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    Researcher with level head explains.


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      Is it real or, is it Memorex?

      Armstrong. PRIVATE BLOG – This is Too Well Organized to Be Real – CoronaGate

      therefore, if the timeline holds for most viruses, it should peak out in April/May. Perhaps the last case may be June/July.

      There is NO INDICATION that this will last longer than any other virus issue. For now, it will probably continue to expand into April/May before we see any top in the number of cases.
      Therefore, despite all the doom and gloom and the level of outright panic, we should see this subside probably no later than July 2020.
      As far as governments are concerned, the press seems to have turned this into a real panic.
      When we look at this Coronavirus scare, it does not even compare to all the deaths taking place every single day from a host of other diseases nobody bothers to ever mention. This really makes me wonder just who is orchestrating this panic and is the purpose really to expand government powers?

      Marty; You really do understand government. No sooner you posted how they will never let a crisis go to waste and the Democrats are using the coronavirus to advance their liberal agenda. They are using the virus to justify sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. Then they are using it to create a version of Medicare for all with government-covered testing and health care for those who are suspect of being infected.
      There seem to be people on the internet desperate to turn this into the end of the world with false claims of a death rate of 5%-10% which is just fiction. Perhaps these people are deliberately trying to create a panic to justify government actions.

      3/13 The government has been secretly stockpiling for a pandemic – SHTF Plan
      3/13 Italy’s death toll tops 1,000 – CNBC
      3/12 Six million Australians to receive $750 coronavirus stimulus – Guardian


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        Hannity is there for a reason.


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          Corona-frenzy is here EMERGENCY EMERGENCY Boogie woogie flu gonna gitya

          FALSE POSITIVE TESTS were replaced with a real kit. Swamp everywhere Americans died from the flu viruses in the past 12 months to the tune of 20,000. Not a peep out of the media. 40 death toll for corona.

          This is as close as you will ever get to INSIDE BASEBALL.

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            Jesuit's Bark;
            DAMN, erased everything for the third time.
            1 day ago - The number of new coronavirus cases imported into mainland China from overseas surpassed the number of locally transmitted new infections for the first time on Friday,
            I don't trust the numbers out of China. They are trying to prevent others from developing new supply chains.

            For the cognoscenti;
            DAM, erased everything again.

            Erased everything a second time.
            1 day ago - The number of new coronavirus cases imported into mainland China from overseas surpassed the number of locally transmitted new infections for the first time on Friday,
            I don't trust the numbers out of China. They are trying to prevent others from developing new supply chains.

            DAM, erased everything again.


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              Now yer cookin with gas, go Danny



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                There exists the possibility that the pandemic will be used to break the stranglehold that the bankers have on the economy. Things are certainly collapsing economically.

                <25> years ago, I became a member of Life Extension Foundation. I have been reading their research for the same amount of time. I'm going to do interesting excerpts from an excellent article. BIG PHARMA, via the government will jump down your throat should you make any medical claims for any substance or protocol that was not originated by BIG PHARMA, In their monthly magazine, LEF will print a page of references to dozens or, hundreds of studies on a particular, nutrient or pharmaceutical.
                On the opposite page, they will print an advertisement for the same nutrient with NO claims. You read the studies and, decide for yourself. Obviously this is BAD. Obviously, you must consult a doctor to make any decisions about your health. Obviously, you must buy from BIG PHARMA for any materials to improve your health.
                "One randomized controlled trial that enrolled over 700 healthy volunteers showed a preparation containing probiotics (Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, and Bifidobacterium lactis), lactoferrin, and prebiotics (non-digestible fibers that can serve as a food source for benefical gut bacteria) reduced the incidence of respiratory diseases during the cold season. The probiotic formulation reduced the number, severity, and duration of upper respiratory infections; improvements in bowel function were also observed (Pregliasco 2008). In another trial, the same probiotic blend, given with colostrum (antibody-rich “first milk,” produced in late pregnancy), reduced flu incidence compared with vaccination and with no treatment (Belcaro 2010). Another probiotic, Bacillus subtilis CU1, enhanced the immune response and reduced the frequency of respiratory infections in elderly study participants (Lefevre 2015)."

