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KILL ANY VIRUS OF BACTERIA IN YOUR BODY!!! Robert Beck and Micro-currents

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  • Originally posted by PYak1967 View Post
    Hi blackchisel97,

    It makes me so angry that I've had to watch my mum & dad die painfully/slowly from cancer, and these criminals have had the answers suppressed to make them richer/powerful. As the average cancer patient spends $250k before they die, it's a huge earner.

    I am stunned that so many switched on ppl are not showing much interest in your posts, as surely they must realise the govts are controlled by huge corps. If they want to protect themselves/family from criminal leaders we need to ensure our health by using every true method of treatment, NOT Their Chemo/Surgery that research states makes it worse, most of time.

    I have started using the colloidal silver maker yesterday, and it already got rid of my cough that had been in me for 5wks. I took the Drs anti-biotics that didn't make me better, as I have serious lung damage. So tried the colloidal silver and now BELIEVE Too.

    Thanks so much, will tell all friends/family and ensure one day we can replicate RRifes work. Beck device and O3 gen first, then Rife later Absolutely awful/criminal they put Rifes engineer J Crane in prison for saving ppls lives. I Despise "THEM" as they USE these devices, but try to discredit us for using them, if they can.

    Hi Paul,

    It was almost 30 years ago but I still remember my helplessness, every time I walked by the oncology department for children. I was young, just graduated and worked as electromed tech. in newly opened hospital.
    There are many technologies known and being used. Just a search for magnetic pulse therapy alone in medical journals, patents and publications will yield many results. Same with light therapy being used in veterinary treatments (horses). There was much more being researched and published over the years and slowly forgotten, ridiculed, branded as a "quack medicine" etc. We were conditioned to trust, not question. That famous - "ask your doctor" still makes me laugh as I remember watching commercials promoting Camel cigarettes which were preferred brand by MD's, according to the "survey". Same slogan has been used for years to promote new drugs where many of them went into production and distribution way too quick to determine potential long term side effects. Some were known and conveniently labelled with microscopic print. Pharmaceutical companies became protected against any legal actions, lawsuits. Licensed to heal or to kill?
    If we don't learn to share and help others instead of taking every opportunity to ding them for as much as possible, we'll witness growing number of premature departures among out loved ones, friends and finally ourselves.
    Maybe we can change something. The biggest reward is not measured in $ but number of smiling people who were able to cure or heal themselves.
    That is real and beautiful.

    'Get it all on record now - get the films - get the witnesses -because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened'

    General D.Eisenhower