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  • Promoting Cancer

    I think a lot of these organizations setting up fundraisers to fight cancer need to be more careful when they are naming and picking slogans for their campaigns.

    'Breast cancer walk'

    A Breast cancer walk? It almost sounds like you are promoting it. Or how about this one I saw the other night.

    'Stand up for Cancer'

    That is a poorly named campaign, you do not want to do anything 'for' Cancer, I think what you want to do is be against it. The worst of all was being promoted by a major grocery store chain (Vons) a few months back.

    'Donate To Breast Cancer'.

    Are you kidding me? That was their actual slogan. I am not going to give any money 'to' Breast Cancer. Maybe I am taking things too literally but there is a lot in a statement and in my opinion these organizations need to present a clear picture of what they are trying to accomplish, starting with the title and slogan.

    Further, why are they all making the same obvious mistake? It might make some wonder.

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    Who controls the Cancer Industry, the FDA and the American Cancer Society

    LOL, that's a good point that might be Freudian slips.

    Dr. Lorraine Day cured herself of cancer. In one of her videos,
    she gives a very detailed account of the role that the Ameican
    Cancer Society really plays in blocking any viable cancer treatment
    that surfaces.

    Dr. Lorraine Day's Personal, Official Web Site - Her Amazing Recovery from Cancer.

    The video is the Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore! one. It might be
    in Google videos or something, not sure - it's copyrighted. I bought
    that vcr tape and You Can't Improve On God! at the same time years


    Says Lorraine Day, M.D.

    As a physician who developed cancer herself, Dr. Lorraine Day was well aware that physicians are more afraid of cancer than patients are, because doctors KNOW that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are NOT the answer to cancer.

    She will help you understand why you don't need to fear cancer. She explains to you in terms you can understand all the confusing medical jargon you will hear from doctors. By following the orderly system of evaluation that she presents, you can then make calm, intelligent decisions about the best treatment methods for you.
    In this astonishing and informative DVD, Dr. Day reveals:

    What YOU need to know to make the important decisions for your treatment

    Why doctors don't know, and are never taught, how to get you well from cancer

    The dangers of chemotherapy and radiation and why cancer is BIG BUSINESS!

    Who controls the Cancer Industry, the FDA and the American Cancer Society

    Who controls what the media tells you about cancer treatment

    The CAUSES of cancer and how YOU can reverse them -- and GET WELL!

    Specific information on Breast Cancer and Prostrate Cancer
    Aaron Murakami

    Books & Videos
    RPX & MWO