                So, while the influenza is a respiratory disease, gut bacteria have a big effect on preventing it. COVID 19 shows up in the stool so, gut bacteria must work to prevent it from spreading.

                "The over-the-counter heartburn medication cimetidine possesses immune-modulating and anti-cancer properties. Intermittent cimetidine cycles should be considered in an anti-immune-senescence regimen."
                "Over time, our ability to fend off bacteria and viruses diminishes, our response to vaccinations weakens, and critical anti-cancer defenders called natural killer (NK) cells become increasingly impaired. At the same time, smoldering, persistent inflammation runs rampant in our aging bodies (Mekker 2012; Franceschi 2014; Pera 2015; Mitchell 2010). Our immune cell diversity declines as well during aging, reducing our defense against novel pathogens. These changes are all due in part to immune senescence (Zhang 2016; Candore 2008; Agarwal 2010; Muller 2013; Maijo 2014)."
                "In addition, a variety of natural interventions may slow or potentially reverse the course of immune senescence. Evidence from clinical and preclinical studies indicates that natural products such as reishi mushroom, cistanche, and pu-erh tea possess potent immune-modulating properties that can be harnessed to deter immune senescence (Yonei 2011; Batra 2013; Wachtel-Galor 2011; Kladar 2015; Chu 2011)."

                "The immune system includes two closely related components—innate immunity and adaptive immunity (Chaplin 2010; Parkin 2001).
                Innate Immune System

                Innate immunity is the body’s first response to foreign and potentially harmful substances. It is ready to mobilize rapidly, and can nonspecifically attack particles that trigger an immune response (antigens) (Drake 2010; Chaplin 2010; Abbas 2009). Important components of the innate immune system include"
                "Adaptive Immune System

                If the innate defense system does not eliminate the threat, the next level of defense is the adaptive immune system (Drake 2010; Abbas 2009), which responds specifically to individual antigens. The adaptive immune system includes antibody-mediated immunity and cell-mediated immunity (Delves 2014)."
                "The approximately 30 trillion bacteria that inhabit our bodies are collectively referred to as the microbiota. Most of these bacteria colonize the gastrointestinal tract, where nearly 70% of the immune system resides (Maranduba 2015; Vickery 2011; Vighi 2008; Sender 2016).

                "Disruption in the balance of the intestinal microbiota can increase inflammation, lead to infection, and contribute to disease development (Duncan 2013)."

                Remember that it is the inflammation of the alveoli in the lungs that kill you.

                "Clinical trials have shown probiotics can enhance immune function in the elderly, potentially reducing the frequency and severity of infectious diseases (Maijo 2014; Duncan 2013; Ibrahim 2010; Candore 2008)."
                "Aging individuals’ immune systems respond less efficiently to challenges compared with those of younger people. For example, consequences of the flu are more severe in the elderly, with a lower likelihood of complete recovery and a higher risk of transition into chronic illness (Montecino-Rodriguez 2013; Mitchell 2010). An estimated 90% of influenza-associated deaths in the United States occur among persons aged 65 years or older, and most are related to cardiovascular and pulmonary complications (McElhaney 2012; Thompson 2003)."
                "These age-related afflictions share a common denominator: chronic, low-grade, systemic inflammation—a prevalent feature of aging that contributes to tissue damage and degeneration. Immune senescence is associated with a chronic pro-inflammatory state, which further accelerates immune system decline (Maijo 2014; Franceschi 2014; Lang 2013; Pera 2015; Lopez-Otin 2013)."
                "Na´ve T cells originate from precursor cells in the bone marrow and mature in the thymus. These inexperienced T cells have yet to be activated by antigen exposure. Because of their immune inexperience, na´ve T cells can be activated to recognize and respond to new challenges. Importantly, a vast supply of na´ve T cells is needed to initiate a T-cell immune response to newly encountered antigens, such as new variations of the influenza virus, new antigens used in vaccinations, and cancer cells (Muller 2013; Naylor 2005; Maijo 2014)."

                You can see the idea behind vaccinations,,, to instruct the naive T-cells to recognise a pathogen.

