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For those taking spirulina in powder form

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  • For those taking spirulina in powder form

    Hello everyone!

    After taking spirulina in tablet form for the past four months, I decided I wanted to try the powder. So I go to my local health food store, muscle test various ones and buy the one that tested the strongest.

    This morning I was feeling very excited about my new spirulina and couldn't wait to try it! I open the bottle ever so carefully as the powder is so fine that it gets on you faster than flies on dog poo. I measure out my 8.5g, put it in a glass with H20 and start mixing away. As I'm admiring the deep blue/green color, my excitement about imbibing this power elixir is growing by the second! I couldn't wait to taste that ever so slight hint of seaweed...ahhh....

    Well imagine my surprise when I take a big swig and instead of sensing seaweed or something "green", I get the lovely taste of ammonia in my mouth!

    I called the health food store and the owner says to me:

    "You can do one of two things, suck it up and drink it or bring it back and I'll refund our money."

    Gas to go to health food store to buy spirulina powder: $2.50
    First bottle of spirulina powder: $24.95
    My facial expression when drinking blue/green ammonia: Priceless

    Here is hoping your spirulina powder experience is so much better!

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    I share your pain....

    I just finished my first bottle of powder form. I can tell you that by now, I am dreading each dose. I close my nose, try not to taste and hope that the last swig won't bring the whole dose back up, Sorry for the visual... Either way I am going to try and EFT the reaction away, now that would be a change. That is my last resort. Now if I EFT does not work, going to pill form.

    I chose the powder form because its cheaper. Either way I have one last dose tomorrow.

    After that long introduction I wanted to share my first experience. When I first got the bottle, just like you I was so excited. So without much thought took a table spoon and simply put it in my mouth. No water, no liquid, dry spirulina...

    I wish I could share that kodak moment with the forum.. If we do have the ability to travel in time and alter the past, I got money on my future self setting me up just for the laugh....

    Spirulina Spirulina... Still working on making a song of the sticky stuff...


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      I admire anyone who can take Spirulina in powdered form - I would not be able to get past the aroma

      I get my tablets online from I Herb. I order the "Now" brand and get the bottle of 500 tablets of 500mg each. I can't remember the price right now, but I know I researched a bit and they were the best bargain online that I could find.

      I usually order two bottles at a time to save on shipping and handling. The next time I will order four bottles because two only last me about a month and a half (Raymond takes it as well). And it is made from spirulina grown in Hawaii.

      We (PATHS) may have private-labeled spirulina available to us down the road. I am not sure how far away we are from that though.
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        Got an Idea!!!

        I am not certain of the logistics but I thought of Gel Caps filled with spirulina powder form. In powder form it is cheaper and more concentrated. So we should be able to fit about 2gm per capsule. It also means less processing for the stomach.

        I have no clue when it comes to gelcaps, what they are made of etc. Any ideas on it? You think it would work?


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          That is how I used to buy my Spirulina. GNC sells it in gelcaps. However, it was much more expensive than the tablets I now get.
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            Hi Bluelq,

            Most gel caps are gelatin with animal products in them.

            You can get vegetable cellulose caps usually made from potato starch which are much better as long as you don't have potato allergies. They're just a bit more expensive than gelatin but prices are coming down. The most popular name brand of vegi caps are v-caps. Many companies bag them under their own name.

            Caps usually come in sizes of single (0) or double (00) and sometimes even triple (000). the single usually hold about 500mg and the 00's usually hold about 750mg so I would be surprised if you can put 2 grams in one cap. The triple's more expensive you could probably get about 1 gram to 1.25 g per cap.
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              I'm Looking For A Better Way!! But, 1 Tablespoon In About 8 Oz. Of Pineapple Juice Is The Best Way I Have Found So Far. If You Turn It Up And Don't Stop Until Your Finished It's Not To Bad. Just Don't Stop Before Your Through!!!!


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                I probably shouldn't have laughed but the idea of anyone taking spirulina powder straight...oh my.....poor baby! That stuff smells like my son's socks when he was a teenager and the taste? Just as bad. I drink it fast in a fruity smoothie and consider it like a medicine. I usually buy four containers at a time from Beyond a Century because it is now $12.50 a pound which is the least expensive I've been able to find. Cheers and to all the brave souls who take the powered form. We must really be brave!


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                  I made my way through a 2 lb. jar of the powdered stuff, one tablespoon at a time. For me, pineapple juice was the only way to go. I tried a bunch of different juices and mixes, but definitely found pineapple juice to be the best at making it palatable. I also used a blender. I found it worked best (wasted the least amount of the powder) by turning on the blender, then adding the powder while it was still running. Then gulp it all down it one fell swoop.
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