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  • Asea

    @ Aaron- That brand of trace minerals is the one I use to use myself, until I stumbled upon this stuff - Celest'e Liquid minerals discount shipped fast Contents

    Shes a bit dramatic and overbearing in her description, but I still find them to be a better option.

    Anybody else who has had some difficulities with ASEA, feel free to PM me or share on this forum as I would be interested in hearing your experiences.

    One thing is for sure, the people commenting saying it is a scam or does not have an effect are misguided... powerful stuff. The only thing I can think of it resulting in such an experience would go back to some content earlier in the discussion... leaching of plastics or some other contribuiting factor to cause it to become inactive. I still think glass is always the best option!


    • Redox Signaling Molecules and Browns Gas/HHO

      [In addition to these positively charged molecules known as ROS or Reactive Oxygen Species (8 of them), there are 8 RS molecules or Reduced Species, which are negatively charged.

      What is unique and profound about the latest and most significant is that the ROS and RS molecules are able to co-exist in a single stabilized solution so that they do NOT neutralize themselves. That means they can be ingested so that the ROS and RS molecules can be absorbed into the body and can do their respective jobs.

      So there are 8 Positivly Charged (Oxygen) ROS Molecules and 8 Negativly Charged (Hydrogen) RS Molecules. This is indeed profound! "See who so by grace see may." (The Cloud of Unknowing~ 10th Century Text~Author Anon. Some stable, some not, some long lived some not.

      Interestingly there are 8 Energies in the Bag Wa (Pa Qua) from which the Tri-Grams of I Ching are derived. When ordinary tap water is electrolyzed in a 'Common Ducted' Electrolyzer we get the fire in the water that Jules Verne spoke of. When water is elecrolyzed in this manner the MELTING and MIXING of FIRE and WATER begin. This is LI, FIRE, + - + and KAN, WATER, - + -. The charge that stays in the water is a function of the inversions or reverse polarity of these signs caused (in this case) by the introduction of
      low volt/AMP electrical energy. Theta, some vectored, some scalar.

      Charged Water where Browns Gas/HHO electrolyzed from plain water is simply bubbled into another container of plain water and ECW (Electrolyzed Charged Water) do both have properties that are uniquely benificial to life, no doubt because of the energies that are stored or trapped in the water by these simple processes. It may seem just an obsucration to introduce the Chineses Energy System into the ROS/RS ~ Charged Water Discussion, like I am just mothing some obvious platitudes or wores yet stuck in tautologies without a referance point.

      But the fact of the matter is we have to be able to think with ALL the DATA on the subject and anything that may lead to insight may be very valuable in ghthat it could be the cause of important NEW insight into this very promising field. Now, to me, it is a fact that if I cannot see right down to the basis of a system and know how it works there are only two possible explanations:

      1. There is missing data.

      2. There is false data in the system.

      I am simply suggesting here, especially in connection with the use of Browns Gas/HHO for health purposes and the its connection to The Redox Signaling Molecules ROS/RS, that this field has been slow to develop because the correct data has been slow to surface. Over the last 50 years an overwhelming amount of research was done in Japan and Korea of Dual Ducted electrolysis but the inferances were never drawn out for what this research migh mean in if connected to the Common Ducted Electrolysis of Browns Gas/HHO, which is a far simpler and more effective process/procedure.

      We are being poisoned by bad water. Should we be afraid to make our own good water, with simple proven techniques? What is even more profound is the fact that there is a convergance of metaphysics centering around water and especially Browns Gas/HHO and water. The is a vast array of Water Videos that are really wonderful. On author traces the onset or Redox Singnaling Molecular Research to Dr. Abram Hoffer and Humphrey Osmond in the 1960's. I would add to that the three studies done by Bill Wilson (The Co-Founder of AA) called Bill Wilson and The Vitamin B-3 Therapy Reports. Evidently Abram Hoffer and Wilson brought the results of their research to Linus Pauling and that resulted in his work on Vit. C.

      My interest is in what happens when one drinks Charged Water and/or ECW
      (Electrolyzed Charged Water) in conjunction with these various vitamin regemes. What types of synergies might be expected?

      And then there is the VO2 Max research that seems to indicate the absolute predominance of The Relaxation Response over the Flight or Fight (Stress)Response of the Nazi scientist Konrad Lorenc and the Canadian researcher Hans Selye.

      In short there does seem to be a pre-condition necessary to connect all these lines of research, what R.B. Fuller called "THE BARE MAXIMUM." If a being is IN a FIT SPIRITUAL CONDITION, with the Spirit in charge of the Mind and the Body then all the elements work together is a harmoniously aligned whole.

      The Ti Chi Principal of polarity becomes governed by Wu Wei, Action Through Non Action (The Relaxation Responce). Tai Chi seperates out according to the principal of life "Like Likes Like" the end result of which is WU CHI.

      Gotfried Leibnitz wrote a short paper on this "The Principals of Nature and Of Grace." Natura Naturans or Nature Naturing. The Monad, he said is pregnant with its future.

      " A halo of light surrounds the world of law."
      ~The Hui Ming Ching~

      Bill Lang


      • Yes,

        I am also interested in this.

        My interest is in what happens when one drinks Charged Water and/or ECW
        (Electrolyzed Charged Water) in conjunction with these various vitamin regemes. What types of synergies might be expected?

        Bill Lang[/QUOTE]


        • ASEA, Ph balance and long term efects


          I had the patience to read most of the stuff here and on the web sites.
          Since i have some experience in this business, I am wondering if you can answer to some of my questions regarding ASEA.

