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Ionized water and Magnetized water

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    Natural Alkaline Water

    Ionizers provide hydrogen derived benefits however they also provide artificial pH side effects. It is not possible for any water ionizer to separate the two. Ionized water is the Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) of the water world.

    When it comes to alkaline water, only a natural pH provides the body with lasting benefits. A stable, naturally alkaline water combats osteoporosis while providing the body with ample acid-buffering reserves.

    Paradigm Alkaline Water has filters that produce natural alkaline water and the water is ionized with magnets that are in the filters.


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      Reverse osmosis is a water treatment process that removes undesirable materials from water by using pressure to force the water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane. Reverse osmosis water filtration systems can remove 90% of total dissolved solids (TDS) from water and can provide the purest water available for your home.

      After filtration, the water needs to have minerals replaced, or it is essentially dead water with an acidic pH of 5-6. Some minerals added to water can affect this dissociation and recombining by ‘mingling’ with the H2O and ions. In the case of alkali earth metals such as calcium and magnesium, they influence the Dissociation Dance to fall out of balance and the water becomes more alkaline. Water that is alkaline (a pH over 7) is more healthful as it provides mineral assets to the body. While not all of these minerals are nutritionally available, they do indeed buffer acids. paradigmalkalkalinewater


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        Magnetized water plus water ozonator in a distilled water bottle had the best taste ive recalled since childhood days where we used clay potted jars filled with natural spring water in a nearby creek...... every 2 days , we cleaned the inside of algaes...

        the taste is sweeter like sugar flavor to the pallette..... the ozonated water with 30 minutes duration gives the extra energy level ......

        some say a 5 day magnetite soaked distilled water will taste as above.... but the ozonator had reduced to 30 minutes .....

        lrts drink to that healthy water