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  • Cancer herb

    If anyone has cancer you may be interested in a herb called Herb Robert.
    It could be a good one to have growing before the drug company Nazis start saying it's dangerous and ban it too.

    Free herb information - HERB ROBERT

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    Thanks for that link! You might be interested in one that I saved from an email I got the other day:


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      Thank you too Athena

      Boosting the immune seems to be common to most alternative treatments, unlike the kill mentality in coventional treatments.

      Another one I've read about is Paw Paw. It has been used by Australian aboriginees to cure cancer too.
      I read about it in a book titled - Kombucha the miracle fungus ( I think, I can't put my hand on it as I have way too many books) by Harald Tietze.
      I think it involved boiling the leaves, but I'll get back with details when I find the book.
      Thanks again, now I want some Aloe arborescens too !


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        You're very welcome!

        Really, the PawPaw tree? That grows well in the wooded areas in TN. Hmmm, I might be able to sneakily plant one where my back yard meets up with my neighbor's field. Not sure if the seeds that I saved are still viable, though.

        I'd like to see the details...because one thing's for sure, if I get cancer, I'm NOT using chemo or radiation.

        You might be interested in Sodium Bicarbonate: Rich Man's Poor Man's Cancer Treatment e-book at this website: IMVA Publications. I'm currently reading New Paradigms in Diabetic Care by the same author.


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          Here's the link to the Kombucha book I mentioned earlier, I found it on google books
          The part about the Pawpaw is on page 48
          Kombucha: the miracle fungus - Google Books