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Chemical Weather Modification: Moscow

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  • Chemical Weather Modification: Moscow

    I just read seen this while checking my email at yahoo. It blew me away. Moscow wants to spend millions to spray chemicals in theyre clouds just so they wont have to clear the roads from snow.

    Moscow Mayor Promises a Winter Without Snow - Yahoo! News

    Cement pouder wont hurt anything...hey what dosent kill ya only makes you stronger....right

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    not only is moscow doing that, but so is china, europe, usa and the rest of the world. Its just funny now they are "exploring" these ideas in a public place. Just look up any day and see how they explored these ideas years ago.


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      Check out
      "Once you've come to the conclusion that what what you know already is all you need to know, then you have a degree in disinterest." - John Dobson


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        Thanks for the link it looks very interesting.

        A few weeks ago i was driving to my house and as i pulled into my drive i noticed a bunch of the white lines side-by-side in the sky. I went in to pick up a friend and i figured i would take a picture with my phone when i came back out to show you guys...It wasnt even 5 minutes that i came back outside and to my amazment the lines were all Gone. All that remained was a large haze in that area.

        I've never seen anything like that in my life. It really shocked me, there were at least 6 or 7 thick trails that were very long. They all seemed to be spaced apart the same and of the same length. They were spaced apart far enough to know they couldnt have come from one plane...

        I wish i would have gotten a picture.


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          They do come from the same plane, but sometimes from multiple planes. it doesn't take long to go back and forth across the sky by one plane.

          I was on an airline flight last spring and I wanted to point out to the lady sitting next to me of a plane right outside our window at our elevation and traveling a little slower trailing a white tail of %^&*#$ from its backside. She wasn't interested. Oh well.


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            Heavy metals and chemicals, which makes heavy metal cleases that more important. Fatigue, weak immune system, high acidity inside the body are all partly due to these chemicals.