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  • Zicam, Recall, Etc.

    I thought I had posted on Zicam before but I wasn't able to find it doing a search here. . .

    This is a homeopathic medicine sold in the main stream stores.

    I had heard years ago through word of mouth how well it works and when I tried it it really really worked.

    Then some study came out and even main stream was saying that zinc is effective in fighting colds, but only when given in a nasal gel.

    Zinc Nasal Gel Reduces Duration and Severity of the Common Cold

    (natural medicine site but referencing a mainstream medical journal)

    Now Zicam has pulled it's nasal products with zinc in order to fully cooperate with the FDA's study regarding some (completely bogus imo) claims that it has caused some people to lose their sense of smell.

    YouTube - Zicam CEO's Response to FDA Warning Letter

    The company had already done extensive testing with the product before it was ever put on the market and they are awaiting their chance to show that data to the FDA.

    Imo the Tamiflu pushers realized how many people were getting results from Zicam and created the allegations to get it off the marked during the time (now) when they were pushing Tamiflu the most.

    Zicam makes other products but in my experience those had not worked as well. I tried the lozenges with zinc and they worked ok but not as great. They also tasted only so so and the taste was a bit of a deterrent.

    In speaking with the company, I found out that you need to take the lozenges every 3 hours (as opposed to using the nasal spray every 4 hours) for it to work.

    I was told that there is an area in the back of the nose and throat that all viruses go to before entering the rest of the body.

    You need to get zinc there so it can attach to the virus (rendering it ineffective) before it goes to the rest of your body.

    You can get it there either using nasal spray or using lozenges (I think main stream studies probably found only nasal sprays effective bc they either used pills that you swallow or didn't give lozenges often enough). But because you have more going on in your throat from eating, you have to do the lozenges more often than the nasal spray.

    XO Jessica
    Keep your mind on the aether