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    Liver-Gallblader Cleanse
    I will start this thread with the information about how to cleanse the organs and tissues of your body. Everyone of us we know that some diseases are caused by an excessive accumulation of waste in the body.

    The Liver cleanse helps to flush out the small stones and "sand" that is stored in this organ. Remember that the liver is the major organ that helps to detoxify the body and you need to clean it to maintain a good health. An accumulation of stones in the liver can cause a blockage in some system of the body and the consecuent bad function.

    Look at some pictures of the stones you eliminate after the cleanse:

    I've made it twice and the third time it was natural, I didn't follow the treatment but it happened.

    Here you have more information:

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    Juicing to thin them first
    Ken Rohla Shares His Kidney, Bladder, Liver, Gall Bladder Flush Juice - YouTube


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