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Vaccine cure also remove metals from yourself

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  • Vaccine cure also remove metals from yourself

    I was thinking of posting this in the H1N1 thread but thought it could use it's own so that we could start a collection of cures.

    First off is Vitamin D for staying healthy and keeping any influenza from having the ability to attack your body. Aaron posted a good youtube link in the H1N1 with the suggested doses if you are unable to get it from the sun. I'll just get the link and put it here too. YouTube - Vitamin D ( What the new world order don't what you to know )

    Another one is Wild Oil of Oregano. It is different than regular grocery oregano. Here's a link Wild Oil of Oregano -- A MIRACLE CURE!!?!? at Lyme (Lime) Disease Alternatives
    I can't testify to it's efficacy but I have a gut feeling it works cus for some reason I bought some a while back for another reason and lo and behold now I have it for the coming times. "Synchronicity" It happens a LOT for me. And that's why I believe in it.

    There are many other recipies and suggestions from yet these are a few I wanted you all to be aware about.

    And I read that organic cilantro will remove mercury/heavy metals from your body. Not 100% cus you need to also take an internal clay, "I have some called bentonite", to attract these metals from your blood stream to your colon so that they can be expelled. I have a good article on another computer but it has a bug and I can't get to it right now. If on curezone do a search for cilantro mercury and you'll find lots of info on it. I'm also sure that there are others but this is one I saw.

    I also on my other comp have a larger article with many suggestions for removing the vaccines/or viruses you can catch from others who get vaccinated, and I'll try to get it on sometime today and post em here.

    I for one WILL refuse any jab. Yet I can't say for my uneducated family which wants to stay that way. It's likely they would fall in line for it even though I've been telling em not to. So it's likely that I'll need to keep my immune system up to keep from catching something from em. And also to help em out should they get sick when I am saying "I told you so".
    If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.

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    oil of Oregano

    I have a gut feeling it works cus for some reason I bought some a while back for another reason and lo and behold now I have it for the coming times. "Synchronicity" It happens a LOT for me. And that's why I believe in it.

    I wish more people will learn to trust their gut feeling as you did. I have read very positive reports on Oregano oil.

    'Get it all on record now - get the films - get the witnesses -because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened'

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      natural virus protection

      My personal vitamin D is 5000 IU per softgel and I take on every 2-3 days.

      Here is the H1N1 nosode (homeopathic)
      Homeopathic Remedies - herbal healer academy

      Also, I have:

      Sovereign Silver from Natural Immunogenics - smallest documented silverparticles.

      Oreganol brand Oregano oil - probably the strongest - the p-73 is what I use.

      Sambucol Elderberry Extract - probably the best quality standardized extract of elderberry.

      The h1n1 nosode, I'm saving for if and when it hits the fan and in the meantime I use all the above all together at the same time a few times a day.

      If you or anyone you know is forced to take the vaccine or you just can't resist, you should immediately look for CHELATION THERAPY in your area. It pulls the mercury out of the body more effectively than anything. Ivy is the best and EDTA suppositories are second best since that does absorb straight into the blood stream. The oral EDTA is probably not much worth the money so you might as well take green foods that are natural chelators and you get nutrients at the same time.

      Eliminate white flour products, white rice, high fructose corn syrup and white sugar out of the diet. It drops your immune system.
      Aaron Murakami

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        Here is the link I was thinking of with quite a few remedies from
        Healing The Body From Mandatory Vaccinations at Vaccination: Anti-Vax Support

        As far as the cilantro goes I believe you should study it. It is suggested to take with something such as chlorella so the the toxins are removed and not just moved from one spot in you body and into another. I also thought I read that an internal clay was suggested to at the same time to help remove em. But it seems there is much more to it and there are better alternatives.

        Also from the first link in this post; the second poster in that link suggests the alkalizing moreless drink so I found the link to it. Evamor Alkalizing water at Ask Moreless: pH Balance I find it yummy but many say the kelp is nasty, I can't taste it so perhaps the kelp powder I have isn't the most effective. But I am growing wheatgrass for wheatgrass juice and I think that it is similar. Yet I haven't done research on it to compare em.

        And yes, THANK YOU Aaron for mentioning about ones diet. I forgot to mention it, yet I remembered as soon as I logged off. We absolutely MUST have great diets to have an effective immune system. And for some/most that means to stop eating some things and consume others. I would go as far as to say that if one has a terrible diet then nothing you take will help your body recover from disease. Bad diet=unhealthy body, Great diet=healthy body. So it is VERY important.
        If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.


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          I have heard that the homeopathic remedy "Thuja" (pronounced THOO-YA) is supposedly helpful for detoxing from the vaccine if one has to take it. It is normally a wart remedy as well as being used for some aspects of prostate problems, among other things. It's found in many health food stores.


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            Please be careful about randomly taking vitamin D. You normally will get plenty by a few minutes in the sun (even if it's just on the face and hands in the winter). Light skinned people need less sun than dark skinned people.
            Get a vitamin D test before consuming vitamin D too make sure you really need it. Vitamin D antagonizes Vitamin A and some B vitamins; iow you will decrease the effectiveness of those other vitamins if you throw off the delicate balance with too much D. (read Dr. David Watts papers and book from Trace Elements Inc.)

