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    Herbs for Amoebiasis

    It comprises of five medicinal herbs, namely, Boerhavia diffusa, Berberis aristata, Tinospora cordifolia, Terminalia chebula and Zingiber officinale. The dried and pulverized plants were extracted in ethanol together and individually.

    Oregon Grape Root/Mountain Grape (EleiganPutao)

    Botanical Name: Western – Berberis (or Mahonia) nervosa, M. aquifolium, M. repens, M. fremontii. Eastern – B. sargentiana, B. thunbergii.
    Oregon grape root is best known for treating infections and supporting the liver. These two particular strengths give this herb specific abilities with broad applications. The plant is well-known for its strong antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. For example, it can treat infections that have become resistant to antibiotics (including urinary tract infections and mouth infections) and a wide range of conditions arising from a sluggish liver or liver congestion. It is a classically bitter, bitter herb. While the plant Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) has similar properties, it is in fact an entirely different plant. Oregon grape (Berberis nervosa) is considered the stronger of the two species.

    Below is an overview of Oregon Grape Root/Mountain Grape (Eleigang Putao), combining and interpreting the best of Western Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Shamanism, Folklore and more. Gain a balanced and thorough understanding of the healing properties of Oregon Grape Root/Mountain Grape (Eleigang Putao).

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      Call this Pablo if you want but this guy is a heavy lifter. Q told us to look to twitter and I do not know where to look. This guy does and is right on every time. Better listen till it sinks in. Patience is required until you catch up with ALL of the past Q posts and learn how they unlock. This guy is unlocking the whole deal.


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        Who the hell is Pablo?
        The fallout from the lockdown is starting to get out of control.
        Here is a good report that looks at previous patterns to try to predict how long a lockdown could be expected to last.
        Here is an article that reports what the financial fallout in China is doing to small business.

        GOV tells us NOT to panic and hoard. What happens if you DON'T hoard?
        The country has been on lockdown since 9 March, but the trend in cases and deaths indicate an extension is highly likely.
        Italy struggling as coronavirus lockdown continues
        Videos are appearing on social media of people struggling to cope with the effects of the lockdown. In Palermo, Sicily, police have been forced to head to supermarkets after reports of people stealing food to feed themselves, and groups have appeared in recent days looking to organise raids on supermarkets.

        The French are afraid to lock down the muzzies.
        Apparently, much of the West is heading for the same problems.

        Through regulatory capture, the bankers managed to squeeze out all the wealth for themselves. The lower loop has no money. The efforts of the present administration to re-capitalize the lower loop are not going to work out as hoped.
        "The Washington Post reports that this bill will authorize “hundreds of billions of dollars sent to Americans in the form of checks as a way to flood the country with money in an effort to blunt the dramatic pullback of spending that has resulted from the coronavirus outbreak.”

        In a general sense, communism is a system that tries to micro-manage the whole economy. It can't be done. Only a free market can accurately allocate capital to where it does the most good. The system is HEAVILY distorted by crony capitalism. Recapitalizing the lower loop with cash infusions will just be another distortion.

        3/30 33% of Americans don’t have $100 saved – Upfina
        3/30 COVID-19 fallout: why US may be hit by ‘tsunami of inflation’ – Sputnik
        Pumping in all this liquidity does carry the risk of price inflation. Price inflation, by itself carries enormous risk to a population that is flat broke. It remains to be seen what the result of all those GOV checks will do to people who have lost confidence.
        Cash flow to business has crashed. GOV fancies that it can make up the difference and manage all finance for everybody.


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          Originally posted by BroMikey View Post

          Not just any germ AMEOBA's Use this one and you will get the idea. BERBERINES are
          found in herbs, this is where these med's get the goody.

          I am taking OREGON GRAPE this week. I also have BARBERRY same type of herb.

          Thanks. It looks interesting, I'll try it.
          Ihe people who designed and released the covid-19 bug in the Wuhan marketplace probably have the cure in hand, but will save it for themselves, and their allies. I wonder what they gave Prince Charles to cure his infection?


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            Originally posted by Chickadee1948 View Post

            Thanks. It looks interesting, I'll try it.
            Ihe people who designed and released the covid-19 bug in the Wuhan marketplace probably have the cure in hand, but will save it for themselves, and their allies. I wonder what they gave Prince Charles to cure his infection?
            Here is where the confusion is. For the past 50+ years weak Presidents have been allowed to give out poisons in the form of vaccines when all the human body needs is a little help. Herbs have been withheld for curing people BY the medical societies run by criminals. It is that simple.


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              Originally posted by Danny B View Post
              Who the hell is Pablo?
              The fallout from the lockdown is starting to get out of control.
              Here is a good report that looks at previous patterns to try to predict how long a lockdown could be expected to last.
              If yer talkin about New York where in the ghetto you have to eat rats to survive, probably next year. Pablo is that soft spoken easy talker who keeps everyone's attention. The cure is already on the loose, days from now not years Danny.


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                Viruses do mutate at a particularly high rate, especially ones like SARS-CoV-2 that use RNA for their genetic material. Unlike organisms that use DNA, these viruses don’t have the ability to fix mistakes that happen when they copy their genetic code. This means that RNA viruses tend to evolve more quickly than other organisms, says Richard Kuhn, a virologist and director of the Purdue Institute of Inflammation, Immunology and Infectious Disease in West Lafayette, Indiana.

