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What modules would you like to see next?

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  • Pamela Vicik-Smith
    Vision module

    From what I understand, there is a vision module on the horizon. However, there are multiple types of vision problems such as far sightedness, near sightedness, presbyopia (just needing reading glasses due to age), cataracts, glaucoma, etc.

    The way I understand it, each condition will need its own module. I believe presbyopia is the easiest (relatively speaking) to correct since, in theory, one originally had 20-20 vision before the eye muscles weakened to the point of needing reading glasses.

    Regardless, it will be a joyful day when the vision module(s) arrive

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  • Sharyn
    I'd also be interested in a module on improving vision (I think that makes 12). I'm not on Paths yet but I intend to be as soon as I can.

    Loved your suggestion of a module for global broadcasting compassion, empathy & tolerance Rose. I've often pondered if I was given the ability to change just one trait of mankind what would bring about the greatest change to the greatest benefit of all. I still haven't worked it out but have narrowed it down to three -I tend to lean towards increasing spiritual growth, increasing tolerance, eliminating greed.

    How about an optimum pregnancy module - no more morning sickness, fatigue & trashed memory.


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  • Rose
    OK, so I may be reaching when I suggest global broadcasting (at this point in time). So, if I can't have world peace right now, I'd settle for larger breasts.
    Seriously though, what are the limits to this "technology"? And, can it be reverse engineered? Do you all in admin ever worry about someone on the "dark side" using this for nefarious purposes? Not suggesting that we'd all be brainwashed, but what if it was used to amplify feelings that people already have? Say...maybe anger against the government, or authority in general....or going the other way, increasing our trained behavior of rule following the rules or doing "what we're told" because that's what polite society does, to not question, nor doubt "the law" or the way our elected officials interprete it. I feel like there should be a sound track playing behind me, something like:
    Da Da DOOM!
    On a more positve note though, could this be used on animals, to help with their health, or in communicating their needs? Or what about unborn children, not only modules designed for them, but what if a pregnant woman is using a couple of modules, do they have any effect on the baby? Do you all ever see some of the modules maybe at some point in the furture being required as part of a legal judgement? Like someone being sentenced for drunk driving, or assault, you know, instead of anger management classes or those pills that make you sick when you drink alcohol....?
    Have to run... I'll have more questions to grill you with later..
    (I hope I don't get kicked off the forum)

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  • Rose
    Hello from Montana,
    WOW!! Everyone has such wonderful ideas!! It's mind boggeling(sp?) to me to think of the potential to change our way of life thru PATHS. To think that it isn't just softly whispering in my ear "you only want to eat celery..." but is actually capable of changing my chemical makeup!! (hope that's right, that's how I interpret it What a fabulous time to be alive !!
    I liked almost all of the suggestions (brilliant!!). My idea though, would be to create a module that encompasses compassion, empathy, and tolerence. We would all chip in to pay for it, then we hijack a satellite to circle the earth, constantly broadcasting to everyone !! There's probably a few bugs to work out...but I think it's totally doable!! We'd have to be careful not to let it fall into the wrong hands though!!(I'm having visions of "The Stepford Wives" SPOOKY!) OH!!! And let's add a heapin' helping of "desire to help others" onto our satellite transmission
    SO, who's with me ?

    Happy Thoughts!
    Last edited by Rose; 05-09-2007, 12:25 AM. Reason: Forgot to add something -Rosella

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  • Rin
    Count me in for Sharper Vision!

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  • infinitethoughts
    11 and counting.


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  • Moria
    Me too, Me too, Me too!!!

    Moria x

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  • Pamela
    One More!

    Hi Lovies,

    Add me to that list for 20/20 vision, okay? I'll buy a ticket to THAT party in a New York Minute!

    With Much Love and Gratitude,


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  • infinitethoughts
    Hi Admin.

    I just did a quick tally. The request for 20/20 vision is pretty high on the list.

    Here's the members asking for it:
    Kevin, Ann-ticipatingSuccess, Pamela Vicik-Smith, firehorse, sueb61246, rono, Breezy, nlivened.

    8 members are asking for it, make that 9 with me.


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  • Adrienne

    HI ,
    i would like to see a modual that is made for dryness of hair and skin....thanks...Adrienne

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  • rsvohi
    what modules would you like to see next?

    Hi, my names Ryan, I'm a newbie, just started PATHS last night. I've had a lot of experience with NLP and Hypnosis. I'm mostly interested for spiritual reasons. How about a module for realizing spiritual teachings from nonduality/ Vedanta, Course in Miracles or Dr. David Hawkins?

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  • nlivened
    Proposed Modules

    Some great ideas have been presented. I would appreciate your addressing these issues:

    improved vision
    dental caries
    gum disease


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  • Flattlander
    My two Cents

    These are the ones I want to see.

    Quit smoking

    Playing guitar


    Foreign language

    Millionaire mindset/money magnet

    One for yeast overgrowth (my daughter gets yeast and bladder infections all the time)

    Ear infections (again, my daughter)

    Stuff geared towards teens, self esteem, healthy stress management, body image, respecting the body, motivation and the like.

    It's okay to be gay, that would be a great one.

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  • Breezy
    Great Ideas!

    These are all such fabulous ideas! My personal favorites are the Improved Eyesight and the Foreign Language Modules!

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied

    I love all the ideas I've seen here and say a big YUP to all of them. And here's one I personally would love -- as would all Boomer Women who spent their yummy years in Cute Shoes and now have bunions (which radically limits the number and kind of Cute Shoes we can wear, not to mention the bunions hurt!!!)


    I'd sign away my first-born child for that one (just kidding of course I love my first-born child too much to sign her away )


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