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  • Red Led Light Therapy

    I've been reading a lot about how infra red light promotes and speeds up the healing process.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else on here has looked into this.

    I'm planning on building some led arrays and looking for the best prices for led's and circuit boards.

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    You could contact The LED Man. Even though you plan to build your own, you might learn something from him or his designs. His prices look very reasonable...sure wish there were some testimonials, especially some "before" and "after" pictures.


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      Yeah, he does have some decent prices.

      It appears that so far, Digikey has the best price on loose leds.


      Although they do not appear to be as brite as these:

      Super Bright LEDs - Component LEDs

      There was an even better deal here though: - PAR38 168 RED LED Grow Light BUDDING FLOWERING FRUITING

      This unit has 168 red 660nm leds and screws into a regular light socket for $33. I don't think I could find 168 leds individually for that price.


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        I would suggest checking out CandlePowerForums where there are 90,000 + members and a lot who know everything LED forward and backward. Also an associated board where there is a lot of sellers, dealers and manufacturers of LED products : CPFMarketPlace
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          A lot of people used heat lamps for sprains and strains in the seventies but they went out of fashion and I haven't seen one for years.
          Sunlight is more than 50 % Infra red light and I have read that automobile glass stops a lot of the U.V. rays (just an Idea)
          Any ideas about the wavelength required ?
          Also is it required to feel the heat being emitted to get a healing effect ?


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            Light Emitting Diodes Speed the Healing of Cuts


            The IR heat lamps are still available, but usually overpriced.

            The best is a combo of 660 and 880 red and infrared. The red
            alone works fine so feeling heat isn't necessary. Actually,
            red is what was used before IR entered the pic with led

            We had mostly red led's on our light blankets and added just
            a couple IR's. As long as there is at least 1 IR led, that is
            considered heat and all the claims that go with heat that are
            GRAS (generally recognized as safe) can be made such as:
            temporarily relieving pain, improving flexibility, improving
            mobility in joints, increasing circulation, etc...

            However, the IR does have one benefit and that is that it is
            a little longer wavelength so it penetrates a little deeper.
            So, infrared saunas are incredible and blow away hot steam

            Anyway, with red led's steady red light works on but pulsing
            at certain frequencies that are based on tissue resonant
            frequencies that are categorized by embryologic origin are
            the best. Ectoderm, mesoderm or endoderm tissue resonant

            Many companies have their lights pulsing at 10khz, etc... and
            other frequencies that mean absolutely nothing - they're
            pulsing them just for the sake of saying they are pulsing
            them. They work but don't work as well - there are many studies
            on all of this.

            I wrote this article 9 years ago - I was in the led healing energy device

            Energetic Science Ministries | Healing with LED's | Aaron Murakami

            I'll post it here:

            Light Emitting Diodes Speed the Healing of Cuts

            By pulsing red and infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs) on cuts, the speed of healing is greatly increased. Red and infrared wavelengths from 660 nm (nanometers) to 880 nm penetrate the skin more effectively than other wavelengths. Photons stimulate the mitochondria and this triggers a healing response. This is because the machinery of our cells is photosensitive. By pulsing the LEDs at 292 Hz, the healing is speeded even more by raising the vibrational rate of the damaged skin up to the frequency of healthy skin tissue by entrainment.

            The discovery that LEDs can help cuts heal faster would not have been possible if laser therapists hadnít been paying attention. When normal lasers are used, not only does the target area get burned, but the surrounding skin gets burned as well. Over time, it was observed that the surrounding skin that was burned heals faster than skin normally does when burned by other means. It was thought that turning the power on the lasers way down and directing the beam over damaged skin might speed the healing of cuts and burns. This is one form of Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT.

            Supporters of LLLT claim that it works better than LEDs, but the fact is when the laser light hits the skin, it becomes non-coherent. LEDs are a very inexpensive non-coherent light source at the same wavelengths that the lasers use and much less power is required.

            Most people are familiar with LEDs and donít even know it. Most power indicator lights on electronic devices are LEDs. So are the ones on the ends of remote controls. The power indicator lights emit light that is in the visible spectrum and the LEDs at the end of remote controls emit light in the invisible infrared range. LEDs are known as p-n semiconductors. The p is the positive electrode and the n is the negative electrode. They connect to the semiconductor material on each side of a junction. When enough voltage is supplied to the positive end it recombines with the negative side by bridging the gap. The excess energy is converted into light. The color of light emitted depends on the ratio of each material that is mixed together to make the silicon diode.

