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    I highly recommend that you get a copy of Clint Ober's book. This simple "technique" is free & produces profound results.

    A lot of articles are available on Clint Ober's website

    Earthing The surface of the Earth resonates with natural, subtle energies. Ongoing scientific research is discovering the details as to why people feel significantly better when they connect with these omnipresent energy fields. Earthing refers to the process of connecting by walking barefoot outside, as humans have done throughout history, or sitting, working, or sleeping grounded indoors. For more than a decade, thousands of people around the world—men, women, children, and athletes—have incorporated Earthing into their daily routines and report that they sleep better, have less pain and stress, and faster recovery from trauma. Earthing immediately equalizes your body to the same energy level, or potential, as the Earth. This results in synchronizing your internal biological clocks, hormonal cycles, and physiological rhythms, and suffusing your body with healing, negatively charged free electrons abundantly present on the surface of the Earth.
    Earthing is among the most natural and safest things you can do.


    The remarkable story of the discovery of Earthing began in the late 1990s when a retired cable TV executive started to think about the human body in terms of electrical grounding.

    For 25 years, Clint Ober had participated in the spectacular rise of the cable industry and his own business–the leading cable installation company in the U.S.–by giving customers images that were superior to broadcast television.
    What does cable TV have to do with health? The answer may surprise you. The crisp image delivered by the cable is the result of shielding that prevents signals from leaking out and prevents outside disturbances from leaking in. The cable consists of an inner copper conductor surrounded by a mesh shield. The shield is electrically connected to the Earth (grounded), so that the Earth can either deliver or absorb electrons and prevent the build-up of electrical charges in the system. The potential of the shield equalizes with that of the Earth’s surface, thus protecting and stabilizing the signals flowing through the conductor.

    After his retirement, Mr. Ober began to consider how his experience with cable TV might apply to the human body. He realized that most people wear synthetic-soled shoes that insulate their bodies from the Earth's energy field that stabilizes not only cable TV but all electrical equipment– industrial or residential– throughout the world. This seemingly simple realization inspired a scientific adventure that has resulted in what is perhaps the greatest health discovery of our time.

    He also has earthing products which can be purchased. So if you are living in climates where you cannot get out & ground yourself easily or conveniently all the year round this another good option. They are also available from a company in NSW in Australia (Hooray!)

    Get Grounded - Feel Better!

    Earthing is about grounding your body to feel better. Our bodies are electrical - the heart, brain, muscles, cells and all body systems function electrically. Even our emotions are literally “energy in motion.” Today we live insulated from earth and our bodies become electrically stressed and charged with inflammation and chronic pain, a very unnatural state.

    The effect of Earthing is that it discharges electrical stress and restores the body’s natural and stable electrical state.
    To experience the profound effects that Earthing has in reducing stress and chronic pain: go outdoors and place your bare feet directly on the earth and ground yourself for thirty minutes.
    The Earthing products available on this site are for “use” to get grounded when indoors. They are "barefoot substitutes."

    To learn more about the developing science of Earthing go to:

    'Click Here' to download a FREE Chapter from the Earthing book above.

    Copies available for purchase for only AUD$19.95 plus P & H.

    As an alternative energy practitoner I have known about the benefits of grounding for a long time now. I always ground my clients energetically at the end of their session & they can feel an immediate difference. So I was really interested in reading Clint Ober's book to read the proof of his findings.

    If you connect the dots from the info on the other 2 threads I posted (The Benefits of Magnesium & Himalyan Salt Crystal) you should be able to see a correlation between all 3.

    So I hope that is helpful to some of you out there to enable you to try out some very inexpensive options to begin restoring your body to wellness again.

    Love & Blessings,
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    I am pretty much barefoot throughout the summer. There's a phenomenal feeling when you get grounded. It just feels sooooo good.

    Something I really enjoy is standing in a flowing river or such. To me it feels more powerful standing in running water compared to just being barefoot on ground.

    I've also seen people on the net putting metal studs through their shoes so they can be grounded while wearing footwear. and I've also seen some sandles being made that are grounded with copper studs. Pretty kewl stuff to see. :-)

    Oh, I also am considering building another bathroom in my house. If I do then I'm gonna find a way to ground the tub.
    If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.


