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Is Cocaine in Coca Cola still?

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  • Is Cocaine in Coca Cola still?

    Does Coca Cola still have cocaine?

    I can't say for sure, but check this out...

    Coca Cola is a proprietary formula that has never been publicly released.

    In the past, it came from Coca leaves (with cocaine) and kola nut (high

    A big part of the formula is said to be from vanilla, cinnamon and maybe
    nutmeg. Of course in all their right ratios.

    It was known that there was cocaine in the Coca Cola. It was accepted
    and perhaps it is a healthy stimulating natural substance in moderation
    - I don't know.

    But there came a time that it became "illegal" for various reasons that may
    be valid or not. Fact is... that is the way it is now.

    So, many people now have the programmed mindset that Coca Cola does
    not have cocaine anymore.

    Well, before believing that, let's think about something first.

    We have to know if they are still using Coca Plants. If they did, would
    that necessarily mean it has cocaine still?


    Because there are cocaine extraction processes. And by going through that
    process, the leaves are said to be cocaine free.

    So, here is what seems to be a fact...

    Coca Cola appears to still be using coca leaves in their product. The
    company justifies this because the leaves have been through a "cocaine
    extraction process." So that implies that they are claiming that Coca Cola
    has no cocaine in it because the coca leaves that are part of the
    "flavoring" process have been "spent" in their own terminology.

    If this is true, why is Coca Cola refusing to comment on this? They should
    simply be able to say, there is no cocaine in Coca Cola. If they have
    nothing to hide, it could be dismissed on the spot.

    However, by refusing to comment, that doesn't necessarily mean that
    Coca Cola has cocaine still, but it does point to a very questionable
    response, that of silence, on this matter.

    So, maybe everyone can save whatever already purchased cans of coke
    they have on hand and perhaps they have old collectible cans from
    the past that still have Coke in it. These could probably be tested for
    cocaine easily and have the accusation be put to rest immediately.

    LOL - this is a very wild concept because there is actually the possibility
    there are traces of cocaine in Coca Cola to this day. I am NOT claiming
    that there is cocaine in Coke today, but why does the company not
    respond and where are the independent lab tests to assay the drink?

    My mom's dad's mom (my great grandmother J), her great uncle is
    John Pemberton who invented Coca Cola - he sold it off of course in 1888
    Her dad was from Georgia and had relatives all over. Anyway, I thought
    this cocaine possibility was a trip. I was surprised that it seems they
    do actually use coca leaves in the drink.

    The thing is... I don't believe there is such a thing as "spent" coca leaves
    that supposedly had all the cocaine taken out. In common herbology,
    it is nearly impossible to extract any compound 100% from a plant no
    matter what kind it is such as a cocaine alkaloid.

    And think of the homeopathic possibilities of extreme minute doses of

    Just because they say it is free of cocaine because the leaves are said
    to be "spent" doesn't mean they are. You have to see outside sources
    verifying the contents under serious analysis to see if there are or there
    are not traces of cocaine in the drink.

    Even the smallest of small can get people hooked, especially when people
    gorge it like there's no tomorrow. That is IF Coca Cola had it in there.

    I haven't popped open a Coke and even had a sip for about 13 years so
    I can't comment on how it feels no matter if it has it or not.

    Anyway, JAW DROPPING SHOCKER: COCA-COLA STILL CONTAINS TRACE AMOUNTS OF COCAINE!?? – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) LISTEN TO THE RED SHAMAN that discusses the cocaine in
    a more subjective way obviously.

    And this is supposed to be non-biased even though it is... a wikipedia
    Coca-Cola formula - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Pretty interesting to say the least...
    Aaron Murakami

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    not at all, but

    Because xxxcola doesn't contain any cocaine any more, in Peru they are producing "Real Cola", where coca is used. When you try it you feel a difference and you probably don't want to drink the xxxcolas any more.


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      When I lived in Peru, back in the 70's, Coca-Cola still had cocaine in it. This was something they advertised as a benefit.

      Sometime in the late 70's or early 80's the Coca-Cola bottling company in Peru said they stopped putting cocaine in their drink.

      Of course, tea made of coca leave is still on most menu's in restaurants in the Andes.

      I just found this reference...seems to make sense based on my personal experience and what Aaron said above.

      Coca tea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      "The leaves of the coca plant contain several alkaloids including cocaine;[1] in fact, they comprise the sources for cocaine's chemical production, though the amount of cocaine in the leaves is so small, around 0.4%,[1][2] that in order to make a gram of cocaine, 250 grams of coca leaves would be needed.[3][4] A cup of coca tea prepared from one gram of coca leaves contains approximately 4.21 mg of cocaine.[5]

      Owing to the presence of the stimulant alkaloids, the coca tea provides a source of energy similar to coffee. The tea is often sold commercially in filtering bags, each of which usually contains approximately one gram of the leaf. As coffee can be decaffeinated, the coca tea can also be decocainized. Just like "decaf" coffee does retain a minute quantity of caffeine, "decocanized" coca tea will still contain a minute quantity of the drug. When the cocaine is removed, the amount of cocaine is small enough for the product to legally sell in the USA according to the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs."


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        Is cocaine in Coca Cola?

        Originally posted by Kevin View Post
        Just like "decaf" coffee does retain a minute quantity of caffeine, "decocanized" coca tea will still contain a minute quantity of the drug. When the cocaine is removed, the amount of cocaine is small enough for the product to legally sell in the USA according to the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs."
        WOW! That is exactly what makes sense to me. It would be interesting
        to see a study of how much cocaine is ingested (if it is in Coca Cola),
        by the average consumer on a yearly basis.
        Aaron Murakami

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          i felt high when i smoked coca cola

          I am not really sure if this is true however I can tell you that one time I smoked marijuana in a bong that was filled with coca cola rather than water, and the high was extremely different than what I was used to, I was extremely social and had alot of energy, things that appear with the use of cocaine. so that's just some food for thought