            Pulsing these LEDs at different frequencies can increase the effectiveness of the LED treatments. Dr. Paul Nogier, the father of ear acupuncture, discovered that each tissue type in the body resonates at different frequencies depending on the embryologic origin of tissue. Someone would lie down on his or her back and he would check their radial artery pulse. Using a frequency generator, he dialed in different frequencies and aimed them at different parts of the body and also on different acupuncture points. If the frequencies were beneficial, the peak wave amplitude of the pulse would shift in a certain direction. If the frequencies were not beneficial, the shift would be in the opposite direction. He found that tissue derived from ectodermal tissues had a positive response to 292 Hz. Tissue derived from endodermal tissues responded best to 584 Hz and tissue derived from mesodermal tissues responded best to 1168 Hz. These frequencies are all harmonics of each other and happen to be harmonics of the D note.

            Most of these lights are in portable hand held devices or in flexible foam blankets with the LEDs embedded throughout them. These blankets are used to treat large areas. The hand held devices and blankets have mostly been used by holistic veterinarians and especially by equestrian acupuncturists for about 20 years already.

            Shining a pulsed red LED set to 292 Hz on a cut has been shown to increase the speed of healing. Even without pulsing the LEDs, the speed of healing is incredibly increased. When submariners with lacerations were treated with non-pulsed LEDs, the wounds healed twice as fast as in the untreated controls. Even the Navy Seals and astronauts are benefiting greatly from this technology and they arenít even using any of the pulsed frequencies.

            Where are we headed with all of this healing light technology? With big interests such as NASA diving deeply into the research and development of this technology, it is sure to get more and more attention. Obviously the costs of these devices will begin to get more affordable as we find cheaper ways of making them. Quantum Devices is a LED therapy device company that NASA is working with and they have a relatively low priced LED device available for $15,000 that is low compared to a $150,000 diode laser system.

            Other companies such as Chee Energy located in Coeur díAlene, Idaho have devices available for around $500 plus or minus a few hundred dollars and they can even fit in a pocket. With more affordable pricing like that, the market is enormously enlarged. If you would like to try and experience the benefits of this Star Trek medicine yourself, go to your local Radio Shack and purchase the brightest red LED, battery, resistor, small project box and switch. The folks there will be able to tell you which parts you need and how to put together this simple project. The whole thing should cost between $5-10. Itís as simple as the circuitry in a flashlight except that the light is not a bulb; it is a LED. The whole thing will fit easily in the palm of your hand depending on what you use for a case.

            This kind of cheap homemade unit wonít have the benefits of the Nogierís frequencies and it wonít look too fancy, but for minimal effort, you will be able to have a workable unit. Just use your own imagination. Use it on minor cuts as soon as they happen for 15 minutes twice a day until it is totally healed and Iím sure you will be amazed at just how fast light emitting diodes speed the healing of cuts.

            McGee, Charles MD. Healing Energies of Heat and Light. Coeur díAlene, ID: Medipress, 2000.

            Drollette, Dan. Can Light Hasten Healing in Space? Pittsfield, MA: Biophotonics International, September/October 2000.

            Copyright 2001 - Aaron C. Murakami ... All Rights Reserved

            Aaron Murakami

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              Thanks for that Aaron.
              I liked the article too, The frequencies used being harmonics of the D note is intriguing to say the least.
              Did you ever delve into the realms of Spectro-Chrome Therapy in your research into LEDs ?


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                Hi Higgs,

                I have a lot of the original Dinshah materials of the father and son.
                I never used led's for it. Instead I bought large rolls of all the color filters
                from some company in Dallas, Texas. I don't have very much experience
                with the Dinshah method like I do with the pulsed LED's.
                Aaron Murakami

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                  Thanx EWizard for the link. I will check out that forum.

                  Hi Arron,

                  Thanks for the info. I found an even cheaper source for super bright 660nm leds at Jameco.

                  What have been your personal experiences with these 660 and 880 leds and healing?

                  Did youbuild your own units?

                  I have a few friends complaining of tendinitis and arthritis. I was hoping to help them out with these devices.

                  Do you know if they help with hair loss? I have seen some ads for the laser diodes claiming to help in this area.


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                    red light therapy

                    We had the units manufactured. This is what they looked like:
                    Top o' the Line Total Health Shoppe, 809 W. Garland Ave, Spokane, WA 99205 - Spokane vitamin, minerals, herbs and more!
                    I don't have them available through that site anymore.

                    I've seen everything from tumors shrinking and disappearing
                    to super fast cut healing. They can balance hormones, speed
                    bone repair and rejuvenate various organ functioning. The red
                    light has even reversed macular degeneration.

                    I do have plans to release some light therapy devices in the future
                    that will have a few twists that I don't think anyone has seen yet.

                    They work great with tendinitis and arthritis. I'd use a good concentration
                    of the red and ir led's on a panel and put them over the painful areas.
                    Steady (non-pulsed) is fine. That is what the military is using (non-pulsed).

