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  • A Scathing Letter

    The following is a Scathing Letter regarding Allopathic medicine, drug companies, and natural or wholistic health.

    FRACTALS IN BIOLOGY (How to handle Allopaths)

    Nature is complex. Nature has always been found to be more complex than our science is capable of even supposing. Reductionistic science has been so popular over the last century. Reductionism was used for fantastic achievements in mechanisms and construction. But it has failed in biology. Biology is vastly complex. Even one cell is so complex that our science has extremely limited concepts of how it works. This complexity produces fractals. Fractals are complex networks of large numbers of particles that interact in non Reductionistic terms. Fractals can be observed with nonlinear mathematics, or non-Reductionistic mathematics.

    When Reductionistic mathematics reigned supreme, pharmacology tried to achieve purity or refinement. Pharmacology sought to separate the key ingredients from the supposed inert components of an herbal tincture. There was always the added financial benefit of patenting the synthetic process or the synthetic chemical. With this came a serious dilemma. The natural was almost always safer and the synthetic version carried dramatic side effects. The reductionism of pharmaceuticals increased risk. Either the inert ingredients produced some protection, or the synthetic process added risk.

    The other night in Budapest , I was invited to dinner with a group of English medical doctors from Oxford. The discussion came to the use of natural versus synthetic chemicals. The most prestigious of the doctors spouted that medicine does not use natural compounds because of their danger. I have been researching natural versus synthetic compounds for over twenty years, and I have never found any example of a natural homeopathic compound having more danger than itís synthetic counterpart. I begged him to give me one such example. He calmly stated that he did not know of any such example, but he would not want to put a natural compound where he did not know all of the ingredients. He calmly reached for his glass of wine when I stopped him, relating that we did not know what were all of the ingredients in the wine. Please donít eat this chicken we can't calculate all of the ingredients in it either. The prospects of unknown entities in the carrots and peas and paprika must also be considered. Unless mental hypocrisy takes over and lets us forget about the truckload of food and drink consumed each week.

    Our culture has decided to grow and cultivate our foods and synthetically derive our medicines. This synthetic medicine process produces risks and creates iatrogenic disease at an alarming rate. Natural medicine is legal in all parts of the world but so discouraged as to make it unappealing. If the public knew of itís right to use natural medicine and how quality natural medicines could be used, The snow ball effect could doom synthetic chemistry to a secondary science. Synthetic chemistry should fear Fractal dynamics.

    Nature has complex Fractal dynamics built into its majesty. Our attempts to refine and process nature usually result in biological disaster. Mansí intervention has challenged life on this planet. Environmentalists have seen this for decades and have warned of the danger. Synthetic chemistry and medicine is perhaps the greatest threat. The safety studies do little to analyse the genetic effects and Reductionistic statistics rob us of the insight of subtle side effects that are later viewed after commercial use. Some of the side effects of changing nature might never be seen. To use a synthetic anything is an insult to the body. Many of the drugs used today have never before existed and just how our bodies adapt to them is unpredictable.

    No study has ever been done to demonstrate the equivalence of the natural to the synthetic. Our Budapest dinner conversation moved in this direction. The medical allopath admitted that the evidence of equivalence was weak, but bio availability studies showed similar tendencies. The ability of a compound to be absorbed is a long way from the possibilities of inappropriate metabolism. How a synthetic is used in the body and the upsetting of natural metabolism has shown that indeed none of these synthetics are in the least way equivalent. No study has ever shown equivalence where several studies show the vast differences. Modern medicine wants to know what itís doing even if it messes you up beyond all recognition. Modern synthetic medicine would rather know something than cure somebody. Knowing becomes too important and arrogance takes over.

    So there are some common arguments that weak and petty minds can present about why synthetics are used in medicine. I have been teaching this for years and have seen some of the best. Here are some of them.

    A. We donít know what totally in a natural compound (There are thousands of inert ingredients in the simplest of herbs) The fact that we donít Know about what is in our foods will often bring another even more stupid comment. Food is not important to health. Now the person is showing of his stupidity to an extreme, If it is a medical doctor please have him say it to you on tape and then sue him for his underwear in court. Every one knows the medical evidence relating food to health.

    B. Refining the herbs into synthetics makes them better. If this were true why would we not refine our foods, Basically why donít we sell synthetic wine. The reason is we wonít buy it they have tried it and it is terrible and creates problems. We get more definite results with the synthetic than the natural People donít want results with side effects , they want health.

