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What modules would you like to see next?

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  • belle99
    I would like to see foreign language learning modules. What an amazing thing that would work in tandem with conventional language learning methods....

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  • Roz
    Ahhh..such fabulous ideas!

    I'd love to see

    zillionaire mindset
    speed reading/photographic memory
    multiple foreign languages
    unlimited awareness/self love/
    communication/socialization skills
    financial management skills
    attract soul mate
    reverse cardiac disease
    reverse renal failure
    reverse diabetes
    reverse psychiatric disorders
    reverse autoimmune diseases
    reverse cancer(bowel, breast, skin etc)

    that'll cover it..for now

    Roz L

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  • Aaron
    PATHS Cystic Fibrosis module

    PATHS Cystic Fibrosis module in development

    Hi all, PATHS is NOT making any claims for cystic fibrosis but it is in development and you can read more about it here:

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  • rono

    I love and had similar ideas to:

    1. Millionaire Mindset / Financial Prosperity
    2. Eyesight
    3. Foreign Languages
    4. Addictions (gambling, smoking, etc)
    5. Hair Growth/Regrowth
    6. Attract Partner/Soulmate
    7. Money Management / Improve Credit

    I'd also like to see:

    1. Creativity (Songwriting, Bookwriting, etc.)
    2. Genius / Accelerated Learning
    3. Career / Life Purpose (Discovering or Finding)


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  • ethereal
    I think we should start off with a couple critical ones that will quickly garner recognition and acceptance within the PD and/or medical/scientific community. That will establish a customer base and pave the way for quick growth and future acceptance of other modules, i.e. the bowling alley / crossing the chasm marketing strategy. The diabetes one seems like it could be huge, as there's currently no good treatment for it.

    Of course, there's always the backlash from the established institutions to worry about...

    Personally, I wish to see more spiritual development modules, unconditional love and gratitude look yummy

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  • firehorse
    Hi Kevin,
    Originally posted by Kevin View Post
    All such Great ideas.
    I'm just thinking about wider applications and size of market. To me if you could be 80-90% effective on
    * eyesight
    * stop smoking/drinking/addiction
    * Tanning (Isn't this ready for release?)
    * Baldness/hair growth control (men and women)
    * Allergies/eczema
    then the growth of PATHS would explode!

    I think it would be safe to say that everyone knows at least one or more people in those categories and everyone of them would like to get better.

    I'm sure some of the above categories are under development but ... if PATHS & Co have a little time for strategic thinking, maybe a little TRV/blue sky thinking could point the best way forward for the 'best' (not necessarily fastest) growth for PATHS ... or are you already doing that

    Best regards

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  • kari
    How about these:
    Making good choices for Teens
    Listen to your parents
    Navigating your teen years with ease
    Optimal Brain function between 16 and 21 yrs. old
    Reducing Drama Queen Syndrom for teen girls
    Do your homework, take care of your pets and clean your damn room

    I volunteer my kid as a guinea pig..................let me know.


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  • Kevin
    The wish list continues to grow!

    All such Great ideas.

    I will be compiling these soon and passing them on. It will be exciting to see what is coming next!


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  • Ann-ticipatingSuccess
    I would like one for clearing clutter and curing pack rat-itis. I know it has to do with a belief in lack, so that should be addressed as well. I volunteer to be a guinea pig for this module, too.

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  • sueb61246
    Better memory!

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  • Rin
    Oh yes, Money Magnet, definitely. That's a biggie.

    Stop Snoring - seriously, I share a room with someone who snores, and it's nothing to laugh about (well, not for me, at any rate!).

    Allergies. 'Nuff said.

    Sharper Vision. Many people would love to be able to throw away their contacts or spectacles.

    Thicker, Fuller Hair would be great, and would be a boon for people suffering from thinning or baldness. (Except that I already have such a lovely thick mane myself, so that if I did that module I'd end up looking like Chewbacca! That would be funny.)

    Foreign Language Proficiency.

    Phobias, yes, and definitely Addictions, too.

    Anything that helps terminally ill people and their caregivers.

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  • tripletdad

    Treating ADD in children.
    Letting go of addictions
    Increase sense of smell and taste....( I love to cook and to eat....smiles)
    Unconditional love towards all
    I have been on paths for a month now and just added three more yesterday. I am sleeping so much better now. I work nights and have to sleep during the day so this has been a Godsend. I can't wait to feel the new mods kick in.

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  • Moria

    Nice to 'see' someone from what I believe is my home country, considering the name you have chosen!

    Am just about to sign up for PATHS, so please, lets share experiences!

    Moria x

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  • Mirakelmannen
    How about:

    Social skills
    Seduction skills
    Ultimate forgiveness
    Releasing shame/guild
    Masterful communication
    Perfect Health (general)

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  • Mau
    Migraine Cure?

    My friend has been suffering from migraine badly.

    What about a module exclusively for relief from migraine ?

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