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How Are Your Treatments Going?

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  • How Are Your Treatments Going?

    Jeanie and I have been doing her treatments almost every day. I think we missed 3 days (2 she was sick and 1 we just didn't have time between doctors).

    We are using the Quantum Warp 10 and ultrasound, which takes a while because we not have to do her breast, but her lymphs, and entire spine as well.
    Jeanie sits under the IR lamps once or twice a day (usually twice). She is doing her coffee breaks daily and we juice (both green and carrot) every day also; as well as all of her supplements (medications).

    Finding a routine has been the hardest thing for us because we never how much Jeanie can do because of the intense pain she still has from her surgery (spinal disc replacement) incision area.

    Even if we are up til midnight, we get it all done. Of course, then we sleep later and the day starts later, etc.

    How is everybody doing?

    Also, we are building our own light bed. If anyone wants to know what we are doing, or how - let us know and we'll let you know where we got our supplies.

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    Blessings on the journey, Glenn
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    Jeanie's Update 09-27

    Hi Everyone!

    Thought I would chime in for just a moment to thank Glenn and the owners of this forum for helping us out in giving us a free place to discuss our treatments and help support one another!

    For now, just a brief update: I am just about 6 weeks into my protocol from the Hope4Cancer institute and had my first follow-up ultrasound, which I have just sent to the docs at Hope4C today. Awaiting a report and details of the results. Will be getting blood work done in about a week and then will know even more about progress.

    Generally, I am feeling pretty good. I do not feel sick, just achy at times and still have pain from the back surgery which was disk replacement due to metastasized cancer in my spine. So still taking pain meds, but I cannot complain compared to so many others who struggle everyday with illness and even more pain than me.

    I feel very hopeful as I have researched many of the treatments that I am doing at home including the SP Activate, the Warp 10 device, ultrasound, PolyMVA, etc. I even had a few questions about a couple of the devices, so I contacted the manufacturers and spoke with some of the most wonderful and truly caring people.

    Especially one woman who works for the Warp 10 company who suffered from breast cancer that involved 13 of her 16 lymph nodes, and she underwent the traditional "slash and burn" as she called it with regular docs and now can barely use her right arm. She told me that she would never go that route again and she is grateful for knowing about Hope4C and that alternative treatments do work.

    So I feel more encouraged everyday, and although I know that this will be a process that will take a little while (just like it took the cancer a while to develop in the first place) I know that I am doing the right thing for me and I hope to hear more from all of you and will give you any support I can.

    We are all in this life and reality together and together I know we can make it even better for us all!

    I wish you well, and every happiness

    In gratitude and love, Jeanie
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      I really enjoy when you feel better Jeanie,
      I will collaborate here as much as possible.

      In my own personal opinion I think cancer is a condition where the body has a strong lack of electrons in the fluids. A low level of electrons is bad for the body since it represent that the fluids have a low pH.

      The main techniques to start reversing cancer are:
      1) Detoxify the body: liver cleanse, colon cleanse, lung cleanse.... This helps to clean the main detoxifying routes of our bodies. If they're close it will be more much complex to eliminate the acidic substances.

      2) Cut off toxic food habits: replace them with good ones, centered in electron-donor foods.

      3) Oxygen-hydrogen: increase the levels of these 2 essential gases, the same with biological-live water.

      4) Increase the electromagnetic potential of the body: this helps to repolarize the body's cells. Cancer start as a depolarization of cells, if you irradiate the body with light, sound, magnetism... you help electronically the body to reinforce the electrical inmune system.


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        Hello guys

        My neighbor suffered cancer last six months. At that time cancer is in primary stage. he consulted to the doctor as soon as possible. he was told to test some basic requirements.Then he suggested some medicines and strictly refused to eat such kind of food.After few days, he feels better and gradually cured from cancer.

        Thanks and regards
        Ademola Okubena