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    My Dearest Ones...

    Grace has been after me for the past two weeks to start this thread on the new direction my painting style has taken and try to explain how it has evolved into a healing modality for those of you who have been posting in her Chinese Energetic Medicine thread.

    This new style began evolving during the last two months of 2006 after I began to meditate on a daily basis. I discovered that my former, detailed style with my watercolors was becoming mundane for me and I found myself purchasing a collection of acrylic paint, brushes and canvases and began to explore them with no set plan. This is a vastly different approach to creating art from the well-planned watercolors that I had been working on for the past 20 years. Within a few weeks, I discovered that the work was evolving into a distinct style that resonated with me on a very deep level. I found that applying dots of color to the canvas and slowly refining the image I had perceived in my mind was exquisitely healing for me and the act of creating the painting, not only put me in a state of allowing, but also made me feel more "present" than I had ever been in my life.

    As the style evolved, many synchronistic things began to occur... I discovered PATHS, began to form deep, loving relationships, noticed changes in my thoughts and beliefs and, quite simply, began to experience each moment more consciously than ever before. I also discovered that the powerful intentions that I had been setting began to manifest quite rapidly. As I would work on the new style, I began to set intentions for myself and others as I applied each dot of color and I eventually began to "know" that each dot was filled with positive and loving energy, thus the term I now call "energy dots" was born.

    Although Grace has already posted this painting in her CEM thread, I am going to post it again in order to explain just one example of what occurred while I was creating it...


    There is a most beautiful soul here (You know who you are my Darling friend... ) on this forum as well as the PI forum who was asking for powerful intentions so that he could manifest his dream job. Grace and I began making these powerful intentions for him while speaking to each other on the phone, and as I applied my dots of energy to the painting, I would also be conscious of his being and think of him feeling the joyous gratitude as he was experiencing the work he so desired.... Within weeks, he manifested this desired position and is NOW experiencing what we had intended for him.

    Realizing even more profoundly that such powerful intentions can manifest easily and quickly caused my belief system to become stronger and I began to even more consciously apply my dots of energy while thinking these positive thoughts of myself and others and many positive manifestations are occurring.... As the days unfold, I have discovered that this act of sending healing and positive thoughts has become an intrinsic part of my painting process, so I would like to ask anyone who would like for me to include them in my positive and healing intentions, as I create my paintings, to please post here (or send me a PM) and tell me your desires. I have found, like Grace, when she makes her CEM corrections, that this does not deplete me of energy in the least...In fact, it seems to energize me, especially when I personally may be experiencing some of my own emotional issues due to some "stuff" that I am going through right now. Many of you have been directing Loving and Healing thoughts towards me in the past days (Thank You My Sweet Ones!) and I want you all to know that I have been including YOU in my intentions as I now work on this next painting... Here's a peek at the one in progress...


    Also included in my intentions have been all of you who have been posting on Grace's CEM thread and I will continue to visualize perfect thoughts of you as I paint. The powerful, loving and healing energy that we are all sending to each other in our own individual ways can only cause even quicker manifestations of our desires and I am so Happy and Grateful to be able to contribute to the creation of the Perfect Realites that are unfolding for ALL of us NOW! Please do post my Darling Ones...And know that as soon as I see your desires, my positive and healing and loving thoughts will be consciously directed to you as I create my paintings.

    May You All Be Blessed.... In All Ways.

    With So Much Love and Gratitude,

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    Dear Pamela ~

    It is so amazing to me to realize we all have such powerful, energetic gifts that we are not even aware of. I am so thankful that you have found yours.

