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Hotdogs and chips courtesty of AHA

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  • Hotdogs and chips courtesty of AHA

    The American Heart Association was giving away free hotdogs and chips at my work today, for donations. I thought that was very thoughtful. I was suprised that not many people saw the irony in that.

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    lol! Wow, that's pretty interesting. I wonder what they were thinking.
    The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to sharpen.
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      Hot dogs and chips????? Are they recommending this diet for a healthy heart???

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        hehe, now that gave me a good laugh... thank you!

        how else are they supposed to stay in business?
        do you think they actually want people to get cured !!



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          Pretty funny, this world.

          Reminds me of when my children were in grade school. Every year there would be this envolved, week-long program focusing on Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. The kids would save all their garbage in a bag by their desk to see how much they generate. They would scrape lunch scraps into worm bins. They learned about styrofoam, off-gassing, landfills, HDPE, salmon habitat and more. A good, encompassing program.

          Then - throughout the rest of the year, sometimes within weeks of this program, whenever there was a field trip they'd tell the kids to bring their lunches in disposable packaging - paperbags, plastic wrap, apples, box drinks, etc - all dumped in the trash. Tidier I guess. My poor kids had to bring their lunch things home to get washed.

          I didn't say anything to the administration thinking the mixed message being sent would certainly become glariingly obvious - but no. LAter, when we pulled our children out of school to go traveling, while finishing those details in the office I finally asked the Principle why the double standard. She stopped short, cocked her head and said, "huh, I guess we never thought about that".

          I left with no sense anything would change. Who knows. Funny world.