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FDA approves contamination

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  • FDA approves contamination

    The FDA has just given its nod of approval to vaccines that are contaminated with a pig virus that causes a fatal wasting disease.
    According to the FDA, injecting this virus into the bodies of human infants and children is perfectly fine. Read more about this shocking development in today's feature story:

    Pig virus contaminates rotavirus vaccines, but FDA says no problem
    Aaron Murakami

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    When my son was born and we were fresh back in the hospital room a nurse showed up with a form releasing them from all liability for what would happen to him after the series of shots they we about to administer. Keep in mind he was only hours old.

    I told her not only was I not signing her form, they were not allowed to put one needle in the child.

    At almost 3, He is perfectly healthy and I have seriously limited any of the crap they have tried to inject him with at his doctors visits..

    I hope other parents do the same. It is a stressful time and they really catch you off guard and try to make you think that they need all of these expensive and in some cases dangerous shots.

    Aaron it is sad to see they are adding another one to their arsenal. Hopefully people reject it.

    One good thing is they will not inject the child without a release, because the money they make will not outweigh the lawsuit should the child react badly and it is not worth it to them.

    And if they are truly safe, why ask for a release? They do plenty of other things for the child that are obviously healthy and never ask you to sign anything.


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      What a shame and a scam this is!!

      I am not so sure I understand why we are still using
      vaccines that are dangerous. Just because the swine
      flu ended up being a ho-hum for the most part does
      not mean we should ignore the possibility of this
      vaccine causing health problem down the road.


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        Britain bans doctor who linked autism to vaccine

        There seems to be a growing push to bring vaccines back. All I see is rhetoric in this article and I see no facts as to why what he said about vaccines causing autism is not true and why they banned him. He took blood at a birthday party? So what, prove what he said is not true.

        Britain bans doctor who linked autism to vaccine