    I do believe that I am going to love your new painting even more than I love "Illusions of Tulips." Have you a name for your new painting yet?
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      Gloriously Healing Art

      My Dear, Dear Pamela, What a blessing you are!! I am so full of love and gratitude for what you are doing and now that you are sharing with all of us. It is as if a piece of your heart has unfolded into each work of art and is being showered with love in every direction. I so love what you are creating and feel so blessed to be called your friend.
      Thank You, dear one - you are indeed am amazing gift to us all.
      I absolutely love your newest creation - the colours are so healing and of such a high vibration - I can hardly wait to see more.
      Love and gratitude,
      Love, Light, Gratitude & Joy

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        Wow that's really amazing and impressive too! Good Job! Thanks for thinking of us all It looks incredible. It must have taken hours to do but the result is sooo worth it. I can tell it was a labour of love


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          Once again Pamela im loveing the artwork. i actuly got inspired by grace and you and now im trying something new. check out my profile for more info.
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            Pamela, how lovely, and what a wonderful idea! (As I type this I can see my Dream Board behind my computer. One of the most prominent pictures on it is of a windmill surrounded by a sea of red tulips, so it is no surprise to see your beautiful work of art here!).

            Here is my powerful intention, loud and clear:

            "I now earn my desired monthly income, doing work that I love, that I really, really love!"

            I have already made so much headway regarding this matter in a very short time, and I'm convinced that Grace's wonderful corrections were responsible! Thank you both for keeping me in your thoughts.


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              Healing Through Pamela's Art!!!

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                My Lovies Inspire Me!!!

                Hi My Sweet Ones!

                I just want to pop in here and tell you how deeply I treasure your beautiful comments about my work... You make me feel so loved....

                Pammie...Thank You Darling! I DO have a name for this new one, which is a very close-up view of a few blue hydrangea blossoms... Here's the story... As soon as I started work on this, Grace was able to see the colors, as well as the reference photo (we both have webcams with Skype) and she immediately said "That one's mine!" So now, whenever we Skype-talk, she gets to sometimes watch me while I paint on it, or at least see it here on the easel and see how it is developing. She doesn't know it yet, but I am going to call it "Infinite Grace".... But don't worry, Pammie... There will be LOTS more paintings after this one, as I plan on creating them until I breathe my last breath....

                Maggie... Oh, Honey...You have made me sigh with your comments... You know that I am going through this personal "stuff" right now, but I am finding that the thoughts of wholeness and perfection that I intend on all of you Beauties while painting causes me to feel more serene and confident about all that is unfolding.... It becomes more and more clear that we ALL are Amazing Gifts to one another and my heart continues to overflow with joy from the love that I feel from you and so many of the other Lovies on this forum...

                S.J.... You are So Fabulous! Thank you for such sweet comments!!!! Painting is, for me, a labor of love, and it becomes even more so now as I think of all of you as I work...

                Davis... WOW, yourself!!! I am so Happy and Grateful that you are LOVING my work!!! But wait....I just looked to your profile page...How do I get to hear your music? Tell me, okay? I was just speaking to Grace about you also.... .... Don't worry, Honey.... She said ALL GOOD THINGS about you!!!!

                Rin... Get ready, Darling....As soon as I finish this post I am going to paint for a few hours and I will be imagining you experiencing joy and gratitude as you do the work you love!!! In fact....tonight I will be thinking thoughts of wealth for all of us.... Grace is also going to be doing her CEM thing with wealth tonight, so it looks like everyone will be getting a Double Whammy!!!

                And Grace....How could I NOT start this thread? Honey...I know I would never hear the end of it from YOU if I didn't! I Love You, Doll-Baby! And I Love the rest of you Beauties, as well!!!

                You All are Precious and Deserve Joy and Happiness in All Ways!

                With Deep Love and Gratitude,

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                  if you want to hear my music all you got to do is e-mail me. that way i can just send it to you. and thankyou gracie for the nice words.
                  "Its not fun unless its muddy"


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                    Your second painting looks as if it will be stunning. All the more so because they are my favorite colors.
                    I can't wait to see it when it is finished for Grace & hear about your healing dots along the way.

                    I have decorated my home all in cream,blue, amethyst & mauve. I actually have a vase of beautiful silk blue hydrangeas in my lounge room near my large print of Monet's purple & blue waterlilies.

                    Love & Blessings,

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                      Love your paintings, Pamela!

                      Especially your newest one! Those are the colors I love!

