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  • Alternative Treatments to Cancer

    There are dozens, if not hundreds clinics that are literally curing (sorry, can't use that word - curing...), I mean putting cancer into spontaneously remission. There are also hundreds, if not thousands of 'cures' being touted on the Internet and elsewhere.

    The important thing to think about and look at when making a decision on which cancer treatment to use is to make sure it has sound scientific proof; it is safe; and there are lots of testimonials from people who used the treatment successfully. Also, you have to find the right treatments, and clinic (or protocol) for you.

    What Hope4Cancer does is use something called SP Activate. I don't know all the science behind it, but basically it is a chlorophyll based product that when taken orally, tags cancer cells.

    Then we use sound, heat, and light therapies such as ultrasound, Near Infrared lasers and lamps, near infrared saunas, and full spectrum light beds (they have even more devices and therapies at the clinic). These therapies then explode the marked cancer cells into oxygen, which further helps clean out debris, dead cells, etc.

    These therapies are compounded with nutrition (the key to any healing) with a special organic diet such as no processed foods, only small doses of naturally occurring sugar (maple and agave are acceptable even though they are processed). No white flour, red meat, poultry (although Jeanie cannot eat wild caught fish - or any fish of any kind - so we still eat free range, grain fed chicken). Also we have to juice a few times a day (we do 2 green juices and 1 carrot most days, or just the two green). Fresh fruit, nuts, etc.

    In addition to that, Jeanie takes a plethora of supplements some of which are purely nutritional and some of which helpe clean out and destroy cancer cells, tumors, etc.

    Needless to say, by the time we squeeze meals in, therapies in, taking care of the house, animals, etc. we have very full days - every day. We don't get days off. Ridding one's body of cancer is hard work. We don't like to use the word 'fight', as in fight against cancer, because you can lose a fight. Jeanie does not intend to lose, therefore there is no fight - only therapies and treatments.

    If anyone has any questions about H4C or any of the therapies, please ask or check them out for yourself at Hope 4 Cancer Institute - Alternative Cancer Treatment - Alternative Cancer Therapy
    Blessings on the journey, Glenn
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