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What modules would you like to see next?

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    Super Digestion

    How about a module for assisting in digestion? I have a friend who has always had digestion problems (ie constipation, bloating, upset stomach, etc.) She has tried everything - cleanses, enemas, colonics, strict eating habits, you name it. I know a module like this one would make her day. Her year! her life! lol.


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      Hi Wonderful Ones^O^

      Allergies....Imagine a world without Allergies.....

      Forever Grateful


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        Originally posted by Mya View Post
        Hi Wonderful Ones^O^

        Allergies....Imagine a world without Allergies.....

        Forever Grateful
        I second that emotion.


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          What about PATHS modules being developed for institutions such as:


          Teaching young women not to be teenage mums

          Teaching kids to stay on longer at school and not drop out

          Teaching young women that the body they have is great, they don't need to be anoxerics like a lot of their "role models" of today


          Helping the terminally ill to overcome any pain and suffering they may have

          Healing modules to assist in getting over operations faster

          Childbirth modules that decrease the labour pains

          Chronic pain management (yes I know, you already did that one )


          Helping violent offenders to straighten out and find the good in themselves

          I don't know if PATHS could one day be developed to work for people like murderers, child molesters and the like, but it would be a fantastic world if you could.

          See PATHS, it's not too much to ask is it?



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            I am working on getting my first modules of PATHS, so have no experience with it as of yet. I am SO excited about getting started!

            I saw that in the Positive Attitude module, there is balancing of the Energy Chakras, and thought that must be a good thing to have in all modules. Same as with Gratitude.

            Just my 2 cents

            Moria x
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              I would definitely go for the improved eyesight module, and receiving and allowing as another poster has suggested.


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                Migraine Cure?

                My friend has been suffering from migraine badly.

                What about a module exclusively for relief from migraine ?


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                  How about:

                  Social skills
                  Seduction skills
                  Ultimate forgiveness
                  Releasing shame/guild
                  Masterful communication
                  Perfect Health (general)


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                    Nice to 'see' someone from what I believe is my home country, considering the name you have chosen!

                    Am just about to sign up for PATHS, so please, lets share experiences!

                    Moria x
                    Intuitive Readings
                    Web design by Hannah King


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                      Treating ADD in children.
                      Letting go of addictions
                      Increase sense of smell and taste....( I love to cook and to eat....smiles)
                      Unconditional love towards all
                      I have been on paths for a month now and just added three more yesterday. I am sleeping so much better now. I work nights and have to sleep during the day so this has been a Godsend. I can't wait to feel the new mods kick in.


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                        Oh yes, Money Magnet, definitely. That's a biggie.

                        Stop Snoring - seriously, I share a room with someone who snores, and it's nothing to laugh about (well, not for me, at any rate!).

                        Allergies. 'Nuff said.

                        Sharper Vision. Many people would love to be able to throw away their contacts or spectacles.

                        Thicker, Fuller Hair would be great, and would be a boon for people suffering from thinning or baldness. (Except that I already have such a lovely thick mane myself, so that if I did that module I'd end up looking like Chewbacca! That would be funny.)

                        Foreign Language Proficiency.

                        Phobias, yes, and definitely Addictions, too.

                        Anything that helps terminally ill people and their caregivers.


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                          Better memory!


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                            I would like one for clearing clutter and curing pack rat-itis. I know it has to do with a belief in lack, so that should be addressed as well. I volunteer to be a guinea pig for this module, too.
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                              The wish list continues to grow!

                              All such Great ideas.

                              I will be compiling these soon and passing them on. It will be exciting to see what is coming next!


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                                How about these:
                                Making good choices for Teens
                                Listen to your parents
                                Navigating your teen years with ease
                                Optimal Brain function between 16 and 21 yrs. old
                                Reducing Drama Queen Syndrom for teen girls
                                Do your homework, take care of your pets and clean your damn room

                                I volunteer my kid as a guinea pig..................let me know.