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What modules would you like to see next?

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  • kari
    How about these too:

    Kidney function
    Liver function
    Spleen function
    Epstein Barr/CFS
    Types of heart disease
    more effective meditation
    channeling guides
    more effective detoxification

    I could go on and on...............but I think that eye sight would be my next "must have".


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  • Aaron
    Amazing PATHS module possibilities

    Upcoming possible PATHS modules to help transform people's lives!

    healthy gum regeneration
    innovation/invention/creativity booster for inventors/developers
    boost decisiveness/choices ability
    foreign language module - ability to boost knack for learning foreign language
    academic specifics
    mathematic ability
    male impotence (different from current enhanced pleasure)
    female desire booster (also different from current enhanced pleasure)
    boost fertility one for men one for women
    boost remote viewing accuracy - modify and enhance intuition one
    enhanced dream and lucid dreaming module
    obe -out of body experience module
    boost artistic ability
    boost music ability
    Millionaire Mind Set
    attract girlfriend/boyfriend husband/wife
    countless reverse "dis-ease" ones
    BEING in the NOW module
    Breathing module (not for asthma, etc...), specifically enhance breathing
    sports modules
    specific sports martial arts
    Gratitude module (not like slp2...just bigtime gratitude)
    LOVE - pure unconditional love module
    Peace -
    other postitive emotions - happy/joy/etc...
    Orginization module - orginizaton stuff from goal setting but enhanced
    dyslexia module
    Reiki practitioner module
    other energy healing specific modules
    money management module - stop destructive spending, budget, discipline.
    overcome fear of heights
    overcome fear of water, flying, spiders/bugs, claustraphobia, etc...death
    multiple addictions
    Leadership module
    public speaking module
    post traumatic stress disorder module
    prepare for dying - module for those in hospice

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  • Pamela Vicik-Smith
    Hi Kevin -

    This is my response I had posted on the PI forum:

    Perfect vision (I need reading glasses, and though they are cute, they are a pain!)

    Something for scoliosis - I would love a straight spine

    Tanning without laying for hours in the sun or going to a tanning salon.

    Whiter teeth without bleaching treatments

    Hair with no strands of gray (not much of a problem yet but I want to be proactive - ha ha!!)

    Thicker and fuller hair (a good one for both men and women)

    I think these are the complete makings of a Barbie or Ken doll

    Love and joy,


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  • Ann-ticipatingSuccess
    I'm with you on the eyesight module, Kevin. Perfect vision and healthy eyes. And if there needs to be separate modules for cataracts and macular degeneration and other eye problems, then those as well.

    How about one for curing procrastination? And I loved the one that Aaron talked about on PI that would make your skin darker/give you a tan.

    And while we're talking about pigment, how about one that allows us to choose a lip color? Yay - no more lipstick! Okay, so I'm dreaming...

    I liked the idea of chelation, too. And someone on PI mentioned teeth whitening w/o the bleach. I like that one, too.

    I'm sure I'll come up with others as time goes on. Thanks for the thread, Kevin - its fun to dream!

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  • admin
    Great Idea Kevin!

    We look forward to everyones input!!!

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  • Kevin
    started a topic What modules would you like to see next?

    What modules would you like to see next?

    Hi all!

    What modules would you like to see PATHS develop next?

    Obviously they have their own priorities, and stuff they are already working on, but maybe we can push them along if they see a lot of people wanting the same thing!

    Here are the first thoughts on my list:

    Eyesight (not have to wear glasses)
    Chelation (some way to achieve the benefits without having to do the IV)
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Quit smoking
    Parkisons diesease
    ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

    I will add more as I think of them.

    Please add your own thread with things you would like to see...include any that you see in other threads, so they will see how many people are wanting the same thing!

    Have Fun!