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  • Anti-Coronavirus House

    Self-heating eco-house concept (by Veljko Milkovic) with the reflecting surfaces is an ideal Anti-Coronavirus House!

    The concept of "Self-Heating Ecological House” by academician Veljko Milkovic is a highly energy efficient building with passive solar architecture, which is heated by solar energy and directed towards south. It is designed so that there is a soil layer around the structure of the house instead of a roof for a maximum preservation of free solar energy and it has reflective surfaces that are installed around the window frames. This represents an innovative solar technology which is used to increase the amount of heat and light that enters the house.

    2.5 times more UV rays that kill all viruses!

    Beside the solar gain in heat and light that is 2.5 times more than in an ordinary house, we are also getting a significant health contribution – these reflecting surfaces also reflect more UV rays which kill all viruses in the house and in that way we are getting a natural disinfection process.