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Living Young and Maintaining Youth

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  • Living Young and Maintaining Youth

    Living young and maintaing youth for as long as you choose. For most of the people that peruse these forums, they understand a little more about beliefs and how their/our thoughts affect the enviroment in which they/we swim. But I still want to make a small mention of it before proceeding.

    The "programming" of ageing is from our established society that tells how and what we need to believe. The enviroment in which we live leads us to believe things from childhood that are simply, choices of belief. If one chooses to believe in the ageing process then it will exist for that person. If one believes that to live for x amount of years means that they will become, "old", then their belief and thoughts will play out for them in their physical reality. And the opposite holds true as well of course, believe in living young for how ever many years you choose, and truly believe it and emotionally feel it.... And that becomes your reality.

    Simply put, what we believe about our own self, and the enviroment in which we live in from day to day, shall become our experience.

    Now back to the topic at hand. Living young. Regenerating life and youth in the body even if it has had years of neglect. How the body generates new cells all the time and has the capacity to heal.

    Actually I had a huge post. But I deleted it because much of what I've been learning through all my reading, centers around the diet one chooses. And diet becomes an emotional subject that people like to debate about.

    I have read before that all the cells in the body are able to regenerate. It was found that every cell in the body regenerates. Some of them really fast and some of them at a slower pace. ("Well actually it can happen instantly. Unhealthy cells can disappear instantly and be replaced with new healthy cells. But for now lets just keep it simple.") And whatever we nourish those cells with through our diet and the thoughts/vibrations we hold will show up in the newly regenerated cell. And if one doesn't nourish the cells then the new cell will have the same unhealthy information as the cell which was replaced. So to allow an unhealthy cell to regenerate to a new healthy cell it needs nourishment.

    Something else that keeps one youthful and living is the vibration that one holds. If one has a higher vibration they are able to maintain youth and live young. And one of the many ways to raise your vibration is through the foods you eat.

    But here's two pages that initially caused me to want to start this post.

    Here's a study that caught my eyes last night. (A study was performed on earthworms that demonstrated the extension of life due to fasting. The experiment was performed in the 1930s by isolating one worm and putting it on a cycle of fasting and feeding. The isolated worm outlasted its relatives by 19 generations, while still maintaining its youthful physiological traits. The worm was able to survive on its own tissue for months. Once the size of the worm began to decrease, the scientists would resume feeding it at which point it showed great vigor and energy. "The life-span extension of these worms was the equivalent of keeping a man alive for 600 to 700 years.") from this page here. The Health Benefits of Fasting | Serendip's Exchange

    And there's a similar story about rats on this page. (One experiment done on rats showed that limiting them from overeating and systematically starving them increased their lifespan 2 times! Proponents of fasting declare that aging is not commensurate with calendar years, but rather with the health of the cells. During fasting, the concentration of toxins removed from the body and appearing in the urine can increase ten-fold.) from this page Juice Fasting

    "The body is designed to do what we choose to believe it's capable of when we allow it to vibrate at a higher frequency."
    If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.

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    I was doing a search for growth hormone. It had to do with what brainwave growth hormone was produced at. "And I recalled where it was." post 54

    But I came across another post and this is what I really felt like was worth adding to this thread. I wanted to copy and paste everything from this page, but I refrained. Although I'm gonna copy a little bit back over here.

    The average percentage of time spent in slow wave sleep in early adulthood is 18.9 % compared to the average percentage of 3.4% during mid-life. post 1


    The main reason people shrink up as they grow older is that their body is not producing as much growth hormone as it did in their 20's.

    Not only does skin lose its elasticity, bones shrink, organs shrink, basically the production/repair of cells is less and less near the optimum. Sort of like a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy, etc.

    Some people take supplements to boost their own growth hormone production. Some people take synthetic growth hormone (which can have serious negative side effects).

    Obviously the best source of growth hormone is ones own body. The production occurs during deep sleep...but as stated above, there is built into our bodies a program to produce less and less, thus aging occurs.
    post 3

    Also in doing a search for spirulina one of the posts on one of the threads, it spoke of how the body heals itself during the delta brainwaves which we naturally go into during sleep. Here's a quote, from that page, Then the last thing before brushing the teeth before going to bed and turning out the lights is to take some spirulina. When the stomach is empty right before bed and you're not eating any food, take some with 8 oz of water and it is VERY VERY absorbable. There is a benefit here. The body repairs itself most in deep DELTA sleep and the brain gets in that state about 4-6 times throughout the night in every sleep stage that repeats. In that state, the body can use the spirulina to help build some muscle isn't a large volume of protein but because of the absorbability, it is useful. post number 1
    If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.


