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The Smallpox epidemic

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  • The Smallpox epidemic

    Not happy with the limited success of the covid plandemic, Bill Gates and the United Nations are now predicting that we will soon have a Smallpox
    Epidemic that could start in the airports.
    Keep in mind that Smallpox was eradicated but, some labs kept viable samples,,, just in case.

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    A researcher at a Merck facility outside of Philadelphia found several vials that were labeled "smallpox," according to a local TV station.


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      What many are wondering is how did “mystery” vials appear in Philadelphia when there are only two labs in the entire world that have been authorized to store smallpox samples?

      This Philadelphia lab, by the way, is owned by none other than Merck & Co. Does this mean that Merck is developing some kind of drug concoction to be strategically released just after the smallpox bioweapon is released?