                However, the bulk of the mutations that appear as a virus spreads are either harmful to the virus itself (meaning it is less likely to survive or replicate) or don’t change how it functions.

                Stop eating all pork stuff and your body will be able to fight better. But you will get thru this without an economic collapse, high body count and ww3


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                  FDA approves CORONAVIRUS cure


                  On Sunday, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said in a statement that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine could be prescribed to teens and adults with COVID-19 "as appropriate, when a clinical trial is not available or feasible," after the FDA issued an Emergency Use Authorization. (EUA) That marked the first EUA for a drug related to COVID-19 in the U.S., according to the statement.

                  Currently, there are no specific drugs for COVID-19 which, as shown in the Statista graph below (accurate as of March 26), has sickened over half a million people. According to Johns Hopkins University, over 720,000 cases have been confirmed, more than 34,000 people have died, and over 152,000 have recovered since the pandemic started in China late last year.

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                    Read it and weep doom and gloomers.


                    FDA Approves Anti-Malarial Drugs Chloroquine And Hydroxychloroquine
                    For Emergency Coronavirus Treatment



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                      Notice how Trump says a treatment for some forms of arthritis? Stop eating all pork products, nasty.

                      The press called TRUMP liar and cheif 2 weeks for saying this is FDA approved, now THE PRESS has changed the headline to the fda did not approve. You got to be a freakin stupid fool to blindly follow the PRESS. A world of them.

                      FDA approves CHLOROQUINE

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                        Armstrong is in a good position to receive lots of information from top level people.
                        KRAP, erased everything again.
                        Armstrong has a couple of good articles. The one posted above is just 10 bucks.

                        "The West is committing economic suicide. Asia is returning to normal as quickly as possible. We are engulfed in the collapse of socialism and governments conspiring to eliminate paper currencies, seize all assets including cryptocurrencies, and force everyone into their digital currencies to ensure 100% control of our financial lives."
                        The power grab.


                        By: Joseph Jacobs, Isaac A. Hourwich

                        "Theory of civil polity which advocates public collective ownership, production, and distribution. Jews have been prominently identified with the modern Socialist movement from its very inception."

                        We are definitely being driven to economic collapse. The "usual suspects" seem to be the main driver. Keep in mind that these same people crashed their home bond market in the early '80s. So much for being supreme money managers. I believe that they are so focused on their desired goal that they haven't thought this out. "They" have greatly endangered the paper gold market.
                        "Isn’t it interesting that more virtual gold trades in one day on the LBMA than is mined in an entire year. Whatever it takes, including endless wars to try to keep the petrodollar alive and trillions of dollars spent on blood and treasury."

                        "As one can see in the chart below, the average daily trading volume for gold ranks among the largest financial assets in the world"
                        To sum up, the gold market is enormous, which makes it one of the largest and most important financial markets in the world today.
                        Every day, there are a whopping 5,500 tonnes ($212 billion) of gold traded in London, making it the largest wholesale and over-the-counter (OTC) market for gold in the world.
                        On a higher volume day, amounts closer to total U.S. gold reserves (8,133.5 tonnes) can change hands."
                        So much of the world commerce is referenced to the price of gold. Disturbing this price is very dangerous.
                        About that petro-dollar.
                        Oil Hovers Just Above 18 Year Low After Putin-Trump Hold Phone Call
                        Canadian oil is sold at a loss. Fracking has lost $280 billion over time.
                        3/31 Texas or Canada: Where will oil hit $0 first? – Zero Hedge
                        The main reserve asset in the world is the U.S. treasury note. This too has been put in grave danger.

                        3/31 America has a new problem: how to give away $2 trillion in 2 weeks – Zero Hedge
                        3/30 Credit Suisse tells clients “do not bother asking” about gold bars – GoldCore
                        3/31 You mean there was never any gold at the Comex? – GATA
                        3/31 “V” shaped recover will need Viagra – Michael Pento
                        John Hussman does great analysis,


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                          KRAP, erased it again
                          I forgot a couple of interesting points. Then, it all got erased.. Am I the only one gets erased as much as 3 times a message?
                          Here is an interesting bit of deja vu.
                          Here is the movie version.


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                            KRAP, erased everything again.

                            The above link is a story about nano-silver face masks.

                            Here is a very comprehensive article looking at everything. In the final analysis, it advocates total lockdown.
                            Sweden refuses to lockdown
                            India locked down but, it didn't seem to help

                            Government and health forecasts
                            Armstrong talks about the battle with socialism

                            Excellent article on the projected economic fallout
                            The endless corruption that got us to this point.
                            N.B. fines to the bankers were tax deductible.

                            The Dems hope to use the CV problem to bring down Trump,,, no surprise


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                              It's all like a global reboot of the world. The best way is to send everyone home.



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                                Here is an authoritative paper by Paul Maher, MD, a contributor to and it is jam-packed with accurate information as well as a lot of references. Go here for the PDF:
                                Aaron Murakami

                                Books & Videos
                                RPX & MWO