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      Interesting thread
      What you wrote about programming and beliefs reminded me of something I read in a book by Uri Geller.
      It was a long time ago when I read it, but he used a technique of staring into a mirror and telling himself he is getting younger, and he doesn't seemed to have aged as he should (could be plastic surgery I don't know)

      I'm sure the same sort of studies done with earthworms (reducing food intake)have been done with chimpanzees with equally astounding outcomes.

      I buy my spirulina by the kilogram and I'm almost convinced to start taking it before bed after reading your post.


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        I think it gives women and men alike worlds of confidence that ultimately makes them better people. Because, Studies indicate that 50% of brain power is genetic and the other 50% is attributed to the environment. The activity a brain receives and the experiences it encounters all help the brain to develop and achieve. Like a muscle the more we exercise it the better it becomes.
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          Living Young and Maintaining Youth

          According to me,Yoga is an ancient practice that comes from India. It is not only a source of exercise from this tradition, but also a way to find enlightenment and maintain youth.Even though it has been applied with therapeutic intention for thousand of years, Yoga Therapy is only just now emerging as a discipline in itself. There are four major types of Yoga that are available for practice.Yoga doesn't need any costly equipment, gyms, swimming pool or playgrounds.


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            Some alternative way is by utilizing positive energy similar to the one produced by magnetic north, sunrise / sunset, negative corona, or specially constructed electronics.

            People report younger look:
            Alternate Health: Younger Look with Magnetized Water - Associated Content -


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              So where can one find magnetite to make the apparatus to magnetize water? I just did a Google and can only find the larger solid pieces of magnetite, as opposed to the granular version.
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                Originally posted by Pamela Vicik-Smith View Post
                So where can one find magnetite to make the apparatus to magnetize water? I just did a Google and can only find the larger solid pieces of magnetite, as opposed to the granular version.
                You can search magnetite powder. It is usually used for the ink for laser printer or photocopier.

                I think we can get similar effect using other method like water copper funnel , negative ionizer or orgonite.

                The theory is body deteriorate faster on oxidized environment, some people call it DOR, deadly orgone environment. By introducing anti oxidant, POR, positive orgone to the air or water we can have more regeneration.

                Each has each use according to Dr Robert (Bob) Beck. Source positive (DOR) kill virus/bactery but may kill healthy cell too. Source negative (POR) will boost cell regeneration.

                Some people believe that our technology contribute a lot of DOR. Some symptoms include headache, rashes, getting angry easily, low moral, etc.

                Dr Hulda Clark mention that people who has south polarity saliva at noon will/already have serious sickness including cancer.

                While magnetite water give anti oxidant to the water, some prefer to use orgonite to give anti oxidant to air too.


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                  Living Young and Maintaining Youth

                  According to me,Yoga Retreat is a spiritual science of self-realisation.Yoga is a direct experience of life and of all things. You will feel at peace at the end of a yoga class.Yoga create a feeling of comfort and safety.People who exercise regularly feel young.


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                    Skin Detox A youthful glow

                    Skin Detox / How To Detox For Beautiful Skin

                    contains some tips on making your own facial masks and has skin detox advice. It really helps improve texture and tone of skin!

                    Also check out the gallbladder flush, for increased exercise and cleansing out you liver/gallbladder of stored toxins, especially from the "low fat" diet craze.

                    Happy cleansing for health, youth and vitality!
                    Amy Doublet


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                      living around a natural or artificial healthy energy environment can make you look and feel younger too.


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                        Living Young and Maintaining Youth

                        The combination of Yoga and AYURVEDA
                        is a key to good health.Ayurveda treats not just the ailment but the whole person and emphasizes prevention of disease to avoid the need for cure.Ayurvedic Medicine has become an increasingly accepted alternative medical treatment in America during the last two decades.
                        Ayurvedic treatment is non-invasive and non-toxic, so it can be used safely as an alternative therapy or alongside conventional therapies.


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                          You should always be prepared to explore and investigate anti-aging options which may be based on exercise,nutrition or pharmaceuticals.
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                            Originally posted by greenliving View Post
                            You should always be prepared to explore and investigate anti-aging options which may be based on exercise,nutrition or pharmaceuticals.
                            You should always be prepared to explore and investigate anti-aging options which may not be based on exercise,nutrition or pharmaceuticals.


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                              another technique could be also the tissue detox. Have you ever seen the amount of waste that comes out from the body after doing some kind of detox?
                              Think about the foot ionic bath, the colon cleanse or the liver cleanse.