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What modules would you like to see next?

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  • release addictions

    How about something for addictive behaviors...
    so many people are addicted to something like: work, food, love, sex, shopping, spending, gambling, codependency, alcohol, drugs, extreme exercise or dieting...etc. etc...

    is it at all possible for a module for something like this?



    • Something about getting out of bed on time, being alert in the morning, energized and ready to start a brand new day.


      • efsaturn,

        This one is probably what you want for that:

        PATHS | Increased Energy and Motivation | Clean, Strong, Energy all day long!

        When I first started PATHS I think there were only 8 modules available. Now there are so many it's very hard to keep track of all of them!

        In case you don't know, whenever you sign up for any module you also get the sleep well module for free:

        PATHS ~ Mind Energetics

        I believe that is because decent sleep is needed for the other modules to work well.

        With the sleep module, you get to pick out a sleep time and a wake time and that is programmed in as well. (You also have the option to choose flex time so there is no specific sleep and wake time.)

        If you haven't tried PATHS I would also mention that you should not expect it to work if you don't supplement with spirulina, afa blue green algae or something else strong in amino acids. These are the fuel the brain needs to process the PATHS modules.

        If you want to see if the spirulina alone does anything you can try it by itself first (that's what I did before I started PATHS).

        The only thing I found is that it sometimes has an amping effect. Other people have had that too with it, so most people seem to take it in the morning.

        Hey maybe that's all you need. . . .but PATHS is so awesome I'd recommend trying it if you haven't.

        Keep your mind on the aether


        • I am doing paths. I do sleep well and a deep sleep. I do wake up in the morning. What I don't do is get out of bed in the morning. Whether this is a motivation issue or a procrastination issue, not sure. I have had the issue of not waking up, but that seems to be gone. So it is just actually getting out of bed when the alarm goes off. Bad habit to the hilt.


          • Lol maybe try putting the alarm clock across the room so you have to get out of bed to turn it off?
            Keep your mind on the aether


            • I would like to see a theater to help with high blood pressure