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  • Dirty electricity

    I just watched a youtube show called dirty electricity, and I was wondering if anyone had done any research on the effects of electric and magnetic fields on the body. There are those who claim cell phones cause problems, and even just electrical wiring in the wall causes problems. I've read some of Tesla type emissions were beneficial.. These people who are sensitive to the new fluorescent bulbs do ok with regular old fashion bulbs, so does that mean regular wiring is most likely safe? Some solid studies would be nice to read. The wireless network access points for example would concern me a bit, but I've kind of been under the impression that the body communicates and works with longitudinal type impulses, not transverse oscillations.. Again that is just something I believed, nothing I have proven to myself.
    Any solid information would be appreciated, links, etc..
    Thank you much.


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    There is some link here:


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      attentino to detail

      haha, wow.. I thought I did a pretty good search first too.
      I appreciate the link, I'll check that out.



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        Entrainment is the key problem. The body acts like an antenna picking up stray EMF pulses from its environment. Before long, the nervous system begins to entrain itself to these environmental influences and before long effecting the hormonal system as well.

        Anything over 10 cycles per second induces heightened awareness - at first, followed by stress, irritability, sleeplessness, etc.

        Anything below 10 cycles per second induces relaxation and sleep.

        Hence, Schumann resonance of 7.83Hz is good for us.

        Electrical and magnetic energy is empowering. So, the question is... What exactly are we dealing with? Our body is an electric field also generating magnetism. So, EMF can't be all bad or else we'd automatically be bad, too.


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          The Biocircuit of Leon Ernest Eeman is an example of a biofeedback device which can encourage either relaxation or tension along the lines of the 10Hz divider.

          The L.E.Eeman Archive


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            I've heard it said that an isolation transformer can filter out the high frequency dirty pulses from our source of power from the grid. But I can also envision something similar with regard to utilizing the grounding port on our standard wall outlet whenever plugging our Earthing bedsheets, and foot pads, into that. But my idea is still under development. But, it does look promising from initial experiments using a homemade transformer made out of iron nails and wound with enameled iron floral wire from the hardware store. At the very least, I've discovered the need to NOT use the grounding port on the wall outlet for grounding an Earthing appliance intended for use by the body since a transformer connected inline made my body felt like it was humming inside in both a nice and irritating way. Once I came across guitar enthusiasts who have had to try and eliminate AC hum from their amps and electric guitars, I can better appreciate how much I am not alone in this concern. A further search resulted in zig-zag transformer windings akin to what Aaron describes in his Ignition Secrets eBook concerning Ralph E. Bergstresser's 1976 patent to prolong a spark event at the spark plug. These zig-zagging coil windings might add a degree of "balanced signals" which could double their amplitude and eliminate noise (aka, dirty electricity?).

            Earthing Life!
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              a Pi filter network can clean up the electricity to just let in the 60Hz (or 50Hz)
              (some fancy power strips with filters have this)

              I can feel the dirty electricity, and can hear radio stations through running AC motors where I live
              I mostly dumped the grid and use a solar/battery setup to get cleaner power
              either use no switching power supplies in the lights, or I filter them well.
              also shielded the building,
              it was lots of work, but is quite relaxing to sleep here now