    C. Synthetic Products are more tested and proven safe. They are more tested because the chemical companies have more money. It is basically wrong to have commercial companies in charge of research as much as has happened in the past. This has produced a dramatic conflict of interest that has grown out of control. Now drug application include a portion requiring a description of the synthetic used. The basic drug applications assume that every drug applied for will be synthetic. The bias against natural medicinals has grown to such a large proportion that only a bifurcation crisis point can set things right. There is a wealth of natural and homeopathic research on safety and effectiveness, but closed minds in the medical community refuse to even review such data. Closed minds are so threatened by the concept of freedom of choice of the public that they will say anything, do anything, sell their grandmother anything rather than admit the possibility of being wrong.

    D. People are more healthier now thanks to synthetic drugs. If people are healthier it is due to sewage and lifestyle more than synthetic drugs. No study has ever proven that synthetics are superior in safety and efficacy to their natural state. Synthetic drugs provoke lawsuits over billions of dollars every year. In cultures where natural herbs and homeopathy are used with good sewage and life style such as Japan and France there are increased longevity and decreased health costs.

    E. It is accepted by medical boards Natural pharmacology is accepted in some states and countries But most are still effected by synthetic bias. As more research and popular demand increases we see a trend towards more acceptance.

    F. Quick and reliable results from Synthetics. Synthetic pharmaceuticals where designed in a crisis care of heroic medicine. Crisis intervention during the wars and in emergency wards needed fast acting chemicals. Synthetic pharmaceuticals are best for this environment. There is a place for all things. But using these harsh and risky medications in a walk in practice for primary complaint situations is inappropriate. Natural less risky more compatible medications are better used for first intervention. If there are not satisfactory results then more risky drugs could be introduced with the patients approval.

    G. World wide availability of synthetics. There is also world wide availability of natural pharmaceuticals.

    H. So many people canít be wrong. Society can make mistakes. When we give the authority to decide on how to treat diseases to the companies that profit most from drugs we are letting conflict of interest dictate world policy. This has polluted our environment, our bodies and our children.

    I. Man is clearly more intelligent than nature. This is clearly the most ignorant defense. Not ignorant in terms of stupidity, but ignorant in terms of ignoring the truth. What we know about biology fills a library what we donít know fills a world. When we let in humility and respect for nature we must lower our arrogance and work with nature rather than against it. The secrets of even the tiniest cell are completely unknown to scientists. Science with reductionism has lost the respect for nature and biology.

    Real reasons for the Allopaths Ideas

    The larger the ego the greater the defence mechanisms and the self righteous Allopath has one of the largest egos. The fact that you can show complete and utter fallacy of his most basic belief and drag these beliefs through the mud will only anger him. Most Allopaths have spent large amount of monies and time learning inappropriate therapies. They have structured their ego integrity on very shaky grounds. The cognitive dissonance that can result is extreme. This means that they will run hide lie twist and literally do most anything to not face some truths The education of the Allopaths is a basic brain washing and thus the average allopath can not change his mind without permission of the establishment. His fear of losing the license and of ego integrity can be extreme as well.

    Even when confronted with the fact that no research has validated the equivalence of natural with synthetic, vast evidence of the side effects of synthetic drugs, evidence of the effectiveness and safety of natural medicines, the collapse of Reductionistic science elsewhere, and the growing popularity of natural medicine, will not effect some closed minded Allopaths. Donít waste time sending articles or performing other tasks for them . These tasks are often times just put off mechanisms. Sometimes you canít talk to the monkey you need to talk to the organ grinder.

    The real fear is not loss of an argument but fear of the people finding out the right to choose natural medicine. This is their greatest fear. People have this right. They do not have to go to Allopaths. As the quality of natural medicine education increases, more will want this choice.

    Bill Nelson

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    I believe the real reason is


    The real reason is financial in nature! Natural remedies have been around for many years longer than synthetic remedies, but synthetic remedies can be patented and natural ones really can not be. By changing the molecules of nature they can patent and then sale for outrageous prices!

    The problem is when the change the molecular makeup of nature it turns toxic and the side effects are long and usually worse than the original symtoms.

    Then there is the problem of the fact that synthetic drugs or allopathic drugs only treat the symptoms and not the real problem!

    The other problem is that Doctors dont spend a lot of time studying this stuff, and their main source of information is the drug representatives! Is that scary or what? They get very little information on natural remedies.

    Sorry you got me going on a subject I have looked into quite a lot!

    Blessing zartgirl