          First I have to say that i am impressed by the stories, the chemistry, the patents and the results. I have ordered ASEA and I will start testing it next week, becoming member and all that. Since i am in the business of healing and anti-aging I have become verry interested in Redox Signaling.
          I have managed to get to 40 years old with an 20 years looking body without ASEA, but over the years I have noticed some interesting conclusions that were in the same respect with the function of ASEA.
          Yes, you may have a major dose of anti-oxidants in the body but they might not act inside. Only in a percent. Then i have started to optimize everything. There are many barriers that you can overcome and this is a long story. There seems to be a comunication barier that keeps the cells to do their job that in my case appeared only in the last 3 year.

          Do you know how ASEA will influence the ph-balance?
          How do ASEA influence the Cortisol - HGH balance?

          I am more concern though on the long terms effects generated by ASEA.
          I am well aware of ways to get powerful and younger, but this always comes with a price. I mean i can perfectly understand that once you oppened a way to boost the communication through the cell and they get to do the work on an optimized percent, what will you do if you STOP TAKING ASEA?

          Is like you get used to fiber optical internet and then you switch to dial-up.
          I really do hope is not the case, but i will keep you posted once i start experiment on myself.
          Bralgei Shackry


          • Originally posted by Davidandrewsmith2012 View Post
            Hydrogen is the key in water, Welcome To Hydrogen Friends™

            This a very good link from the founder of water ionizers on how it is infact the Hydrogen that is the real key.
            I have just started on my hydrogen sticks
            *In the face of adversity*it's the mind that must stay strong *-*Ambition -*Drive - *Determination - How Sport saved my life - HOME

            + 1 Here.
            Hydrogen seems to be one of the major keys. It does have a huge advantage. You get away from the anti-oxidants cascade factor.
            For anyone interested see: microhydrin of Megahydrate (Patrick Flanagan)
            it seems in my opinion that ASEA and MegaHydrate are the 2 of the major discoveries in the field in the last 20 years.


            • Aaron, what is your take on MegaHydrate? And does this subject deserve it's own thread?


              • It would seem Aaron is no longer active in this forum- I was looking to pick back up on ASEA and was curious if anyone was still having success in purchasing from him?



                • Originally posted by Aaron View Post

                  Take your false information elsewhere. Asbestos analogy?

                  You are already spreading misinformation like a pharmaceutical plant.

                  This is EXACTLY what mother nature does naturally. That is why these molecules are considered to be NATIVE to the body and not natural as asbestos, mercury and other things are natural.

                  What does it take for you to use at least the slightest bit of honesty in your posts to realize that the question has been answered by me multiple times that this does not affect our own ability to produce redox signaling molecules, which you have claimed to be something that mother nature does not normally do.

                  If you post in this thread one more time, you are gone. I'm tired of your misinformation and disruption and planting seeds of doubt based on ignorance. You claimed to have seen all the research but you don't bother mentioning the toxicity studies that show this is the safest supplement ever tested - zero inflammatory response while simultaneously stimulating a boost in glutathione production!
                  Hi Aaron, sorry i missed this one, Sure thing no problem understand and will do so as requested, just wanted to clarify tho that what i meant by its not what mother nature puts in naturally, meaning, you dont normally produce that amount of Redox molecules, your artificially putting it in with ASEA, even tho its native to the body.But never mind, Sorry for all the misunderstandings and wish you all success with it.

                  Ps, didnt know about the Glutathione wiht ASEA, note that Kefir Grains are a probiotic that produce wonderful results including Glutathione , you can grow them for FREE.

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                  • geoff

                    Hi Asea people
                    As a vet - very interesting. Some problems - on your blurb you appear to show a hydrocarbon molecule, benzene rings etc - yet contents are only H, O, Na, Cl. For me this is misleading, unless I am unaware that these elements form analogues to hydrocarbons. In all the advertising it keeps saying what a RSM does ie anti-aging, cell repairing etc - but nowhere does it tell what a RSM actually IS. Please explain - chemical structure etc.
                    thanks - geoffxx


                    • forum

                      Originally posted by Edipy View Post
                      It would seem Aaron is no longer active in this forum- I was looking to pick back up on ASEA and was curious if anyone was still having success in purchasing from him?

                      I recently moved and am unpacking - just been busy.
                      Aaron Murakami

                      Books & Videos
                      RPX & MWO


                      • I have a question about asea maintenance-- I have been on it at the full dose (between 4-6 oz daily) since April. 18. 2012. It was the only thing that cleared me of an impetigo skin infection I received in Nov. 11. And I tried everything under the sun. But that's another story.

                        I am in overall great health and work out. For the last month, I have been taking 2 oz in the am only since my upline has mentioned it is a good idea to load the body for at least 3 months. It feels fine, my energy is still great and my skin wonderful. Is this an ok dose? Is there any downside?

                        Now, my DH has been on Asea since early April, he has not seen any big changes in his skin, pain level, overall health. He is of good bodyweight and otherwise good health apart from disc compression and nerve damage in his lumbars. I am keeping him on it for at least 6 months and then will review. At least he is compliant!


                        • To any of you on this thread who are on maintenance and not in full loading mode. Any interesting experiences? Are you satisfied? Seeing any shifting in responses? Thanks.


                          • Are there any updates on people that have been using ASEA fora while now? Seems to have gotten really quite.


                            • If anybody is selling Asea, i would like to buy a case so PM me if you would.

                              Edit; GOT IT.
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                              • Hello do you have more information About these spanish Scientist thank you