks for the great answers to my highly caffeinated questions. I'm not quite clear on the pregnant mother angle though...(sorry). If she's taking in these instructions, wouldn't the baby be as well? or at least on a chemical point of view, if you raise the seratonin level of the mom would that not add to the babies? I'm not all freaked out about it and planning a protest or anything, in fact I'm looking at it as being a great thing! Imagine being able to
                                end the cycles of poverty, hopelessness, alcoholism(or the increased chances thereof). To be able to give a child the absolute best of beginnings!!! Talk about change from the ground up!
                                Sorry to babble on...time to start the decaff
                                Love and Laughter

                                PS- I'm still going to try and convince you on the (whisper) satellite theory.
                                I used to know a guy who used to work for NASA...
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