                    But, if you can do the electronics for it, pain treatment is 4672Hz. Do that
                    for 15-20 minutes then follow up with mesoderm tissue frequency for
                    bones, muscles and connective tissues. Mesoderm tissue frequency is
                    1168Hz for another 15-20 minutes. Three times a day for a few days should
                    show great improvement.

                    It is important to follow up with the actual treatment frequency and not
                    just pain. Was found out with some very, very expensive race horses that
                    the pain would get treated then the horses would run around not feeling
                    the pain and would cause more damage.
                    Aaron Murakami

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                      hair loss

                      p.s. hair loss, to some degree. One of my kundalini experiences caused a
                      silver dollar size of hair to fall out of the crown of my head. I did many things
                      for it including the lights. I tell the whole story in my new book about to
                      be released but it also hard to tell what did what.

                      Rub organic raw unpasturized apple cider
                      vinegar in the hair loss areas a few times a day. Braggs apple cider vinegar
                      would be my first choice. There is also a hair loss module from PATHS that
                      really works - I have pictures of my friends head to prove it.

                      Basically, most things for allopecia help hair loss.
                      Aaron Murakami

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                        Aaron, what about the red lights for skin rejuvenation, to stimulate collagen synthesis to reduce wrinkles---do you know of anybody that has used the lights for this with good results?

                        For hair loss, I don't know if the following products really work, but I'm providing links in case anybody is interested in trying them.
                        Hair Care
                        Hair Regrowth: Men - Improve Hair Growth, Reverse Hair Loss, Block DHT with Folligen
                        Hair Growth: Women - Grow Hair Long, Grow Hair Faster, Hair Loss Prevention with Folligen

                        If anybody tries some of the products, I'd like to know if it helped.


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                          You may find this link of interest. Just do a doc search for collagen. It appears that leds can help in that area too.

                          LED Light Therapy


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                            red light therapy

                            Originally posted by Athena View Post
                            Aaron, what about the red lights for skin rejuvenation, to stimulate collagen synthesis to reduce wrinkles---do you know of anybody that has used the lights for this with good results?
                            Hi Athena,

                            Yes, it does help to stimulate collagen synthesis and reduces wrinkles.

                            Years ago when we started to get some serious coverage, Dr. Susan Lark,
                            one of the leading women's health MD's did a feature article about our
                            lights and the benefits for balancing hormones and I believe skin rejuvenation.
                            The red and infrared work great for this.

                            I would use the red/ir light - honestly you could get a red tail light from
                            a junkyard, hook it to a battery and that is all you need (except it won't
                            be pulsing) - red led's from radioshack, etc... red light is red light for the
                            most part. It helps to have some descent intensity so multiple red led's
                            at minimum. Shine it on the wrinkles for 5-15 minutes at a time three times
                            a day.

                            There are some pretty cheap red light panels these days that can be
                            bought at many different places. You'd have to use them as steady red
                            light sources and not pulsed but if anyone can make the electronics for
                            you, it will be a small fraction of the price the ones go for that have the
                            legitimate frequencies. I just wish those panels came in red and infrared
                            combo - that would be the ultimate but I haven't found it yet.

                            Mostly just red or red and blue for the purpose of growing plants.

                            They're cheap enough that I can get good size panels and do what I've
                            wanted to do for a long time. I have a 2-3 person infrared sauna in my
                            garage. I want to line the inside side walls with red led panels to give
                            that treatment while sitting inside. I will hook them up to a control panel
                            that does give me the tissue resonant frequencies.

                            If you can get the electrons to pulse the red lights, 292Hz is the frequency
                            you want for skin rejuvenation - otherwise, just use steady red light.

                            If there are any acne issues, then add blue light to the red/infrared.
                            Aaron Murakami

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                              That's interesting about the collagen rebuilding effect.
                              The other day I stepped out of my car and tore the cartilage in my hip.
                              I believe cartilage is predominantly a matrix of collagen and elastin, becoming more biased to collagen as we age.
                              I'm in no rush to see a doctor and have a peice of cartilage removed to cure the symptoms of pain and restricted movement. I was talked into having my knee scoped for a cartilage tear and they removed a crucial part and left my knee unstable.(4 operations later the knee now has no cartilage and every ligament torn) I'm up for a knee replacement.
                              In centuries past people didn't have access to arthroscopes and I wonder if they would eventually heal without intervention.
                              Do other primates carry cartilage tears until their demise or does some healing take place ?
                              They say cartilage has little if any blood supply and cannot regenerate but I find this hard to accept.
                              Now I'm wondering if LEDs may offer some hope.
                              Would deep penetration (high intensity) be essential for healing a deep wound ?
                              All that said I'm not totally pig headed just very reluctant to let an allopath with limited mechanical understanding chop into me.( the best ortho I've ever met is also an excellent mechanic )