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The Zapper-Magnet Combo Effect

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  • The Zapper-Magnet Combo Effect

    The Zapper-Magnet Combo Effect
    Incidental Discovery
    By Henrii Arias

    In the early year of 2002, I was making zappers for sale here in the Philippines. I did learn how to build a zapper through web research and practical experiment (you could learn too as I don’t had any background in electronics when I started building one). I had read about wonderful things about this electronic device that is being called “zapper”. It has two electrodes intended to be attached on the body or simply hold them each on both hands. Bob Beck invented the first zapper while Dr. Hulda Clark was the one who brought this wonderful device to the public mainstream. Apparently a zapper is cure for anything parasite related like AIDS, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, etc.

    ZAPPER - Not expecting that there was a circumstance that made me try a zapper on myself. I had tuberculosis that resulted to quitting my normal job. It made me thin, weak and depressive. I had two X-rays; the doctor told me based on my last X-ray that my tuberculosis keeps on progressing, too bad for me as you can imagine. I had built my 1st zapper that was based on the original design of Dr. Hulda Clark. I hooked the two electrodes under my right sole after some time I felt like there was something in my throat that wanted to get out, I took the bathroom and made me vomit a large thickly blood (sorry for being too graphic here), shocked me really. Then I went back again for a zap …and then vomit again…then I stop. After a week, I zapped again however the blood-vomit did not occur. Thereafter I gradually retained my health. My unforgettable personal experience.

    MAGNET RINGS – I was surfing the net then I found Alex Chui’s website. I had built several neodymium magnet rings. I used a pair and I felt sedated. After 3 days, I felt like floating, kind of high—maybe a surplus of energy coming from the magnets that I was not normally use to have. But within a week after, I think, the sedative effect was gone. Some comments of my friends were, there was something different with me, I also noticed some personal charm—animal magnetism. My Mother used it and said the neodymium magnets were strong for her and she was uncomfortable. And also my friends noticed a difference.

    THE ZAPPER-MAGNET COMBO EFFECT- Back then, a daughter’s friend of mine had measles that was apparently treated by a zapper I had built (modified version). When we were in his house I hooked her 8 year old daughter and also put magnet rings—although that time I have not tried them yet, I was thinking maybe if I put magnets along with her zapping it might give her a fast relief and energy. After one day (on and off) of zapping and magnet use she wore them off finally. Her measles and fever seems gone and found her running with her friends, it was then her birthday celebration (when I arrived the day before she couldn’t simply move). Without expecting anything, I zapped myself and put the rings together. Some minutes passed (5-10 minutes) and I noticed a sedative effect, I tried to tell them all what was happening to me, but they seemed not responding or interested on what the heck I was saying. Then a lady friend of ours tried them, and what do you know, she felt the sedative effect too that made her sleepy. Then all of them tried and they got all what I was telling them, even a guest whom I perceived scrutinizing my gadgets was puzzled, when I hooked him. The amazing thing was that even without using the zapper-magnet combo the sleepiness/drowsiness continues in a span of 3-4 days for them. I was home then and they were telling me this thru a cell phone text message.

    MY THEORY - Using magnet and zapper together amplify/enhances their effects and I believe it is synergistic. We got sedated, made us sleepy because our body needs a lot or repairing and/or recharging. On magnets I can say that magnets can produce electricity too as in a dynamo and vice versa and in fact our body has a magnetic fluid that is analogous to magnets. We all know (almost) we are electric beings, our cells uses mitochondria (electric) as a power source. Thus using zapper or any related devices/substances (electric) charges our physical body. But at the same time we are also magnetic beings, we have magnetic fluid. I am curios though if wearing many magnetic products and drinking lots of magnetic water would make us attract more opposite sex, if not much?  It is preferable to charge our body with not just electricity, but also with the use magnets and/or magnetically charged water to balance our forces.

    THE PHYSICAL EFFECTS – At first using the zapper-magnet combo, I did notice deep sedative/relaxing effects. On my 2nd use (longer time), my breathe became foul smelling, and my body stinks too—I did presume this may be because my body had lots of parasites that had died in my body in a very short time and overwhelming my body’s default mechanism to gradually detoxify the brutally killed parasites . And maybe it had penetrated my gut, or my stomach area, that what I had read about a normal zapping couldn’t. Just days of continuous use of the zapper-magnet, the smell finally disappears. Using these gadgets everyday lessens the sedative/relaxing/meditative effect as you are getting used to having more energy, but you will still feel it every time you use them. I use these an hour or more everyday (for newbie I don’t recommend it) and noticed an energy pulsing in my gums and teeth, literally. When I do walk on streets (without the gadgets) I noticed both of my hands automatically clenching, like I would always have a fight with someone. I noticed a rise in vitality because my grip became stronger without doing exercise. I also use these for meditation as concentration need lots of energy. Sex energy is awesome too and you MAY not need Viagra. General vitality occurred with continued use.