                "As a result, the ability of the elderly to mount a successful immune response to new antigens is diminished. This impairs defense aginst microbes, reduces vaccine efficacy, and increases cancer risk (Weiskopf 2009; Hakim 2007; Maijo 2014)."
                "Memory T cells are specialized T cells generated after an initial encounter with an antigen that persist long after the exposure has ended. Upon re-exposure to the antigen, memory T cells recognize the antigen and launch a rapid and vigorous response. Over time, exposure to multiple antigens increases the body’s pool of protective memory T cells (Montecino-Rodriguez 2013; Abbas 2009). However, memory T cells from older persons are often senescent, meaning they lost their ability to proliferate and have become dysfunctional (Maijo 2014; Chou 2013; Dock 2011)."
                "Although unable to divide, senescent cells remain active, secreting high levels of pro-inflammatory molecules such as tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-6 (Chou 2013; Maijo 2014; Dock 2011; Baker 2011; Hazeldine 2013). Chronic inflammation triggered by senescent T cells may be a contributing factor in cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases of aging (Yu 2014; Chou 2013)"

                You can see that inflammation is the major enemy.

                "One of the most dramatic changes that occur in the aging immune system is atrophy (shrinking) of the thymus gland. Thymus atrophy is believed to contribute significantly to immune senescence (Palmer 2013; Griffith 2015), and thymus function decreases with age (Griffith 2015; Weiskopf 2009)."
                "Immune senescence is associated with high levels of the inflammatory cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6), while low IL-6 levels are common in healthy centenarians (Franceschi 2005)."
                "The Mediterranean diet is a dietary pattern based on foods and drinks traditionally consumed by people in the region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea (Oldways 2016). The Mediterranean diet has been shown to protect against several age- and inflammation-related conditions including diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, cancers, and neurodegenerative diseases. The Mediterranean diet is primarily characterized by inclusion of olive oil, fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds; with moderate amounts of fish, poultry, cheese, yogurt, and eggs; l"

                The article / study goes on into GREAT detail.


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                  Several years ago, Life Extension recommended a protocol for increasing libido in men. You get past 45 y.o. and, you kinda need a jump start. Their recommendation;
                  100 mg of Pregnenolone and about 50mg of DHEA,,, depends on body weight. These are naturally occurring hormones that decline with age. You take them in the morning on an empty stomach. . You can eat right away but, those 2 must hit your stomach first.
                  It is well documented that hormone production declines with age. It is also well documented that the immune system declines with age. Here are some headlines.

                  Aging is associated with a decline in immunity described as immunosenescence. This is paralleled by a decline in the production of several hormones,
                  It remains to be established whether hormonal changes with aging actually contribute to immunosenescence and this area is at the interface of fact and fiction, clearly inviting systematic research efforts. As a step in this direction, the present review summarizes established facts on the physiology of secretion and function of hormones that, in most cases, decline with aging and that are likely to affect the immune system."

                  "Sex hormones impact a number of aspects of immunity. As a result of the aging process, dramatic changes occur in the endocrine system, particularly in the sex hormones. Thus, it is possible that the hormonal environment may play a role in the effects of aging on normal aspects of the aging immune system, as well as in immune responses to injury and infection. Although much has been uncovered regarding age-related changes in the immune and the endocrine systems, the exact mechanism of the interplay between these three factors has yet to be resolved. In this chapter, we explore each of these areas and investigate how sex hormones may be an important component to immunosenescence."

                  EVERYTHING JUST ERASED.

                  Prolongevity hormone FGF21 protects against immune senescence by delaying age-related thymic involution

                  "Age-related thymic degeneration is associated with loss of na´ve T cells, restriction of peripheral T-cell diversity, and reduced healthspan due to lower immune competence."

                  The Thymus is extremely important for the production of T-cells.

                  Immunosenescence and Its Hallmarks: How to Oppose Aging Strategically? A Review of Potential Options for Therapeutic Intervention
                  "Aging is accompanied by remodeling of the immune system. With time, this leads to a decline in immune efficacy, resulting in increased vulnerability to infectious diseases, diminished responses to vaccination, and a susceptibility to age-related inflammatory diseases. An age-associated immune alteration, extensively reported in previous studies, is the reduction in the number of peripheral blood na´ve cells, with a relative increase in the frequency of memory cells. These two alterations, together with inflamm-aging, are considered the hallmarks of immunosenescence. Because aging is a plastic process, it is influenced by both nutritional and pharmacological interventions."
                  "Concerning sex, steroid hormones, linking to specific receptors, differentially modulate the immune system. In general, while estrogens increase the immune response, progesterone and androgens have immune suppressive actions"

                  Here is another article on the relationship between the endocrine system and ageing.

