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Energetic help for my son?

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  • Energetic help for my son?

    Hello everyone out there! I was wondering if there were any alternative energetic health practitioners out there who could give me some advice for my son? Please? He's 6 and he is ALWAYS getting sick! He also has asthma and allergies to dust. Anyways thing is whenever there is ANYTHING out there spinning around in the air, anything at all even a light cold bug, conjunctivitis, virus or infection of any sort he is ALWAYS picking it up. He seems to come down with EVERYTHING he comes in contact with. It's as if he didn't have an immune system, except that obviously he does because he has allergies. He's been this way ever since he was a baby but people said he would grow out of it, but so far he hasn't.

    I really don't know why he is this way or what I can do to reinforce his immune system but without aggravating his allergies. I've tried many things, I used to give him propolis (propoleo) but it didn't do anything for him, so I stopped doing that because propolis is quite expensive. I haven't tried equinacea yet but I've heard it is expensive too, and I really can't afford expensive treatments right now as I am living on welfare. He has a healthy lifestyle and eats well, I don't expose him to the cold or to currents although I do take him out for walks. He eats plenty of yogurt and I just started giving him Actimel as a last resort, I don't know what Actimel is called in the US it's a special kind of yogurt that is available here in Europe that has this thing called L. Casei that is supposed to improve immunity. I didn't want to give him Actimel because I read some of that subversive hippie literature that said that Actimel was addictive and that in reality it weakened people's immune systems in the long run because it made people dependent on Actimel and made it so that their immune systems didn't work properly if they didn't take Actimel. However in the case of my son I don't think Actimel can make his immune system stop working because it already doesn't seem to work to begin with!

    Anyways I don't have money to take him to a homeopath or naturopath, which is what I would've liked to do. So I was just wondering if someone out there could maybe give me some general advice to improve his immune system? Thank you!
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    Hi! Someone said maybe my son's illnesses reflect something in me or in his home? Well I don't know, I personally think genetics are real and not just something in our minds. (If it were only in our minds I'd be blonde hehe! ) My sons have different fathers and I find that their makeup very much reflects their GENES and their different fathers. For example my oldest son LOOKS like his father, and my youngest son has the constitution of HIS father.

    My youngest son, the one who is always sick, also has all the illnesses of his father too. (His father is asthmatic and used to get so sick from his allergies when he was a child that he had to stay in the hospital.)

    My oldest son is as strong as a horse and is NEVER sick, even when all his classmates are falling like flies he remains like a rock among them! I am also like that, I very rarely get sick.

    They also asked me what is it that I get to feel when my son gets sick, that I don't have the opportunity of feeling when he is not sick? Well I find that it is one of the few things that mars our beautiful perfect floating life. It prevents me from getting sleep, because my son can't sleep when he is sick. It forces me to cross the city in the middle of the night in a taxi to get to the hospital, because in the middle of the night there are no buses and I don't have a car, so it is another great opportunity for me to lose even more money than the little bit that I have. Or we must walk an hour to the hospital because taxis are expensive and especially at the end of the month I often just simply don't HAVE the money to take a taxi.

    Does it make me cuddle my son more? I don't think so, I'm a very cuddling person as it is and I am always cuddling both my sons anyways. My son doesn't like being sick, he doesn't like to be always stuck underneath a mask in the hospital for hours at a time and losing sleep.

    And do I think there is something I am supposed to learn from having a son with these illnesses? Well I think that people's illnesses are often karmic and that also our kids' illnesses can be our own karma too. So in that sense I suppose maybe the whole family is supposed to learn something from my son always being sick, because it affects my oldest son too, he also can't sleep, spends long hours being bored in the hospital, etc.

    That said I DON'T believe that karma = inevitable destiny or something that we MUST suffer all our lives, I believe in free will and that WE have the power of creating our own lives, not that everything that happens in our lives is only the result of fickle destiny. Soooooo, I believe that if someone is always sick WE have the power and the possibility of helping them get well. I don't believe that a person who is often sick is DESTINED to be sick all their lives, I believe that they CAN get well. I am not a fatalist I don't believe that a person who is often sick must RESIGN himself to being sick all his life with no hope of ever being able to do anything about it.
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      immune system

      Hi Serenac,

      You could give him some things to boost immunity, but it would still be
      hiding the cause of what is happening to begin with.

      It is possible to get some test for him like an ELISA test that will tell you
      all the different things he is reacting to. I worked with a medical doctor
      that practiced holistic medicine and her patients were helped quite a bit
      by knowing the results. It is pretty surprising what some people react to.

      You would have to find out if his immune system is too weak or is over

      Whatever the case, sugar intoxicates the immune system and causes
      the immune system cells (all the different kinds of white blood cells, etc..)
      to become very lethargic. Eliminating white processed sugar, anything
      with high fructose corn syrup, food colorings, white flour products
      and regular table salt from the diet can dramatically relieve stress from
      the immune system.

      Dairy may be a contributor but your doctor analyzing the Elisa or something
      similar can tell you.

      Use only organic cane sugar in super moderation, only whole grain flour
      and rice products and only Celtic Sea Salt or Redmond Real Salt for salt.

      Enough fresh air, sunshine and filtered drinking water is extremely helpful.

      There are very subtle things that can cause these kind of problems.
      Some people have corn allergies and there is a lot of corn products in
      newspaper ink, etc... someone may read a paper, get some on their hands,
      inhale a bit or get some in their mouth and they have a reaction and will
      never know their newspaper is dragging them down. I don't know if he
      reads the paper, but the same kind of corn inks are in comic books,
      magazines, etc...

      Anyway, hope some of that is helpful.
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        Hi Serena

        I'm so sorry that your son gets sick a lot. It must be really difficult for all of you and frustrating not knowing the reason why. What Aaron says makes a lot of sense. I suppose it's a matter of finding ways to boost his immune system whilst also getting to the bottom of the reason for it and just following whatever clues present themselves. In addition to the corn there could be other things that he is especially sensitive too, things such as chemicals in washing powder, soap, shampoo, carpets, furniture etc. If he is sensitive then they could make him sick whilst you and your other son are absolutely fine and have no reaction. So, if you're able to replace any or all of these one bit at a time with organic, none chemical ones it might be worth trying to see if it makes a difference. I know money is really tight for you so I personally would go with the washing powder first as that will be on the clothes he wears and the bedding he sleeps in so will affect him 24 hours a day and find one that is chemical free. Anyway, just thought I'd add this in case it was of help. Best wishes.
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