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  • Weekly tests and monitoring

    I was thinking of something that makes absolutely no sense the other day.

    the average person depends on a blood test once every year, sometimes even longer to see if they are healthy. yet these same people would be hesitant to run their computer without virus protection for even a few minutes.

    In a society as advanced as ours supposedly is, health monitoring should be something that we do on a weekly, or even daily basis, and the technology should be available to do it cheap and easy.

    Can you imagine how much healthier we would be overall if people knew they were deficient in areas, dietary or otherwise and could correct it without it going on for extended periods of time? Simple tests for checking blood for cholesterol, organ function, etc should be as readily available as chewing gum, but as far as I know, if you want to know about these things, especially things like organ function, you have to head to a lab for expensive blood work.

    I understand you can use strips to check PH levels and also there are some home tests for checking things like cholesterol (I have seen them but they are $30.00 a test, which seems steep if you want to use it regularly).

    Are there a bunch of companies creating tests like this that I am unaware of or is this area really as scarce as it seems?

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    tests on demand

    I agree Gary. More people should take more responsibility.

    What most people don't know is that in many places, they can actually
    get inexpensive blood/lab tests WITHOUT a prescription or any kind of doctor
    recommendation at all.

    For example, in my town, we have Results Direct.

    Anyone can basically walk in and ask for any of these and the prices are
    relatively inexpensive compared to going to a doctor asking them for
    the same thing:

    Allergy, Adult Food Profile B - $175.00
    Allergy, Inland Northwest Panel - $150.00
    Blood Count Screen (WBC, RBC, Hgb, Hct) - $18.00
    Blood Count, Complete (CBC) - $20.00
    Blood Type - $25.00
    Body Chemistry Survey - $40.00
    Cardiac Lipid / Cholesterol Panel - $35.00
    Cardiac Risk - Comprehensive Panel - $150.00
    Diabetes Management Panel - $40.00
    Diabetes Screen - $20.00
    Hemoglobin A1c - $25.00
    Hepatitis A - $40.00
    Hepatitis B - $85.00
    Hepatitis C - $50.00
    Hepatitis Profile (Hepatitis A, B, and C) - $150.00
    High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (hsCRP) - $55.00
    Men's Health Panel - $125.00
    Mononucleosis Test - $20.00
    Pregnancy Test (serum) - $30.00
    Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) - $45.00
    Testosterone - $45.00
    Thyroid Panel - $35.00
    Total Estrogens (estradiol + estrone) - $90.00
    Urinalysis - $20.00
    Urine Drug Screen - Take-home, Cocaine - $18.50 + tax
    Urine Drug Screen - Take-home, Methamphetamines/MDMA - $18.50 + tax
    Urine Drug Screen - Take-home, THC - $18.50 + tax
    Urine Drug Screen - Take-home, Three Drugs - $37.00 + tax
    Urine Drug Screen: 10-Drug Clinical, Central Laboratory Testing - $40.00
    Urine Drug Screen: 10-Drug LEGAL, Central Laboratory Testing - $45.00
    Urine Drug Screen: 5-Drug Clinical, Central Laboratory Testing - $35.00
    Urine Drug Screen: 5-Drug LEGAL, Central Laboratory Testing - $40.00
    Women's Health Panel - $125.00
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      That is a great service! prompted by your info I went and found this site that seems to cover a great deal of locations and tests as well..


      I still think that it should be something done at home on a regular basis for fairly cheap. If that was encouraged wide scale though, the world might just all of a sudden have too many healthy people in it for drug companies liking..

      If money isn't an issue you could probably go for this Toto and Daiwa House's Intelligence Toilet system complete with blood pressure monitor, body fat calculator and urine analyzer built into the toilet. 5k for a toilet!