                  You must understand the healing powers of the endocrine system. There have been many millions of people with traumatic brain injuries TBI.
                  "Nearly 2 million Americans sustain traumatic brain injuries annually. Conventional medical interventions largely fail to treat the often devastating cognitive, physical, and mental deficits that result"
                  "Using cutting-edge hormone replacement techniques, Gordon and his colleagues are helping to change the way we think about traumatic brain injuries, their symptoms - and how to treat them effectively. In his clinical practice, Dr. Gordon is developing new protocols that may revolutionize the devastating impact of traumatic brain injuries. One of the biggest patient populations in need of urgent care are the soldiers returning from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Our story begins with them."


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                    Mike Adams
                    CRAB, everything erased when I posted this link.
                    Mike Adams made a bunch of predictions months ago. It is worth reading them, AND another batch of predictions for the near future. Link above.
                    No gatherings over 50 people. Does than include; congress, police, military, national guard??
                    This link is REALLY doom porn. That doesn't mean that it is incorrect.
                    What happens if the national guard are heavily exposed?


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                      30 plus states crashed the school system, NO SCHOOL. HOME SCHOOL packets coming to cover April and half of May. 8 weeks till schools are out and here in the midwest we farm. Screw the failing Govt schools anyway Time to plant, Go Trump Baby, never let a good crisis go to waste. Give them their own medicine. Look weak and ram the agenda thru GO TRUMP TEAM, keep the indictments going and fire the CEO'SHee Haww
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                        CRAB, erased everything when I posted this link.
                        200 petaflops are working on a solution.

                        The Bio-Patriot Act.
                        Armstrong weighs in on the stupidity of lockdown.
                        Armstrong is correct on the horrendous cost to the economy. GOV Newsom doesn't seem to have any problems with the cost.

                        'REPLY: The New York governor is locking down the state. You must be a critical business to be open. This really makes no sense. Even if 10% of the population got the virus and say 10% of them were to die, then we are at 1968 flu epidemic levels where 3 million people died. They did not shut down the world economy for that. There is another agenda here. There is no evidence that this would ever last for 18 months. All viruses peak out and it already has in Asia. So why 18 months? Something is just not right."
                        "It appears they are using this as a pretence to prevent civil unrest that they know is rising"

                        It appears that "they" are putting in place a draconian control structure to deal with the default cascade that has been creeping up on us for several years.
                        Armstrong speculates that everyone will be vaccinated and chipped.


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                          Hummm... hot coffee on a rainy day.



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                            ATTN: MEDICAL STAFF, FIRST RESPONDERS, ETC.


                            We are on the FEMA and CalOES vendor lists. We are happy to provide references as needed.

                            N95 MASKS AVAILABLE - QTY: 30k per pallet, N95 OVERSUITS - QTY: 50k per pallet - Container discounts available.

                            Aaron Murakami

                            Books & Videos
                            RPX & MWO


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                              Originally posted by Aaron View Post
                              ATTN: MEDICAL STAFF, FIRST RESPONDERS, ETC.


                              We are on the FEMA and CalOES vendor lists. We are happy to provide references as needed.

                              N95 MASKS AVAILABLE - QTY: 30k per pallet, N95 OVERSUITS - QTY: 50k per pallet - Container discounts available.

                              Thx Aaron you are a positive, which is more than I can say for the crappy news network. V shaped recovery coming soon and stock market will soar to 40G'sResets are fun. Trump is letting us help him change the laws. A little change here and small amounts of lack for each reset. NO DEPRESSION GUYS GIVE ME A BREAK. That only comes during HRC, The Bush crime family, you get the drift. Stop living in the past Danny

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                                You are the news now. The MSM=Fake,Phony and false=Panic Panic Panic=go ahead and die

                                On the other hand here is the the real Corona virus news Yes Satan and his hit men are lords over many but Trump is the one President with the power to walk all over those 2 little weak horns. Quote me.

                                Go to minute 27:00 in this video report.

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