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Cemenite, a female orgone device

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  • Cemenite, a female orgone device

    Cemenite is a version of orgonite made of porland cement and insulated copper wire to produce female orgone device. It is very important not to add other ingredient, including crystal, since the result can be different. The use of alumunium instead of copper may produce bad device.

    While bare wire can be used, it produce much weaker effect than insulated wire. Straight wire also weaker than coiled.

    Cemenite must be built exactly like spesified bellow:
    - portland cement
    - clean water
    - insulated copper wire

    No other material or addition allowed. They can change results. If you have to, then do proper test to ensure it work the same way.

    Create some hundreds of insulated copper coil, wound it clock wise. each had 2 loop of 3mm inner diameter. use adequate spacing between wound.

    I create the coil by wounding long wire over something with 3mm diameter and then cut it on each two loops:
    YouTube - Menggulung kawat untuk cemenite

    More coils are better. I use around 300 coils.

    Prepare a tubular mold. Preferably from organic material or thin plastic. Also better if the top and bottom has same diameter. Pyramid, cone or rectangular shape should be avoided. Ideal shape is sphere, I usually trim the sharp side later. I use mold with 5 cm diameter and 2.5 cm height.

    Mix portland cement and water well. Then you can either directly mix it with coil or pour it progressively to the mold. Make sure that there is no trapped bubble in the coil. You can shake or stir it.

    After that dry the piece well.

    Here is more detailed video
    YouTube - How to make cemenite, female orgone generator

    cemenite testing procedure:
    - must be dry
    - no air hole or surface bubble in the cemenite, hole indicate male result
    - do not produce warm sensation
    - produce richer mixture on vehicle
    - produce clear ice, sometimes with air spiral inside
    - put it under the bed and see if it do make you sleep easier
    - put it near plants and see if the plants grow better

    Possible effect:
    - regeneration
    - reverse aging
    - no more chemcloud
    - cooler temperature perception.

    My result:
    - better sleep
    - calmer emotion / reduced anger
    - more vehicle mileage and power
    - more wild birds around / chirping
    - bluer gas stove
    - bigger plant leaves*
    - preserve food better*
    - tastier water / food*

    *For outdoor or refrigerator use, please insulate the cemenite to make it water proof. cemenite should only be used dry or the polarity can be different. I think paint can be used.

    While male version can be made using additional/different material, please do not use male version continuously because I believe it can produce detrimental effect. The first symptom is feel of energizing, pain is gone, feel relieve, but with continuous exposure, some experiencing nightmare, unasiness, become emotional or very sensitive, headache, or feel hot.

    field trial at June 26th, 2011 at Probolinggo, east Java, Indonesia:

    One cemenite seems to change cirrus cloud into rain clouds. Chemtrail will remove rain clouds and produce cirrus clouds. The town experience heavy chemtrailing that week. On one picture a persistence trails shown right at the hole. That trail do not last long.
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    What is cement water ratio?


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      How would you use this in a car?


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        Originally posted by Floridus View Post
        What is cement water ratio?
        Ratio of that is not important, as long as the cement is wet enough to avoid bubble trap formation in the copper coil.

        I use too many water a couple of time and I cure it slow, I let it stay in the shade instead of being exposed to the sun.

        Originally posted by Roland View Post
        How would you use this in a car?
        I think near the fuel tanks is better. But I also observe influence too when I place it near the fuel line under the drivers seat. I prefer to put it inside passenger room to allow the cemenite to influence the cockpit too.

        When you use cemenite, make sure to remove other orgone type fuel enhancer, expecially the one with polarity (like magnet or crystal) or do not differentiate polarity (like orgone accumulator).

        Maybe shielding the fuel line with alumunium wrap will prevent the engine male energy from influencing the fuel. But never try this yet.


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          Originally posted by dannyhut
          Sounds like a good idea but I'm not going to try this yet on a new car. I'll try to get a junk car and test this concept. If it does not work, at least it won't cause any damage to car parts.
          Cemenite will not work right away on a new car.

          You must be able to change the fuel mixture ratio manually to get benefit. New car will not run well on different grade of fuel. Cemenite effect will be similar to having higher grade fuel.


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            making one

            ya, wtf, I've failed at everything else in here, how hard can a two component item be ?
            I seem to need more wire than I had, so I'm using stripped printer wire, old cat 5 wire and telephone wire.
            they are all different diameters, so have not mixed them together yet.
            I wanted your opinion before tossing them all into one cemenite unit, and cementing them up.



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              Made them

              Went ahead and made three little discs like in the instructions. I did make a mistake, lol, would not be me if i did not make at least one mistake. I seem to have wound my wires in the opposite direction than is indicated in the pictures.

              a few holes have shown up, but they do not realy look like ant holes. Let me try and post a front and back view. Later when the units are fully cured, a day or two, I'll try the 'ice' test.

              If there are any other tests an amateur can do, please feel free to suggest them

              sorry, can't seem to put the photos here either


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                Is the insulated wire solid copper or thin threads of copper? The man at the store asked me and I didn't know. I did not retain in my memory all the information regarding the instructions and wound up making mine with 14 gauge, insulated solid copper wire and I'm left handed and didn't realize whether I was going clockwise or not when winding the wire. Any test to check for male or female energy?


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                  Originally posted by rhozzi View Post
                  Is the insulated wire solid copper or thin threads of copper? The man at the store asked me and I didn't know. I did not retain in my memory all the information regarding the instructions and wound up making mine with 14 gauge, insulated solid copper wire and I'm left handed and didn't realize whether I was going clockwise or not when winding the wire. Any test to check for male or female energy?
                  I used CAT5 cables, they are single wired and very very small. Not sure if several small wires inside a plastic insulator will be different than one solid wire bound in plastic insulation. I can just say that the insulation is necessary for the proper production of orgone ( I'm new to all this, so take me with a grain of salt ). CAT5 is the 8 line cable , usualy blue in my neighborhood, that is used to conect internet devices together.

                  Try this website for wire direction. The Truth Denied - Cemenite Story 6: How to make cemenite



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                    It works !

                    Hello ,
                    I've been playing with these a bit over the past months. There are effects that seem to be, when they are around. For instance if I put 7 of them on my computer desk, I get very edgy. Or if I put one inside my fridge near some water, the water , after about three days, gets a smooth texture to it. Tastes better too.
                    Most intresting of all
                    2 , not just one but TWO people I know can sence the presants of a single stone in a room. And they like it.

                    Cemenite is a realy thing !


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                      Thanks for the instruction on making the cemenite. I made enough of the network wire curls from CAT 5 to completely fill my 7 cm x 5 cm mold. I verified they were all three winds and between 5 and 10 mm, and using your picture, all wound in the correct direction. After the portland cement set, I froze the device in a plastic container of water. When I removed it from the freezer about 24 hrs later, there was absolutely no clear ice around the device. The device had fuzzy white ice all around it. What would have caused the this bad result? I don't want to spend the time making another without knowing something about what I did wrong.

                      Btw, I mixed the wire with the cement to try not to leave any air pockets. One thing I did do different was to not wait 48 hours. I put the cemenite in the freezer soon after it was set (felt good and hard and had cooled down) -- like about 12 hours after molding it.
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