            Chelation is an expensive and invasive process that can be very hard on the body. Chelation takes out the toxins for sure, but also takes out crucial vitamins and minerals, which must be carefully replaced. I have had great success with Maxam Neutraceutics products which work by something called 'clathration'. The PCA-Rx and the PCM-Rx will take out the toxins without stripping the body of vital nutrients. These two products are important for anyone dealing with autism, ADD, etc or toxicities in general. It takes approx. four months of use to get the toxins out. So far I have seen absolutely no side effects. They come in a oral spray that is very easy for kids to take. BSAID is good for infective diseases. These products are expensive, but worth every penny.
            Love and Blessings,

            Dr. DeAnn Upton, A.M.P.
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              A & D

              Originally posted by DeAnn View Post
              Vitamin D antagonizes Vitamin A and some B vitamins; iow you will decrease the effectiveness of those other vitamins if you throw off the delicate balance with too much D. (read Dr. David Watts papers and book from Trace Elements Inc.)
              That's true about the D. There are many combos in one gel or capsule that have both A & D together.
              Aaron Murakami

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                No cure for squalene

                Your body creates squalene, there is no cure or cleaning procedure.

                squalene or squalane, both spellings seem to speak about the same thing.
                The above article keeps using the word "contaminated" as in "contaminated vaccine"
                when referring to the squalene in the vaccine. An ingredient in this
                vaccine was squalene, it was not a contaminate.. These are word games.
                Squalene is an immunologic adjuvant used in vaccines.
                Saying it was a contaminate is trying to make you think it was a mistake.

                An immunologic adjuvant is used to freak-out (or terrorize or hyper activate) the immune system.
                Squalene is created by your body, thus is unique and UNLIKE any other
                immunologic adjuvant.
                Use of it can only cause permanent autoimmune disease.
                Word Doc: Squalene Induces Autoimmune Disease in Animals

                Vaccine Package Inserts [Links to Sources]
                Did you know "normal" yearly flu vaccines are not given to children under
                4 years of age. Ask yourself: Why is THAT? Read the inserts.
                Yet the age limit for H1N1 is going to be ?what? 6 months and older?
                Ask yourself: Why is That?

                FORGET ALL THE Data ..Vaccines are grouped with Acts of God and Nuclear war.
                Private insurance companies, which do the best liability studies,
                have totally abandoned coverage for damage to life and property due to:

                *Acts of God
                *Nuclear war and nuclear power plant accidents

                Ask Yourself: Why is That?
                Remember to be kind to your mind ...
                Tesla quoting Buddha: "Ignorance is the greatest evil in the world."


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                  Thanks for that information. It was very interesting.
                  Love and Blessings,

                  Dr. DeAnn Upton, A.M.P.
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                    Vitamin D and Prevention of Chronic Diseases

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                      According to Dr. Russell Blaylock, Vit D3 is one of the best precautions one can take against the swine flu.
                      The following 4 video set is highly recommended for an overview of medical concerns around the swine flu (and other) vaccine:
                      Pandemic Flu Online Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Russell Blaylock on Swine Flu


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                        When I read about using cilantro a while back there was a poster that said to use something that started with a c with the cilantro to remove toxic metals from your body. And I found another post that uses it. It's called chorella. The chorella as I recall it grabs ahold of the toxic metals and removes em from you body, the cilantro basically goes around and gathers it up. Here's a link to something I saw this morning that uses them together. Suggest removing heavy metals found in our environment. Research found while looking up how to remove the thimerosal (mercury) after vaccination at CFS, ME, CFIDS Alternatives Support

                        And this I saw last night in like three different posts and I felt it was worthy of posting it here. Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic and Honey at Apple Cider Vinegar Forum And this one too. Apple Cider Vinegar for H1N1( Swine Flu) by RisingSun I also saw a post last night that linked to a large page that explained how to remove the toxic crap from yourself that is given off by chemtrails and it also suggested to use the ACV,garlic,honey mix. That was simple, just found the chemtrail link. Chemtrails and how to create Resistance Antibodies at Chemtrails Support Forum
                        If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.


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                          I came across this just now and found it interesting. I had a large trampoline when I lived with me mum, and I loved it. I was always healthy too, and always jumping on it. They say a rebounder is a small trampoline, like an indoor type small trampoline. I've been contemplating trying it by bouncing on my bed or something similar, cus I don't have a trampoline now.

                          But anyhow, this post and one of the sites from it describes that bouncing allows the lymph glands to clean out and remove toxins. It also says it will chelate metals. I felt it was worth a post.
                          Re: Rebounding at Ask Barefoot Herbalist

                          I just wanted to add that I've read over and again that simple exercise and stretching is good for clearing out the lymph system.
                          If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.


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                            Besides the body by itself, the rebounder is probably the best exercise device because it does pump the lymph - the system in the body that does not pump itself without up and down movement.

                            It also gives gravitational resistance to EVERY cell in the body...all 10 trillion of them or whatever the estimate is! lol

                            It boosts muscle strength and especially in children - and just about every kinesiology test shows the increase in strength from a rebounder increases every time.

                            People should start slow because detoxing the lymph too fast can get people a little sick...and build up to to more minutes per day.

                            That is an awesome recommendation wantfreenergy!

                            I got mine off ebay for about $30 delivered and it is as good as any other at any price...that was about 10 years ago.

                            If anyone has balance or other physical problems, rebounders with a holding bar that is attached to the base, comes up and you hold it like handle bars is not much more than one without so literally just about anyone can use it.

                            Even with bad knees, etc... vigorous jumping isn't necessary.

                            Just slightly bouncing by shifting weight from left foot to right foot on each bounce is all that is necessary for results.
                            Aaron Murakami

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                              Sailing, or boating in general, has the same effect i think, when you bob around on the waves it's much like bouncing on a trampoline. Sailing may be better for this (my personal viewpoint lol), because it is a slower motion than smashing into the waves at higher speeds. Certainly nearly all of the sailors i know are very healthy individuals... But then they also get lots of sun, often swim in sea water which is good for you, and get plenty of natural exercises without having to do anything specific. I've certainly noticed that there are also mental benefits, getting out on the water is the best stress reliever i know of and you will ALWAYS sleep good that night.

                              See guys, you can use this as an excuse to your wife to get that boat you've been dreaming about!