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      It's ironic that the very EMF that we are trying to get away from by grounding our bodies is the very same EMF pollution emanating from our house wiring and bleeding into the grounding wire leading to the grounding port on the wall outlet. When at all possible, avoid the convenience of using that grounding point and use the Earth with your own grounding rod, instead. Or in the alternative, use a bare iron nail hammered into a living tree and connect with a longish wire to your Earthing appliances. Trees have a unique intelligence and may be filtering the Earth pulses according to their own patterns.


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        I am resurrecting this old thread because I have discovered something relevant. I have tried the "earthing" methods as described and found them generally beneficial. Those who follow the other threads on this forum are no doubt aware that I've done a considerable amount of research on "radiant energy" and the Don Smith device, and I realized a few days ago that there is a connection between the two.

        I'll explain. When you earth yourself, you allow electrons from the planet to go back and forth into or out of your body, in accordance with your body capacitance (about 100-200 pF) and the voltage around you. Given that the ionosphere is charged considerably positive with respect to the earth, the instant you make the ground connection electrons will be attracted up to you by the natural voltage gradient of the earth-ionosphere system. This is just simple charging by induction and not exotic physics. Where it goes off the beaten path is my realization that this kind of electrical "reaction" to an existing dipole "action" is a backwards-negative-reversed kind of energy. This has been called numerous different things by different researchers, but it's perhaps best known as "radiant energy" or "cold electricity", and this is how it's produced.

        Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll save myself considerable typing. Refer to the illustration to see the principle. The first picture is the radiant energy receiver circuit from Tesla's famous patent #685,957. The second picture shows what happens when you earth yourself, preferably down by your feet since this is what happens naturally. The high voltage source is the ionosphere and any EMF waves around you.

        I submit to you that this is the reason that earthing seems to help with health problems: not that just electrons from earth are "good for you" somehow, or directly reduce inflammation/oxidation, but that it's drawing that wonderful magic NEGENTROPIC, TIME-REVERSED radiant energy up through your body. This can in turn reduce entropy in your body and promote health, almost as if it's rewinding your body back in time to a healthier state.

        Now, don't get me wrong: earthing is a good idea and a lot of people think it seems to help with some health issues, but it isn't a cure-all. Maybe for those of us getting on up in years, you might notice a little less joint pain and stiffness or better rest. It isn't powerful enough to really cure anything by itself. However, realizing that it's just the effects of radiant energy at work suggests a method of improving it! If you're already earthed, for instance by sleeping on one of the conductive grounding sheets, then the more voltage gradient around you the more electrons will be pumped.

        Sleeping right next to an operating Tesla coil would be highly effective but poses a few "practical problems", shall we say. The thing I realized last week is that by taking another page out of Don Smith's book there is a readily accessible solution to this problem: a plasma globe! I already had a small (perhaps 6" globe) unit that I procured as part of my work replicating Don's research. Since I already had the grounding sheet, all I had to do to try this out was put the thing on my nightstand next to the bed and run it all night long. It's silent and bright enough to be a pretty good night light, or else cover it with a black cloth or plastic if the light is bothersome.

        You know what? After four nights with (and one without) I'm rapidly becoming a believer. It seems that this does indeed turbocharge the effects of the earthing alone. Again, I don't expect it to outright cure anything or start aging backwards, but given that it does no harm and it's simple, easy, and cheap to try, why not see what the results are?

        All you need to replicate this experiment are some way to earth yourself while you sleep, and an oscillating high voltage source up by your head. A medium size plasma globe works great, and so would something like a slayer exciter or a low power SSTC, as long as it wasn't making sparks or ozone. If you decide to give it a try, please let me know what your results are! For me, I have noticed that the results seem most pronounced by the area of grounding, which is down by my feet since I have the grounding half-sheet that goes on the bottom part of your bed. Since I'm also diabetic and have some foot issues this is not a bad thing, perhaps the full sheet would produce more widespread effects. Perhaps for those with health concerns in specific areas, a grounding pad of some kind covering that area would be most effective. Good health to everyone, and let me know if you try it!
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