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    I have been using copper funnel for storing water in refrigerator. My wife is highly against it. Most of the time I win. However, I start noticing that when it is my wife who refill the water in refrigerator, my kid get sick of either cold or clues later days.

    It is either the water become full of pathogen if refilled without copper funnel or my kid immunity system is not building up or my house is highly infected with dissease.

    My concerns is, did I do wrong to introduce what similar to anti bactery drug to my kid?

    The copper is in contact with water only during refilling, should be less than the case of apartment with copper pipe. And I refill not with hot water, always cold.

    I also wonder if introducing other similar agent like silver colloid, or other anti illness drug is good for kids?

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    I have a similar situation and i use calm supplement i don't no if it was good or not.
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