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Milk Thistle & Liver Health

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  • Milk Thistle & Liver Health

    Anyone tried "Milk Thistle" supplement for Liver health ??

    I would love to hear about experienced benefits ...

    Can we talk here about "Liver Health" ... tips, facts, advice ..

    Thank You


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    Hi Lama,

    Milk thistle or silymarin works.

    Even for poisoning by death cap mushrooms, the antidote is an injection of silymarin extract to protect the liver.

    This herb stimulates the production of glutathione (amino acid) and this helps to pull toxins out of the body.

    It is easy to find the tea, liquid tincture, capsules or tablets.

    Some places even have the bulk seeds. I used to sell all of them and still have a supply of the seeds. They are considered a "noxious weed" or "nuisance plant" for the local area and is technically illegal to grow our own. lol - because if it starts growing, they just take over the whole area.

    Anyway, a STANDARDIZED EXTRACT "silymarin extract" in is the best way to get it.
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      Easier Way to flush everything out of your liver - Egg yolks and Lime Juice and Oil. at Liver Flush Support Forum

      I don't know anything about milk thistle, yet it sounds like it is something I should learn about. But the link above I can say I do know a little about.

      I'm gonna add this. Somewhere in that thread they start talking about doubling the formula or even more. And after taking drinking that liver flush mix for a week or so I upped it to something like 5-6 limes and 5 egg yolks then 2 Tbs of quality oil. And I felt GREAT all day. I mean it felt real good to me. I've read of others just using the standard recipe of 3 limes, 2 egg yolks, and 1 Tbs of oil and they felt real great too. Also use quality ingredients. And yes you can leave eggs on the counter top without them spoiling. This was something I learned after reading deep into that thread. And I still have some eggs that I bought about a month ago which I am just finishing up on tomorrow.

      I enjoy doubling the recipe cause it just feels soo good to me.

      Something else that I've been reading a lot is using some type of edible clay to attract toxins to it in ones colon so that they can be removed from the body. I've used P&B shakes to clean my colon/body and I like that too. Just do a search on Alternative Medicine Forums, Blogs & FAQs on for P&B Shakes. Cleaning the colon is important for liver health too, cus if there are toxins just sitting in the colon and you only clean the liver, then the toxins from the colon will simply find their way back to the liver. Here's a link to wet your appetite P&B Shakes - PSYLLIUM & BENTONITE COLON CLEANSE at Bowel Cleanse FAQ Also if you do the P&B shakes remember to drink plenty of water to avoid constipation. Someone at the health store also told me this so I've made sure to drink plenty to avoid it.
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        Very cool liver flush with the egg yolks and limes. I will have to try that. Did you do the enemas too?

        I did a flush years ago that required massive amounts of pure apple juice for three days, which was meant to soften the gallstones. At the end of the three days, you drank lemon juice and oil. The stones flushed out like crazy. Tiny green things. It was amazing. It is important that the stones be softened because you do not want a hard stone getting stuck in the small biliary duct. That would necessitate a trip to the emergency room.
        Here is the flush.

        Do not take flushes lightly. If you tend to be constipated, take magnesium until you have one to two soft bowel movements per day before doing a flush. If you are not regular, all of the toxins you are flushing out will accumulate and make you ill. Some of the more harsh flushes will deplete the body of needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Gentle and easy is the way to go. Many times magnesium and regularity is all that is needed to let the body flush itself out naturally.

        Besides magnesium, fulvic and humic trace mineral solutions are very beneficial for digestion.
        Love and Blessings,

        Dr. DeAnn Upton, A.M.P.
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          I did try the enemas for almost a week I think. But after reading deep into that thread it is stated to do the enema 5-6 hours after drinking the drink. That is if you drink it in the morning, and if you drink it at night it's recommended to do the enema in the morning. I was doing them like an hour after drinking the drink. So I didn't notice any green stones, but I did see many small light tan colored stones which may have actually been parasites. I didn't look at em real close, but I've read of others saying that those small light tan stones could actually be parasites. I think liver flukes maybe?

          Yet when I was doubling the recipie, it was like the second week of drinking the drink and I wasn't doing the enemas cus I was moving around and it was inconvenient. "Just an excuse I suppose." But that is when I felt real good, I can only imagine how much better it would feel to remove the toxins manually while doubling the recipie.
          If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.


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            Milk thistle is good for the liver, as is the PATHS Stem Cell mod.

            Also, there are quite a few effective protocols with the SCIO that are beneficial for the liver.

            Time spent in flotation tanks sucks the toxins out of your body, reducing the workload for the liver.


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