    THE PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS – Having a weak and afflicted body made me melancholic and depressive. After some time of using my zapper-magnet combo, these were rectified and of course I am no longer affected by these negatives. As a result I noticed more positive in my thinking, and I got to a point that there is no reason to be affected by sadness. There’s a research by Germans CNN - Research suggests virus may play role in depression - August 31, 1998, indicated depression may be caused by a virus. The Borna virus was first identified in the late 1800’s among horses near the town of Borna, Germany. The horses stopped eating, walked in circles and got sick, and some even killed themselves (similar with someone who has depression). Autopsies led scientist to the horses’ brains where the virus was found to control emotions and researcher in Berlins found similar strain in humans—so why not zap them, eh? As for melancholy which is one of the propensities of manipura chakra, a low secretion of hormones in the glands and sub-glands that are under the control of manipura chakra causes melancholy. A low secretion means lack of energy, thus again, why not raise it? Manipura chakra is also the seat of Will Power and is an outcome of above normal or hyper secretion. There is one yoga posture (asanas’ in Sanskrit) that I know to rectify melancholy (to normalize the secretion and to hyper secret), but I prefer zapper-magnet combo to raise my energy. Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting the zapper-magnet combo is a replacement for asanas’ or exercise. Am I lazy? You be the judge

    HOW TO USE – First zap yourself 2-7 minutes (per session twice a day) on the first day then gradually raising it for up to 30 minutes a day in a span of 2 weeks or more. And if you could do it, use a liver flush, most that tried it, said, it is effectively safe but I had read one individual complained. If you know how to electrically detoxify your body then do it, much effective I think. Then put the magnets solely (see Alex Chui’s website) without zapping. Observe first your reactions with the magnets are you ok with them or not? Try to get used to them (and try to continue your zapping everyday but don’t use them with magnets at the same time). If you have got used to the magnets to a point of being able to wear them everyday (it may be just a week or a month), then it will be the time for the zapping-magnet effect. Put the magnet rings and attach the two electrode of a zapper on you thymus area (which I prefer) or anywhere on your body. Now if you would ask me what is the duration period should a young person, someone with age, healthy or weak person to be able to safely use the zapper-magnet? This is my answer. Try to evaluate if you have reached comfortably with the zapping alone, and also comfortable with the magnets alone, and if you noticed a rise of energy/vitality after all you of your efforts then doing a zapper-magnet combo for an hour or so would be no problem for you. I don’t think this is all for you if you are wearing a heart pacer, epileptic or pregnant and I’m not responsible for your individual actions/decisions.

    I had used the zapper-magnet around 6 months almost regularly, an hour or more in every session, sometimes even while I was sleeping and found no problem. If weren’t for these gadgets, in exaggeration, I maybe dead by now, speculating that my lungs would have had failed by now. Although nowadays I kind of taking for granted to hook myself regularly and it’s has been a long time I had not hooked myself but I still feel fine until this day, March 29, 2007 I feel fine. Alive and kickin’

    Possible Applications – Electric (zapper and/or other electrically related) and Magnet:

    Detoxification (Electricity)
    Energy booster (Self explanatory)
    General health (Self explanatory)
    Meditation (Magnet and/or electricity)
    Pain (Magnet and/or electricity)
    Anti-Cancer (Electricity may also be possible with magnet)
    Anti-stress (Self explanatory)
    Anti-aging (Magnet and/or electricity. It is possible that when you have lots of constant supply of good energy you might experience youthfulness, not just a good feeling but it is possible to have physical effects--some reverse aging. If the body cells are being energized constantly by such means, the energy that is being used by these cells is no longer easily drained as a regular person who normally does. Also keeps the cells in good condition. We need right amount of energy to regenerate our cells. Could our cells in our bodies regenerate when we simply lacks energy? Our skin sags and looks old due to lack of clean energy. Lack of energy = AGING)

    Note: I have written this article for educational purposes and for your enjoyment only. I don’t claim any cure or any therapeutic effects regarding on any health issues. Those of you who have read the above statements were based only on my personal experiences, some of others and my personal opinion, and it is not a medical advice and/or medical cure/treatment. Use this information at your own risk. Please use your best judgment.

