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    It is said that if your body is alkaline then it is in optimum health and can fight off eny diseases, even cancer.

    Since I turned 40 my allergies have been getting steadily worse, I've also gained some wieght. I'm wondering if I can get rid of or reduce the allergies, effects if I turn my body alkaline. Of course would have done this already, but as with everything ellse I found an excuse to make it too difficult.

    Andrew T

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    Wheatgrass juice will bring your body into the proper alkaline state. If your body is full of toxins and such then it will be difficult to get lots into your system and it'll take time. At least as far as drinking it goes. Typically you can easily get down a one ounce shot without causing nausea. And you could do it more than one time per day I think without getting nauseaus. I've only been doing once per day, but I have read of people with chronic illness and such will take a one ounce shot three to four times per day.

    "When I say shot I mean a one ounce shot glass and NOT a JAB."

    Also I believe that you can do enema's and get quite a bit more juice into your system without causing nausea. It is supposed to be more effective too cus of the a certain vein in your, "?colon?", but I can't recall the name of it. Hemmeroidal vein maybe. I thought on Alternative Medicine Forums, Blogs & FAQs on there was a forum just for wheatgrass juice but I could be mistaken cus I can't see it now.

    Also check out the thread about vitamin D and Influenza here on energetic forum. Get your sun and that will help too.
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      I was reading on Alternative Medicine Forums, Blogs & FAQs on again under this topic Easier Way to flush everything out of your liver - Egg yolks and Lime Juice and Oil. at Liver Flush Support Forum and it was mentioned that using bentonite, "which is a clay", and mixing it with I believe distilled water creates an alkalizing water solution. I was gonna try to search that thread to find the exact saying but I couldn't find how to search just that thread.

      And I'm sure there are other ways too to bring your body into a proper alkaline state.
      If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.


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        Here is a thread with a lot of info on PH balance

        And another post about a Module that has just been introduced after months of testing and good results ~

        Happiness & Health,

        PATHS, S.A. Staff



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          BEYOND THE FLUSH: #1 raw egg yolks, #2 citrus juices, #3 oils, #4 bentonite clay (OPTIONAL) at Liver Flush Support Forum found the post. I also noticed that there is a forum on called Alkaline/Acid support forum, Alkaline/Acid Support Forum, Page 14, :

          I'm also sure paths works cus I can feel the energy of the people on here who use it. I would like to do it when I am able to have a constant access to an internet connecion, but as of yet I can't tell you how great it works for me. "Except I can connect to the good/positive/loving energy of the people on here who use it. I can literally feel em, and thats why I fancy this forum."

          A few things I am currently into to cleanse my body are drinking P&B shakes for cleaning out the GI tract "colon and intestines", also called a colon cleanse. Taking herbs as described by Hulda Clark for killing parasites, "Black walnut hull, wormwood, and clove. And then doing that liver flush from above using the egg/oil/lime. Also suggested is to do a kidney flush, but I don't recall all the herbs for that one cus I drink pretty much nothing but water. Yet still I'm sure I could benefit from it. Also I started doing oil pulling. All this info can be found from And lastly is eating proper foods. "Yet this past week I can say being with the fam I've had all the foods they eat and it aint that healthy."
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            I just can't seem to stop posting here. After suggesting you take a look at the Alkaline/Acid Support forum I saw this article there pH of the Human Body is Critical for Health 1 at Alkaline/Acid Support Forum

            It's a good read and on the third post there's some info on foods to eat and junk to avoid.
            If you've made it this far then I've finally quit rambling.