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    Exactly, there is a big difference between the iron in the ground and the iron inside plants. One can be used by the body, and one cant.

    A good tip for those who eat cereals is that cereals and grains take a lot of energy to be digested and absorbed, especially in their cooked form, and eating grains during the morning takes all your energy away. Try some fruits with bee pollen in the morning and a good green smoothie (spinach, water, bananas, raw honey or stevia).


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      reality check

      Originally posted by future pather View Post
      For me, the only way to answer that is spiritually.

      For example, what about those who don't know about . . . . .god's true love for them?

      I think the answer is god looks out for all of us and offers ways to understand how best to live life to the extent that we have open hearts.

      If people can not acknowledge their hearts at all, only live life through the left brain and follow the status quo, it will be more difficult. Because the lesson is that heart is important.

      My way of dealing with the question would be to "pray" for those people, or send good thoughts their way, and pray that as humans we all get past artificial "re-fortification" and unhealthy stuff like that.
      As good as it sound it's not even close to reality. while praying for some helps their mental state, in realty the execution leaves a little bit to be desired. the fact is Corporate America is poisoning our children with iron shavings to toxic levels right under our noses with FDA approval and NO amount of praying can change that fact. you will be dead and gone waiting for that to happen so your BEST course of action is to stop buying the toxic crap for your kids and stop giving them milk while your at it. get public support to stop this intentional poisoning of our kids as power of the many out weigh the power of the few. unless you think god is going to swoop down and save humanity from these evil sick individuals. reality check, NOT going to happen.