                      How very clever of you to come up with such a creative way to offer healing to so many! I would love for you to include a powerful intention of healing for my mom to use for her upcoming surgery and afterwards. It would also be wonderful if you could intend a very pleasant method of income for me. (I tried to word that to leave it wide open as to what that method might be!)

                      I'm very sorry to hear that you are having to deal with unpleasant 'stuff' and I powerfully intend for you that it resolves quickly and for the highest good of all involved. (Perhaps you're birthing a wonderful new life for yourself?)

                      Sending you loving intentions and much gratitude,

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                        Gracie made me do it!!!

                        Hi my Sweeties...

                        It was really Grace that started me thinking about making positive intentions (that are much like CEM corrections) while I am painting with this new style... She had seen my first piece (I haven't posted that one) and remarked over and over, that those who viewed my work would find it healing. Moria also said the same thing.... At first I didn't really understand, but now that I have come to know the AMAZING POWER of thinking of a being filled with love and joy and gratitude and seeing such wonderful things manifest for those that I visualize in this way, I have realized the magnitude of the gift of healing that we ALL POSESS NOW and it feels so right for me to share this gift in this fashion... This was further internalized to me when Grace shared with those of us at the PATHS conference in Las Vegas the technique she uses when making her CEM corrections. She stated that anyone can do this, that it is a matter of 'knowing and believing", so Jamie and I started practicing right away. Now, when I paint, not only do I visualize each being filled with love and joy and gratitude, but I also make those CEM corrections just as Gracie taught us..... We all need to remember that each and every one of us has the power to do the same thing, in our own way, so my mind is constantly blown away by the collective power of intention for healings, as well as other desires, that are happening right now, on this forum with ALL of you Perfect Souls! Do you not LOVE IT, My Darlings? I sure do!!!

                        Hi Davis...I sent you an email with the request for your music and I am anxiously awaiting!!!

                        And Dear Sharyn...Oh, Girlfriend...How I LOVE blue hydrangeas also!!! Oh...I am working on that problem you have with the digestion along with Gracie! We want you to be right as rain, so please keep visualizing yourself with all working perfectly within as well, okay?

                        Hi My Ann! Honey...I am turning to my painting again in a few moments and I am already seeing your mom as perfect and whole and I hope you also are doing the same. And Ann...after all of my thoughts last night of Wealth for ALL of us, PLUS Gracie doing the same thing at the same time...Well...Maybe you should start planning a lavish vacation NOW!!! I'll have you know that I will continue seeing us all experiencing abundance on a daily basis from now on...In fact, Jamie is doing the same thing, so we are ALL SET!!!! And Ann...Thank You So Much for the powerful intentions you are directing at ME!!! You are RIGHT...I AM in the process of birthing a new life for myself and with all of the LOVE that is directed to me from all of you Darling Ones, I am able to visualize my new life with more and more clarity as each day passes... The fears I have been harboring about this challenging, but necessary step in my life are diminishing and I have no doubt that soon they will have "poofed" for good!!! What is beautiful is that I can NOW "feel" the feelings of utter joy my new life will bring to me and we all know that means that the "getting there" will, not only manifest sooner, but do so with an ease I never expected!

                        I Love You All So Much!

                        With Immense Love and Gratitude,

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                          You art work is stunning and what a magnificent way to express the Love!!

                          PS Add my energy into the mix for everyone here!
                          Blessings with Aloha Keoi
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                            Keoi...You are ANOTHER Blessing!!!

                            Hi My Sweet and Powerful Keoi...

                            Thank you, Darling One, for your Beautiful words...

                            The addition of YOUR Powerful, Positive, Loving and Healing Energy makes all that is unfolding even more profound! Bless you Dear Keoi... You are a Perfect and Wonderful Gift to us ALL!!!

                            I Am, Once Again, filled with Immense Love and Gratitude,

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                              Your healing art is such a reflection of the beautiful person and healing person you yourself are. I LOVE IT!!! The new painting is just gorgeous! And I pull out the first one of the tulips all the time and just let it soothe and wash over me.

                              I am so happy and grateful that you have this wonderful special gift and that you can share yourself with so many people all over the world through this medium! You are so special and priceless. I love you!!!!