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Healing with Irritants

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  • Healing with Irritants

    Has anyone heard of or been treated by a method known as PROLOTHERAPY ?
    Prolo is short for proliferate, which the therapy is meant to do -proliferate cells.
    The idea is to inject an irritant substance into the damaged area ie tendon, ligament or joint.
    This causes an irritation to the tissue involved and the body responds by healing the area in question.
    It is used to treat pain of many different kinds and is reputed to have the ability to regrow ligaments tendons and cartilage.
    Apparently Hippocrates used a similar procedure in his time to treat injuries to tendons.
    I live in Australia and it is proving difficult to find a prolotherapist or anyone with any experience to give me any suggestions.

    I'm starting to look at the comfrey growing in my garden as it contains a proliferant substance (allantoin) and it would most certainly be an irritant as well.

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    I'm pretty sure Prolotherapy was mentioned on; however, lately the search function on the website has been S-L-O-W.

    I have heard of people plucking a honeybee from a flower in order to have it sting an arthritic joint, so that must be a crude form of prolotherapy. That might be something to consider unless you are allergic to bee venom, like me.

    Comfrey is very easy to grow, but it can be invasive. I've made a poultice from chopped fresh comfrey leaves on several occasions to ease the swelling and discoloration from contusions. That works. That's the extent of my experience with comfrey other than watching my chickens strip the leaves off the plant to eat in the fall when all the other greens start to die back.

    I hope you find a good prolotherapist. Good luck!


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      Homeopathy is along these lines.

      A lot of belladonna will cause a fever but if you have a fever and take
      a homeopathic dose of belladonna, it will bring the fever down since the
      body responds to the small dose and counters what it would cause.

      Even vaccines work by this principle - but of course they never prove
      effectiveness in it actually doing anything to stop or prevent what it is
      designed for - they just claim effectiveness when an antibody is produced
      to the vaccine, which means nothing.

      Homeopathy is normally subtle and there are some naturopathic medical
      doctors that offer homeopathic vaccines in injection form. Perhaps they
      have some kind of injections to stimulate that tissue growth.

      It is possible to have some renegeration with the PATHS modules for this
      tissue. My mother has osteoarthritis and some partially torn rotator cuffs.
      Almost 4 years ago, early on when PATHS was just released and I was one
      of the first to get involved, I was privileged to be able to get a lot of my
      friends and family on the modules and with their permission, I was able to
      have some custom instructions put in their modules to see what effects
      they would mention if any at all.

      My mother's shoulder muscles around the joint were also deteriorated and
      there were indentations visible in the area where the muscle had atrophied.
      I started with the basic lean muscle mass module and had the instructions
      modified to solely focus on stimulating the regeneration of the muscle
      around her shoulder socket.

      It was a catch 22, she needed to exercise the arm to build the muscle but
      lifting the arms up caused too much pain to do the necessary exercise.

      Anyway, within hours of watching the module - she had no idea the
      custom module had any instructions at all dealing with her shoulder. It
      could have been for relaxation or something for all she knew - anyway, after
      several hours, she told me the shoulder socket area around the
      deteriorated muscle was burning as if she had been working it out - and
      that is without doing anything at all!

      I forgot all about this until just now.

      It would require a custom module to do something like that for your
      problem but there would be no guarantee since it would have to be
      freshly developed. It is possible that there are some test modules for
      ligement and tendon regeneration. There are quite a few custom
      instruction sets that all kinds of people needed over the years so there
      is quite a library to draw from. If something like that ever interests you,
      just pm me.

      Until then, 1168Hz with red/infrared is the only other thing I know of
      for tissue regeneration specifically for mesoderm tissue.
      Aaron Murakami

      Books & Videos
      RPX & MWO


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        Thanks for the suggestions Athena & Aaron I'm looking into what youve both suggested.
        I'm really busy now I'll drop in again later.