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  • Amega wand.

    Hello everyone,

    I came across this subject at the forum:
    Amazing!!!..Quality of Life Restored

    Copy / paste (hope OP doesn't mind)

    "Amazing!!!..Quality of Life Restored
    on: February 28, 2010, 12:54:37 PM

    I know there are many on this forum who are suffering or have a family member who suffer from chronic pain, from various conditions which have robbed them of their quality of life.

    This product CAN put an end to all pain and body dysfunction, of all types according to the being my brother in law.

    This truly mind boggling technology has just now emerged in north america.

    Here are a number of links to watch and listen to.

    You will hear amazing of which is is my brother in law.

    In the first video, he is the guy referred to, who flew in from Calgary...for years he has been crippled by rheumatoid arthritis, virtually no sleep for a year and a half...$3 thousand dollars a month in pain killers.

    Quality of life ZERO!

    After only one treatment, his pain level was lowered instantly to mild, and dropped off steadily thereafter.

    In a follow up call 1 week later he reported that he hadn't taken a pill...he is now totally pain free, for the first time in years.

    Sam Adams-Introduction

    Tony and the wand

    Here are some more audio files with much more details.

    Get on the Calls! Archive Amega Worldwide Inc Get On The Calls! Conference Call Archive

    Below is a link to my site where you can the link, in case you decide to join after reviewing the information.

    It might be a good idea to get your hands on one of these devices before the powers that be (big pharma) make it "illegal" to use on the human body" to this product will virtually wipe them out."

    I have emailed a local distributor and asked him about a live demo. No reply yet.
    My skeptic side says 'no way, this is not possible'.
    Cool sounding terms are being tossed around during the presentations on YT, like Zero Point Energy, Back-To-The-Source, etc.
    This sounds a lot like a marketing jargon to me, but perhaps I am being too skeptical.

    On the other hand I am curious.

    Anyway, that's all for now.
    Hopefully the distributor replies to the email inquiry.


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    Hello Jacek.

    Myself and two friends have been interested in the amega wand for about three months. One of my friends decided to be the test subject in our group and ordered the wand. That was two months ago. To date he has not recieved it. The company said that thier products are being held up at customs. So it was basicly $300 down the drain. No therapudic value in that.

    If you know someone who has them in stock let me know.

    Thanks. Mark.


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      No email reply from the distributor yet. Oh, well...


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        Called another Amega distributor and he told me there are weekly live presentations near Chicago.
        For anyone interested, here's the address:
        O'Hare Bargain Rate Hotel - Four Points by Sheraton Chicago O'Hare Airport

        The meetings are at 7pm on Tuesday nights.

        Not sure if I am going to be there for the next presentiation.
        My best regards to all of you.



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          jacek, I would have thought the first distributor would have contacted you by now. Maybe his orders are being held in customs too. Whatever, I'm curious, but still skeptical.


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            Originally posted by Athena View Post
            I'm curious, but still skeptical.
            Me too.
            I am mostly interested in seeing the presentation at this time.


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              good stuff

              A friend of mine on facebook has a wand -- she loves it, w/some great healing experiences. I'm interested as well. They are back ordered right now -- just chked the site.
              With AMEGA You can change your life in minutes...

              Hear how here: Live the Energized Life


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                Hey Doug, can you share your friend's experiences with us? When you get your wand, I'm definitely interested to hear if it helps you. Btw, I'm in the Tri-Cities too...hi neighbor!


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                  Wow, how cosmic!

                  Hey there Athena,

                  Hard to believe someone on the forum is that close by.
                  Happy Birthday BTW!!!
                  She said she used it on her neighbor's knees that were bothering her. a few min.s later she was pain free - felt like dancing. I have a shoulder joint prob that doesn't allow me to lift weights for the last few years, I'm psyched to see that disappear. I'll be ordering in a few weeks.

                  The company is growing like crazy and I found out it takes 21 days for a wand to be made. She also had to wait 5 weeks for her order. That in IMHO is a good/bad thing. 'Good', because these things aren't sitting around in a warehouse desperate to be sold. The main reason business is booming, is because people are getting benefits. 'Bad', because people have to wait -- 'patience is a virtue', I've been working on that one!!
                  With AMEGA You can change your life in minutes...

                  Hear how here: Live the Energized Life


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                    I been thinking about buying the bracelet and the wand. How can I find out if there will be a live demo in my city?



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                      Originally posted by uusedman View Post
                      I been thinking about buying the bracelet and the wand. How can I find out if there will be a live demo in my city?

                      I'll be glad to check for you on that uusedman. What city do you live in??
                      Also, I'd be glad to get you a wand and bracelet. I'll be 'in business' next week.

                      With AMEGA You can change your life in minutes...

                      Hear how here: Live the Energized Life


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                        Miami, FL. How much will be charging for both?


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                          uusedman, I don't know of meetings/demo's just yet. My website is:

                          There are many bracelets available and different prices, that you'll see. Before you order, let me know.

                          For now you can listen to some calls about the AMEGA and what people have discovered using the wand. go to:

                          The company has passed the 5 year mark and that's when about 90% of companies fall. Instead they are growing exponentially, yet have only been in the US for a few months.

                          Thank you for your interest,
                          With AMEGA You can change your life in minutes...

                          Hear how here: Live the Energized Life


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                            C/P from the original thread at overunity dot com:

                            "In case anyone is wondering who the manufacture of these are, I found that most are made by Sheenzi.. I believe they make the wands for Amega.




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                              Got my $100 wand today. My wife and I tried lemon and wine and couldn't tell the difference between the wanded and control samples. I also wanded my left thumb where I have some pain, so far no noticeable difference in pain level. These tests were performed on our kitchen floor with my shoes removed. This weekend I'll try the same tests standing on the concrete floor in the garage and on the ground (grass and/or dirt), again with the shoes removed. There is magnetic field in the wand, roughly half way between the top and bottom tips - the compass needles "locked" at two separate spots on the wand.
                              Time permitting, I'll build a simple FET-based ion presence indicator and check for the ions.

                              Happy experimenting, guys.