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    Thank You, Henrii

    Wow! What a fantastic story about your healing!!

    I have used the zapper in the past for parasites but never imagined that it could have such far reaching effectiveness.

    Thanks again for sharing your story.

    In harmony,
    ZPoint Practitioner


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      Here's Another

      One time my friend was meditating, and I joined her without her knowledge because I sat silently as in group meditation, after our meditation, she told me, she felt a somewhat strong energy that made amplify her concentration—she hasn’t perceived this before. But me wearing my zapper and ring magnets at the same time, she sure did notice something.



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        Electroporation Effect

        I should have written this a year ago, but as they said "better late than never" I did plan it though but been busy for the past months I was away from this forum.

        And about that same a year ago, I had had searched info, regarding zapper electroporation effect, and I got nothing. But now when I searched again, it popped. Thoughts do travel, especially around cyberspace Or who knows!

        I have known this electroporation effect because someone who apparently personally known Bob Beck, told me this valuable info on ormus forum after I posted The Zapper-Magnet Combo Effect early last year. Thank you whoever you are! I did tell this info to nlivened on our emails last year. Hey, where is nlivened, BTW?

        Zapper Electroporation Effect enhances/magnifies whatever you intake/ingest like food, vitamins, nutritional drink, wine, drugs, etc. What you do is put your zapper on, and take what you would like to ingest. It also enhances your oxygen intake through air, so don't zap on polluted air, if you can do so.

        Want to take your spirulina on new heights?

        For me, and this not a medical advice, be cautious on what you do with this technology and what will you intake, example are drugs, msg, alcohol drinks etc.

        Magnets too have Electroporation effect. I did experiment it for my self. What I had had done was I take something and by wearing magnets, I noticed an increase effect than normal.

        That's why in conclusion, zapper and magnets together is much powerful and having said that you must be cautious. You might experience a strong reaction that would result in running though the hills!

        You can search and research this further.

        With much Thanks!


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          Can you post a link of where to get one that you use?


          PATHS For Healing
          Energetic Science Ministries
          Meditation at the Click of a Button, Guaranteed!

          ESM Forum Support Link


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            Originally posted by Kevin View Post

            Can you post a link of where to get one that you use?

            For the zapper I build my own with more electroporation effect, for the magnets I made it too. But it is Alex Chui's ring magnets design. New invention allows humans to live forever.

            And oh, the magnets will have an anti aging effect because it gives energy but don't expect to be 16 years old again Alex' exaggerates...

            Combining zapper and magnet is awesome I tell you. Expect more sex endurance like you were a teen-ager and having more burst of energy will definitely have a psychological effect for the better.

            Thank you too!


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              Hello Henrii,
              I was actually just going to make a post today about Hulda Clark and Bob Beck. My dad lives in Arizona and heard about Hulda Clark, and asked me about it. I have read about Bedini and his work with the Rife stuff. I myself was under the impression that the wave forms that worked were a bit more complex than just a 50% duty cycle pulse. That is what these zappers produce correct? And I also thought it had something to do with manipulation of radiant energy through the body. I was a bit skeptical about the products being sold, maybe they were just using the name of Rife or Tesla to push products. I remember reading that Rife's parter was actually selling off the shelf pulse generators, and got slammed for it because it didn't do anything for anyone. But you got some pretty good results it sounds like. Thats pretty good to go. Congrats.
              I'm going to have to experiment with some of this.
              Are there a considerable amount of people here that are seeing good results with these?



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                Well I don't know, but in another forum I got a lot of response when I posted this.

                I'm sure you will get good results too. But zapper-magnets combo has limit, meaning it can't detoxify you body. However please do realize early that, having energy coming from this combination would help in detoxification but very limited. Realizing this "flaw" I did develop a device for it. Energizing and detoxification at the same time. With a boost of tachyonite which I manufacture myself.

                Tachyonite research is what that's making me busy for the last couple of months, so that is why it is just now I have looked into you post.

                Good luck!
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                  'Zapper' offers high hope in cancer treatment |

                  I heard many wonders of zapper.

                  You know, my mother is using my home built zapper for her aching hands, might be fibromyalgia or carpal tunnel, not sure. But she said it always take away the pain.

                  That's a cheap electronic circuit, BTW! YEAH!

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